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Vol. Page.
Power to determine, observations on

iii. 80
Covenant for further assurances recommended
to be introduced into

iii. 81
In what cases necessary to be registered iii. 83
Leases required to be granted in possession, cannot
be made to cominence at a future day

iii. 432
Executed under a power, must be by the donee
himself and not by attorney

iii. 444
And where a counterpart is required by the power,

a memorandum of its execution should be in-
dorsed on the lease

Leuses may be grauted for any number of lives in

being, and for twenty-one years, and the usual
months of gestation afterwards

vi. 580

vi. 454, 507, 541, 594
Are extinguished by alienation of the whole
estate by tenant for life

4. 243
LEASE of a house for a term of years, the outer part

to be repaired by the lessor, the inner by the

iii. 56
of a house by the owner of the inheritance, where

all repairs are dove and taxes paid by the tenant iii. 84
A short form of a lease of a dwelling house, by the
owner of the inheritance

iii. 100
An under lease granted by lessee for a part of his

iii. 108
Of a messuage or dwelling house, with furniture,

fixtures, &c. by the owner of the inheritance 131
Of a public house by a brewer

iii. 149
Of a windmill

ii. 68
Of a house, &c. in the skeleton, or an unfinished
state, to be completed by the tenant

üi. 183
A building lease or lease of land by the owner of

the inheritance, for the purpose of houses being
built thereon

iii. 200
Of land to build a square

iii. 202
Of a dwelling house, paddock, and a small quan-
tity of land

iii. 224
Of a copyhold messuage, &c. by the licence of the

iji: 241
Of a freehold farm and lands

iii. 261
Of part freehold and part copyhold

jii. 265
Of tithes

ii. 289
Of coal pits, or of lands in a coal or mining coun-

iii. 300
By a corporate town or city, to a lessee for years,
adapted to corporations in general and also to
the city of London in particular

iii. 336
Of a messuage, &c. by a college in one of the

ii. 350

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Vol. Page.

For years by tenant in tail, or tenant for life at com-
mon law

jii. 306
For years by tenant in tail under the stat. 32 Hen.

iii. 381
For three lives by a bishop, or other ecclesiastical
person in right of his church

mi. 398
Of a messuage, &c. by husband, seized in rigbt
of his wife

iii. 413
By tenant for life, &c. by virtue of a power con-

tained in a marriage settlement or will iii. 428
By trustees under a power contained in a marriage

iii. 445
Of a messuage, &c. by a guardian

iii. 462
Of a capital mansion, farni, and lands, by the com-

mittee of a lunatic, in pursuance of a decree
of the Court of Chancery

iii. 481
By an heir at law, in pursuance of an agreement
for a lease entered into by his ancestor

iii. 509
Of estates in mortgage (by mortgagor and mort-

gagee) where no power of leasing is reserved to
the mortgagor

iii. 526
By two persons holding a joint tenancy

in. 543
By executors or administrators, in pursuance of

an agreement entered into by their testator or

iii. 558
Of a messuage, &c. to two or more persons, as te-

nants iu common, or copartners in trade iii. 576
To executors or administrators, in pursuance of an

agreement for a lease, entered into with their
testator or intestate

ji, 593
For ninety-nine years determinable on lives iii, 600
A renewed lease for three lives upon the death of

one of the nominees, and surrender of the former

lease, with covenant for further renewals ili, 625
Surrender of a lease for lives, in order to a renewal
upon the decease of a nominee

üi. 634
Surrender of a for years by a lessee to his land-
lord, by indorsement on the lease

iii. 637
Form of powers of determining

iii. 60
LEASE FOR LIVES. Mortgage of

Mortgagee cannot compel the mortgagor to renew,
but he may renew hiinself

Conveyance from a vendor to a purchaser

ii. 473
Mortgage of

v. 1, 22
Covenant in mortgages of, not to determine leases v. 90
Mortgage of

v. 35, 65
Mortgage of by indorsement


the same is devisable to use for life with re-
mainder over

vi. 765

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Vol. Page.
LEET. Stewardship of, how granted

i. 443
LEGACY. Assignment of

ii. 788
To infants. Where the testator has given rodirec-

tions to whom the same are to be paid, the same
may be paid into the bank, in the name of the

accountant general, by 36 Geo. 3. c. 52. s. 32. vi. 792

See also Wills.
LEGATEES should be made parties where interested ii. 685

Covenant from to indemnify executors in leases ui. 606
LESSOR'S TITLE. Right of inspecting

jii. 5
Where not inspected, covenant should be absolute
against all the world

iii. 10
Not being investigated, he ought to covenant for
further assurances

iii. Si
LICENCE to assign, how granted

ii. 516
The terms thereof to be strictly pursued

ji. 519
Form of

ii, 532
Where there is a restrictive clause not to assign;

a bankrupt ought not to be inade a party to ihe

ii. 633
To assign once given destroys the restriction against

ji. 72
Letter of


19, 105, 147, 188
LIEN, One joint purchaser under an agreement, paying

the whole consideration money, has not, as it
seems, a lien on the estate for the whole money,
without a stipulation in the agreement for that

i. 20, 21. n. 28
Proviso that money shall remain a lien

ii. 33
An agreement for a mortgage creates a lien iv. 1

And a deposit of title deeds is evidence thereof
LIFE ESTATE. Habenduin in a lease for a year of
life estate

j. 151
Conveyance of to a purchaser

i. 213
Estate, pur autre vie

ii. 249, 479, 480
How created

ii. 479
What life estates are unalienable

iv. 172
Life interest in bank annuities, mortgage of
Life tenant for purchasing the remainder or reversion i. 331
Lease from

iii. 366
Observations respecting the same

Lease from under a power

iii. 428
Mortgage by

iv, 172
A tenant for life cannot without a power to lease

for some definite period, demise beyond his own

vi. 771
LIMITATIONS to prevent dower

ii. 327

v. 199

Vol. Page. LIVERY AND SEISIN may be by attorney

i. 92 Necessary to the validity of a deed of feoffinent i. 100 Form of power of attorney to deliver seisin in such deed

ib. Variations where the power is granted to two or more persons

i. 101 Livery by infants, feme coverts, and the like, must

be made in person, and not by attorney; and
it is to be noticed that livery by these persons
will be good, until avoided by entry

Possession must be actually delivered at the time
of inaking livery

ib. n. 27 How this is to be done when the premises are on lease

ib. Seisin may also be accepted by an attorney for the purchaser

i. 102 n. 28 Form thereof

ib. The feoffor must have possession at the time of

livery, therefore seisin when made by attorney
must be effected during the life of the vendor,
but this does not hold where the head of a cor-
poration dies

i. 101, 102 n. 27, 28 Livery and seizin how made

i. 104 n. 31 Memorandum of

iv. 22 LIVES. Conveyance of freehold leases for lives ii. 473, 487

Assignment of leases for years, determinable on

ii. 503 LUNATICS. How lease of their estates may be grant

iii. 481 Lease of the estate of from the committee üi, 381



MANOR. Grant of the stewardship of

i. 445 MARKETS. How primarily grantable

i. 433 n. 1 Form of the grant of to a purchaser

i. 433 MARRIAGE ARTICLES. See Agreement and Settle

ments. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS. See Settlements. MARRIAGE. Bestraints on not encouraged

vi. 788 MEMORANDUM of livery and seisin, indorsed on a deed of feoffment

i. 103 MERGER OF TERMS. Observations on

ii. 120 MERGER OF TERM. Assignment for

ii, 310

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Vol. Page.
MINES. Lease of

ii. 300
MINORITY, where part of the consideration is retain-
ed on account of

i. 201
An infant feme may settle personal estate previous

to marriage, notwithstauding her minority vi. 363
MOIETY. Agreement for purchase of

Description of in a lease for a year

i. 149
In a release

i. 156, 161, 166
Conveyance of a moiety or other portion of an es-

tate, with variations where it is held in joint
tenancy, in coparcenary,


i. 313
Conveyance of where the co-tenant is the pur-

i. 319
Assignment of a moiety of leasehold premises ii. 554
Mortgaye of

jv, 254
Like of a leasehold

ji. 107


MORTGAGE. Equity of redemption of mortgage in
fee, conveyance of to a purchaser

i. 319
Conveyance to a purchaser, where part of the
money is to remain on mortgage

i. 451
Conveyance to a purchaser and a mortgagee, where

the latter advances part of the purchase-money i. 473
Conveyances and assurances of mortgages


By feoffment, with warranty of title

By fine, and declaration of uses to the mortgagee
in fee

iv. 25
By bargain and sale to be inrolled

iv. 33
In fee by appointment under a power

iv. 43
In fee by lease and release of freehold messuages,
&c. by the owner of the inheritance

iv. 60
A shorter form of a, in fee by lease and release iv. 113
Of freehold lands by demise for a term of years iv. 122
Variations where part are copy hold

iv. 136
Io fee by tenantin tail in possession

iv, 145
By tenant for life

iv. 172
In fee of copy holds by surrender, and deed of

iv. 189.
In fee of freehold and copyhold lands

iv, 213
Variations where leaseholds are also included iv. 224
In fee of plantations in the West Indies iv. 237
In fee of a moiety or other portion of an estate iv. 251
In fee of a remainder or reversion in lands, &c.
by lease and release

iv. 273
Of an equity of redemption of freehold lands
where the mortgage was in fee

iv. 291
In fee by lease and release of an advowson or per-
petual right of presentation

iv. 308
Of a rent-charge in fee

iv. 326
In fee to two persons copartners in trade as tenants
in common

iv. 341

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