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v. 171

Vol. Page.
POSSESSION delivered on an agreement for the pur-

chase of an estate, should be stipulated not to be
a want of objection to the title, which it other-
wise would

i. 22 n. 80
POWER OF ATTORNEY. To register a deed in the

i. 311
In a deed to receive dividends

ii. 777
In a deed to receive a legacy

i. 790
In a deed to receive the benefit of an agreement for
a purchase, and to execute deeds

ji. 814
In a deed to deliver seizin in freehold leases iii. 412
In a deed to receive ground rents in a mortgage

In a deed to receive rents

vi. 44
In a deed to receive debts and personal estate vi. 66, 132

Given as a security for money is irrevocable ii. 814
To determine leases, law respecting

iii. 80
To grant leases, observations on

ii. 428
POWERS. All powers must be strictly pursued in the
execution of them

ii. 428, 432
To grant leases, observations on

vi, 454
To lease, without having any interest, cannot be

executed by attorney, except so expressed in
the deed

vi. 455
To grant a lease in possession, does not authorise

the grant of one to commence at a future day vi. 456
To sell will not authorise an exchange or parti-

vi. 464
To appoint amongst children cannot be partially

executed to the exclusion of any one of them,
unless so expressed

vi, 582
To appoint amongst children does not extend to

Power of entry on non-payment of jointure, will
give a rigiit to an ejectment :

vi. 415
Conveyance to trustees purchasing under a power i. 537
Of re-entry on non-payment of rent, &c. ii. 76, 96, 205,

125, 144, 162, 179, 196, 218, 237, 285, 297, 326, 347,
303, 378, 394, 409, 424, 442, 438, 478, 505, 522, 511,

556, 570, 589, 606, 622
Of under-lessee to distrain upon his lessor, for

ground rent, if himself distrained upon ji. 128
For lessor to use ways

ii. 219
For lessee to dig for marle, for improvement of

ini. 277, 504
For lessor to require a surrender of part of the pre-
mises demised on notice

iii. 364
Of sale on default of payment of mortgage money iv. 97
To mortgagor to grant lease

iv. 104


Vol. Page.
POWERS. -Continued.
Of distress for wife's jointure

v. 414
Of entry thereon

vi. 415
To grunt building leases in a marriage settle-

vi. 507
Or for digging brick earth, &c.

To grant mining leases

vi. 510
To grant leases generally

vi. 454, 541, 594
To grant concurrent leases

vi, 437
To make partitions

vi. 512
Of revocation

vi. 492, 521, 560, 709
To divide and enclose common fields

vi, 515
To receive monies for equality of exchange

vi. 470
To enfranchise copyholds

vi. 517
To charge settled premises with a sum of money

vi. 519
To trustees to pay husband au anyuity

vi. 5.35
To apply interests in maintenance of children vi. 5:39, 587
To apply a part of portions in advanceinent to vi. 540,

To sell or exchange

vi. 560, 543, 089
Should be discretionary in the trustees to sell at
reasonable prices

vi. 464
Of revocation to effect such sale or exchange vi. 468, 549,

Of appointing new uses thereon should be expressly

vi. 409
And it should be general

vi. 470
To lay out monjes in the purchase of other lands,
to be settled to same uses

vi. 551, 691
Of jointuring future wife

vi. 461
To wife to make a will

vi. 593
To purchase lands must be strictly pursued vi. 473
Of maintenance and education in settleinent of

vi. 593
Of advancing children in the world

To lend part of trust inonies to husband

vi. 594
To sell leaseholds

vi. 597
To reduce wife's interest if she marries again vi. 032

To invest trust monies in the purchase of land vi. 648
PRÆCIPE, or writ of covenant, the first part or pro-
ceediny in a fine

i. 106
PRESCRIPTION. Agreement or proviso for, amongst
joint tenants, tenants in common, or coparcen-

i, 510
Liberty of in leases of mining concerns

ii. 48
Right of reserved to lessor in mining leases iii. 318, 325
PRESENTATION. Right of agreement for purchase of i. 381
Form of grant

The next or other right of presentation is only a
chattel interest




Vol. Page.

If the incumbent is made a bishop, the crown by

its prerogative will have a right to present ;
precautions therefore to be observed

i. 391
Notice of the grant tbereof should be given to the

i. 393
PROCLAMATIONS on fines necessary to bar an entail
or operate by estoppel

i. 113 n. 6
PROTESTATION. To prosecute writs in the lord's

i. 229, 220
PROVISO to return purchase money in case of defect
of title

i. 187
To be added to coverant for production of title

i. 250
Not to assign without licence

i. 522
In leases against bankruptcy
To reduce interest on mortgage securities if duly


Of redemption in fee

ii. 418, 440
Of abatement of rent in case of fire

ii. 63, 136
That lessee may make alterations

ii. 69
For determining leases

jii. 80, 507
For assignment of mortgage terms

iv. 460
That husband paying the wife an annuity settled
upon her, may receive the whole rents

vi. 434
Of survivorship amongst children vi. 445, 538, 586, 680
If there be none such, the estates and interests of

the children dying will sink into the general
estate for the benefit of the heir

vi. 445
Proviso to avoid portions of children on being re-
conciled to a life of celibacy

vi. 447
For maintenance of children till portions vest

vi. 449
That portions shall not be raised until they are

vi. 450
That money advanced by the father in his life-time,

shall be considered as part of the portion vi. 451
Observations on such last proviso

In case of a parochial appointment under a mar-
riage settlement

vi. 444
For payment of monies to trustees

vi. 471
That the monies so paid shall be laid out in lands
for the same uses

PUR AUTRE VIE. Estate of

i. 249. ii. 479
Estates for are devisable, and where perpetually

renewable, nearly similar to estates in fee vi. 766
PURCHASES. Agreement for at so many years'

is 5
PURCHASERS. Mode of conveyance to where there is

no intimation in a will or deed, as to the appli-
cation of the purchase monies

ii. 233, 234


Vol. Page.

What they should require in such case ii. 239
Are liable to see to the application of trust-monies,

where there is no indemnity in respect there-
of in the deed or will

vi. 46
And even where there is such an indemnity, it

will be of no avail against real incumbrances,
such as mortgages or judgments, unless the in-
cumbrancers join

But purchasers are not bound to enquire into the
expediency of the yule

vi. 47
Inde nuity to purchasers against the misapplication
of trust movies

vi, 465,548, 553, 598
PURCHASERS under wills, indemnity to vi. 774, 781

Absolutely necessary where freeholds are directed
to be sold

vi. 782
But where the trustees are also executors, they

may, as to leaseholds, without any such clause
of indemnity, make out a valid sale and title to
a purchaser





i. 214
QUALIFYING WORDS. Observations on i. 174, 178. ü. 4


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v. 361

RE-ASSIGNMENT. Covenants for in mortgages of

v. 42, 45, 70
"RECEIPT-for the consideration money indorsed on
a deed of feoffrent

i. 105
For title deeds

iv. 94
RECEIVER. Appointment of to keep down interest
on mortgage

iv. 108
To keep down annuity
RECITAL of former purchase deeds proper, being

satisfactory, and shewing in the event of the
loss of deeds, the deduction of title

i. 155
Ought to avoid shewing any thing that might raise
question of title

In -- teoffment of vendor being seised in fee i. 92
Of a former deed of feoffment

i. 93
In a deed leading the uses of a fine of the contract
of sale, and mode of conveyance

i. 111
i. 111, 112


Of a fine levied

Vol. Page

RECITALS.- Continued.

la a bargain and sale to be inrolled of contract for

i. 117
of a power of appointment in a deed of appoint-

i. 130, 131
And of a contract of purchase thereunder

i. 132
Of foriner purchase deeds by lease and release i. 155
Of sale by auction

i. 155. ii. 236
Of sa le before a master

i. 156. 197
Of a master's report

ii. 198
Of wills

i. 244
Of death of testator

Of agreement for purchase

i. 244, 277
Of title

i. 277
Of appointment of consideration money

i, 278
Of contract for purchase of lands in the West In-

i. 301
of a marriage settlement

i. 314
Of the death of parties

i. 315
Of contract for the purchase of a moiety

i. 316
Of a will, entitling the party to a remainder or

i. 332
Of the death of a testator

Of contract for the purchase of a remainder or re-

i. 333
Of a mortgage in fee

i. 350. ii. 279, 487
Of condition broken

i. 351. ii. 114, 280, 488
Of sum due

i. 351. ii. 114
Of a mortgage bond

Of contract for the purchase of an equity of re-

i. 352. ii. 115
Of contract for purchase of an advowson

That a party is seised of an advowson; that the

church is full, and that he hath contracted for
the next presentation.

i. 385
Of a contract for purchase of tithes

i. 395
Of a right of common

i. 415
of a contract for purchase of a commonable right i. 406
of grant of a rent-charge

i. 422
Of the grant of a fair or market

i. 434
That part of the purchase money is to remain on

i. 452, 473, 47 !
of purchase of premises by copartners

i. 497
Of a will, granting a power to purchase

i, 537
Of a purchase by two or more

ü. 23
Of a conveyance to a vendor and his trustee to pre-
vent dower

ji. 53
of outstanding term

ii. 84
Of a mortgage in fee

ii. 92
Of a mortgage for a term

ii. 112
Ofa default in payment of mortgage money

ii. 114
Of what is due for principal and interest

Of the grant of an annuity

ii. 135

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