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Voted that the Seelctmen be fencs-vewers this year
Voted Hugh Stirlean Comisner of a Sesments this year

Voted Abrham Merril & Hugh Stiralen & Adam Dickey & William mo Clintok Searvears of Highways

Voted Samuel Boyd James Pearces & William Ellett James Petters Hogreves

Voted Hugh Starlen & John Hall town Counters with the Select men for the present year

Voted Hugh Starlen Be Sealer of Leather
Voted Capt William Pirham Clark of ye market
Voted John Hall Pound Kee

Voted to ajourne this march mitien till ye Secound mondy of this Instant at ten of the Clock in the forrnon at John Hall Hous In Holder In Derry field

Meet a Cording to ajournemt one ye Secound mondy of march at John Hall Houes

Voted one the third artical to Rese money for Preching

Voted to Rese one Hundred and fiftey Pounds old tenor for for Prichien for this yeare

Voted fiftieen Pounds old tenor for to Defray Charges In the town for this Present yeare

Voted to Dismis the fifth artical and Not to Rees Eaney money for Scollen for this year

Voted one the Sixth artical to Dismiset and not to Pramble the Lines of this town for this Recorded this 6 Day of March 1758

pr John Hall town Clark


Province of Newhampshire To mechieal mo Clinto Constabel for the town of Derry field Grreating

(Seal) you are hearby requird in his majestes Name to warn all the free Holders and Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield that they at the Barn of John Hall In gd town upon the tenth Day of November at ten of the Clock In the forrnon then & ther to act one the folowing articals

11y to Chues a modrator to Regulat Said meeting 215 to See if the town town will alow the Seelet men to

Rais the Sum of thirtey one Pounds ten Shillens—whiche was omited Last year of the Province tax and that it Be paid to that use

zly To See Whither the town will allow the Seclletmen to Receve that money Due from Nethaniel Boyds Estate to the town of Derry field

And this Shall be your suficeen Warrent givien under our Hands and Seal this twenthey first day of Octobor 1757

Elizer Robens
Robert Andrson
Dainel mo Niell

Select men Record this 6 Day of march 1758

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshire I Have Warrned all the freholders and Inhabitents of time and Place of your meating a Cording to the within Rieten warning

mickeall mo Clinto Constabel

Recorded this 6 Day of march 1758

pr me John Hall town Clark

At a meetien of the free Houlders & Inhabitances of the town of Derryfield Hield November ye 10= 1757 agrieabel to the forgowen warnen

Voted Sergent Abrham mirrell modrator

Voted to ajourn this meetien to Be Held In John Hall Houes

Voted one the Secound artical to Rees the Sum of thirtey wan Pounds ten Shillens to Peay the Remandr of the Provinces tax for the year 1756 old tenor

Voted that the Seclet men Shall Have pouwr to Reservef the mony from Nathainel Boyeds Estat Lat of Derry field Dised which which sa boyds Estat is In Debted to the tow of Derrfield Record this 6 Day of march ye 1758

John Hall town Clark


Province of Newhampshir To mickel moClintok. Counstabel of the town of Derryfield-Greeating

you are Hearby Required in his majesteys Name to warrn all the freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Derryfield that they meeat at the Barrn of John Hall In sa Derryfield upon the first monday of march nixt at teen of the Clock in the fornoon then and there to act one the folling articeals (viz)

11y to Chues a modrator to Regulat said meeting 2ly to Chues the town oficares for the prisent year

3ly to See how much money the town will alowe to Defray Charges for the present year

4ly to See if the town will alowe John Barniet peay for
his timber used to Cohass bridge or not and this Shall Shall
be your suficant warnent
Give under our hands & Seal this 18 day of feberuary 1758

Dainel mo niell
Robrt Andrson

Sect men

Record Junery 17= 1759

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhamp Shir In abidance to the Wothin presept I Have warned all the freeholders & Inhabitents of the town of Derryfield of time & place of this miten

pr me Mickeall m° Clinto Counstabel

Recorded this 16 Day of Juneary 1759

John Hall town Clark

At a meeting Hield march the b= 1758 agriebal to the forgowen warrinen of the free houlders & Inhabitents of the town of Derryfield at John Hall Barrn in Sd Derryfield

Voted that Willam mo Clintok Be moderator
Voted that John Hall be Town Clark

Voted That Capt William Pirham & Sergent Willam mo
Clintok & Sergent Abrham Merrall Seelete men

Voted Binjmen Stivens Constabel

Voted Adame Dickey William Nut & Nehemiah mo Niell tything men

Voted that the Seclct-men be fence vewers this year
Voted that John Hall Shall take the Invoice this year

Voted that Ebinezer Stivens James Riddell Elizer Robens & John Hall Be Sarveyers of highwayes

Voted Robert Dickey Ezekel Stivens William pirham Hog Reves

Voted Levt Hugh Stirelen John Hall to coumpt woth yo Seclctmen this year

Voted Thomas Russ Be Sealer of Lethar
Voted Capt William Perham Clark of the Market
Voted John Hall Pound Keepier
Voted James Humphra Dieer Keepier

Voted that this meetieng be ajorned till the 30 Day of this Instant at teen of the Clock in the foornoon at John Hall houess in Sd Derryfield

March the 30 Day

meet according to ajornment and the modrator and Clark being present and the meeting being opened

Voted to Excues Ebinezer Stivens from bing Survayer
Voted Alixander mo Clintok Dieer keeper

Voted Archibald Stark William Pirham & William mo Clintok that thy aprieze the Damiges Done In fiellds

Voted Sergent Abrham mirall for Survayer of Boords plank Joyes & timber

Voted for Defraying Charges for the Present year Sixty Pounds old tenor

Voted not to peay John Barrenet Eaney money for the timber put In Cohas Brige Recorded this 2 Day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

Province of Newhampshier To Binjmien Stivens Counstabel for the town of Derry field Greetieng

(Seal) You are Hearby Required In his majesteys Neam to Warren all the free Houlderes and in habitants in the town

of Derryfield thai they meet one the thirtey Day of this Instent at twallve of the Clock of sa Day at the Barrn of John Hall In Holder of Sd town then & there to acct one the following Perticqulars (viz)

lly to Chues a modrator to Reglut Said meetieng

2ly to Heave all the towns a Coumpts Read & to aprove or Disaprove of the Same

3ly to see if the Town will Chuese a commitey to Call all the Constabels and Seclet men that is not Lawfull Laye Discharge By the town till acoumpt of the money coluceted from the in Habitents and freeholders of the Sd town

4ly to see what the town will Dow Cone Serrening the Warent and Liest that is in Binjmeien Hidelly hand

5ly to See if town will Chueas a man to Provid prechien if ther is Eany money in the Hands of the town

6ly to See if the town will allow the Present Seclet men to peay Eaney old Dedtes ore Rigeieges that is one the town

Yly to See if the town will allow a Warirneng for town meetiens to Be Lawfuell to be posted oupe in Some publick Place in the town for thies year

and thies Shall Be your Sufient warent Given ounder our Hands and Seall Dated at Derryfield march ye 13— 1758

William mc Clintok
Abrham Mirall


Recorded this 2 Daye of marche 1759

John Hall town Clark

Provinces of Nowhampshier march 30th 1758

According to thies pricesept I have warned the Inhabitents and freeholders of the town of Derryfild acourding as the Law Diricets

Binjmen Stivrens Counstabl

Recorded this 3 day of march 1759

John Hall town Clark

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