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Comer, Chief of the Delawares on the Ohio, which Jo Peepy delivered to the Governor, with a String and Belt of Wampum, on the 19th Instant, in the following words, Viz": “ Brothers and Friends :

“I have been often told that there is a great King over the Great Waters. ( Brothers and Friends :

“ I am ready to go over the Great Waters to see that Great King. Now Brother Governor and Friends, I desire you to prepare a Ship for me next Spring. I am your Brother and I am your friend, and I hope we shall soon be united together.”

The Governor having since taken the said Message into Consideration, returned the following answer thereto, by the advice of the Council, Viz': « Brother Netattawalaman :

“I received Your Message by Jos. Peepy, and have considered it well. I have been looking over what past between us last Spring was twelve Months. You then mentioned to me the same business you have now repeated by Jos. Peepy; You may remember I then told you that Sir William Johnson was appointed by the Great King, my Master, to confer with and advise all our Brethren, the Indians, in any matters of Importance; all Indians know this Well. I then recommended you to go to him and Inform him of your Intentious of going over to England to see the Great King, and tell him what you had particularly to say to him. You have not informed me by Jo. Peepy, whether you follow'd my advice in going to Sir William, and if you did, what passed between him and you. When I hear this I shall be better able to Judge of this Important Matter, and give you my Sentiments and advice thereon; at present I can only once more request, if you have not already been to Sir William Johnson, that you would go to him and lay this matter before him to consider of, and know his mind thereon, before you determine to go over Sea. When you have done this, I shall be ready to hear what you may have further to say to me, and do ev. ery thing in my power to please and Serve you in this or any other affair." • Delivered a string of Wampum. “Dear Brother Governor:

“ I have considered very well at my Council Fire of what you said in your answer to the Message I sent you by Killbuck, respecting my design of going over the Great Waters to see the Great King, and I cannot agree to what you then recommended to me of going to Sir William Johnson to consult him upon that Business. You know there was formerly a Council Fire established at Philadelphia by our forefathers, where we have always been since used to do all our Bu iness with our Brethren the English ; and I do not think it necessary at this time for me to give myself the Trouble of going to Sir William Johnson to talk with him about my going to England; for I can much better step on Board of a Ship here at Philadelphia “ Brother Netattawallaman :

“Since I delivered my Message to Jo. Peepy in answer to yours by him, Jo. tells me that you have not followed the advice I gave you last Spring was twelve months, to go to Sir William Johnson and consult him on your Intention of going over Sea to see the Great King. " Brother:

“ You and all the Indians know well it has been told you at all the late Treaties, that the Great King has appointed Sir William Joboson Superintendant of all Indian Affairs, and that all business of any Importance between the King and the Indians, was to be laid before him; I am, therefore, much surprized you have not followed my advice in going to Sir William, and informing him of your Inclination to go over Sea to visit the Great King and talk with him. “ Brother:

“ It is long since I gave you this advice ; You have had sufficient time to go there and hear his Sentiments, and know his mind; I cannot think what reasons you can have for not going to him. “ Brother :

“I know very well that our Brother Onas and all our United Brethren the Indians, kindled a Great Council Fire at this Place, where all Business was to be transacted between us. I know also, and you should remember, that when any Business was to be done, it was to be by all the tribes of Indians united with the six Nations, and with their Approbation and Consent; They were all linked in one Chain of Friendship, and Brother Onas with them. Nothing was to be done without the Knowledge of the General Indian Council. You cannot, therefore, my Brother, expect that I can comply with your request in providing a Ship to carry you to Eng. land to see and talk with our Great King 'till Sir William has been informed of it, and has Consulted your Uncles, the Six Nations, at their Great Council Fire. If I did so, I should break one of the Strongest links of the Chain of Friendship, and the Solemn treaties entered into between me and all the Indians, they would be very angry with me, and blame me much for doing so. " Brother:

“I must further inform you that I have lately received a letter from Sir William Johnson, informing me that he has instructions and orders from the Great King, his and my Master, to Transact all Business of Importance with the Indians, excepting that of fixing and regulating the Trade, which is left to me to manage; that he expects when any Indians apply to me on any other Business, I shall send them to him. “ Brother :

“As this is the true state of the Case, I cannot, I dare not, interfere with the Great King my Master's Orders. I cannot Provide a Ship to carry you and your Companions to England to see and talk with the Great King without Sir William's being first informed of your intentions; It would not only be a breach of trust in me to my King and Master, but, as I have said, it would be a Breach of That faith and Friendship entered into between me, the good people of this Province, and the Indians of all the six united Nations. Let me therefore, my Brother, recommend it to you in the strong. est terms, to go to Sir William Johnson and lay your intentions before him and know his mind thereon."

Delivered a Belt of Wampum.


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The Governor, as a token of his affection for New Comer, sent him the following articles by Jos. Peepy, viz";

P. 2 yards of Scarlet Broad Cloth for a Stroud, at 16s. H yard,

1 12 0 2 yards of Blue Strouds at 10s.


1 0 0 7 yards of Fine Linnen, at 2s. 9p. per do.

0 19 3 16 yards of Broad Silk ferretting, at 4d. per


0 5 4 2 Scarlet Caps, at 2s. 3p.

0 4 6 And 2 pair leggins which were got at the State House, 4 1 1

And to Joseph Peepy and his Companion, the Governor gave as follows, Viz': to Jos. Peepy:

£. d. 1 Indian Blanket,


0 11 6 1 Striped Cap,


0 1 6 35 yards of fine linnen, do. at 2s. 6d. p. yrd - 0 8 9 And one oznabrigs shirt, 1 pair of Shoes, and one pair of

Leggins, which were got at the State House, - 1 1 9

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To Jos. Peepy's Companion :

8. d. 1 Indian Blanket, [cost]

0 11 6 1 Striped Cap, do.

0 1 6 31 yards of fine linnen, do. 2s. 6 yd.

0 8 9 And 1 Oznabrigs Shirt, 1 pair of Shoes, and one pair of Leggins, which were got at the State House,

1 1 9

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The Governor sent to New Comer by Jos. Peepy, a Copy of both his answers to the foregoing Messages delivered by Jos. Peepy.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Saturday 12th December, 1772.

PRESENT : The Honorable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov.

ernor, &ca.

Edward Shippen, jun"" } Esquires.

Richard Peters,
James Tilghman,

The Governor laid before the Board a Transcript of a Record of Conviction, by which it appears that at the last Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Goal Delivery held at Chester, for the County of Chester, Henry Phillips, late of the said County of Chester, Labourer, was tryed for, and Convicted of Felony and Murder, (committed on the Body of a certain Richard Kelley,) and hate received Sentence of Death for the same; and the Justices of the said Court having acquainted the Governor that no favourable Circumstance appeared in the Course of the whole Tryal to Induce them to recommend the Criminal to him as an object of Mercy, his Honor with the advice of the Board, Ordered a Warrant to be made out for his Execution on Saturday the 26th of December Instant.

MEMORANDUM, the 5th of January, 1773.

Two Members of Assembly waited on the Governor with a Ver. bal Message, acquainting him that the House were met pursuant to adjournment, and desired to know if bis Honor had any Business to lay before them, to which the Governor Replied, that he had no particular matter now to Recommend to their consideration, but as soon as any Occurred he should communicate the same to the House.

At a Council held at Philadelphia, on Monday 11th January, 1773.


Benjamin Chew, } Esquires.

The Honorable RICHARD PENN, Esquire, Lieutenant Gov. ernor. Richard Peters, James Tilghman,

The Secretary laid before the Board three Petitions from divers Inhabitants of the City of Philadelphia, and Counties of Chester and Lancaster, which were Severally read, setting forth that since the return of Survey of a Certain Public road or King's high way, Laid out from the middle ferry, on Schuylkill, to the sign of the Ship upon the Conestogoe Road, and from thence to the Village 0.

VOL. X.-5.

Strasburg, in the County of Lancaster, and the Confirmation of the same on the 10th day of November, 1770, it has been discovered that some Errors were committed in the return of the Courses and Distances of the said Road, one of which Errors is in the first of the said Petitions pointed out to be thus, Viz': The return of Survey, after mentioning "a White Oak standing fourteen perches from the Southernost part of John Sellers's Mill race," describes the next course to be, thence North Seventy-three degrees, West eleven hundred and forty-four perches,” when in fact, the true distance to the Spot to which that course was run and measured, is Eleven hundred and eighty-four perches, and is so called in the Field notes of the Surveyor, taken at the time of Survey; that by reason of this mistake, the whole Course of the Road will be altered from the place where this Error was Committed, and instead of passing over ground which is proper and Convenient for making a good Road, it would lead over a broken, Hilley Country, very Improper for that purpose; and therefore, praying the Board would be pleased to Order John Morton, John Sellers, Jacob Lewis, James Webb, Joseph Fox, and Daniel Williams, or some of them, to resurvey the said Road, and Correct any Errors that may appear the Return of Survey which they before made of the same, or to direct such other Measures as shall appear to them more proper, to rectify those mistakes.

A Petition (or Remonstrance) from six of the Free holders of Chester County, was likewise read, setting forth several Objections to the above mentioned road as it stands Confirmed, besides the mistakes that have been made by the Viewers in their return of Survey thereof; and therefore, praying this Board “to appoint a sett of Impartial Gentlemen, not only to review the Crooked Road already laid out by the sign of the Ship, but also to view the Ground nearly on a line from the Corporation Ferry to Gravenor Marshes or Strasburg, and that if it should appear to the Reviewers that a road can be had nearly on a line, that would be more advantageous to the Public than the Former, they may have leave to lay out one



The Board proceeded to take the said Petitions into Consideration, but as none of the Petitioners nor the Gentlemen who laid out the Confirm" Road were present, It was Ordered that the fur. ther Consideration of this matter be postponed till the fourth day of February next, and that the Secretary give the Several Parties Notice 20 attend this Board on that day, to be then fully heard on the Subject of their respective Petitions.

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