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not even countenance, much less advocate, measures of pure national policy; and their organs are wilfully deaf, dumb, and blind to the voice of patriotism and duty. They know that every word we write and utter on these topics is true; and while they fear to confess it and be honest, they dare not attempt a refutation of what we have from time to time asserted, and shall continue to assert so long as the breath of life remains to us.

Those, however, who long to speak on our side, yet who fear to do so for popularity's sake, may congratulate themselves with this

assurance, which we tender to them without OUR CAUSE AND OUR Course.—We feel a fee or reward, that the “ balance of power," degree of satisfaction and pride in being as- which has so long caused all their nobler sensured that our labors through the columns of timents of nationality to “kick the beam," the Republic during the past year have been and hold them enslaved, like a pack of Russian the means of drawing the attention of thou- serfs, to the car of European dictation, is now sands to the subject of foreign influence in changing hands, and, through the United the affairs of our nation, and caused a large American Orders scattered over the land, the accession of numbers to the ranks of our pa- American people are fast becoming awakened triotic fraternity. During that year we put to a true sense of the condition of their counon the armor of a firm and abiding faith in try. the truth and righteousness of our doctrines, In a short time, politicians, instead of placand, with a firm and steadfast resolution, we ing foreigners on their tickets to secure the have persevered in presenting to the minds success of their parties, will find it necessary of the reader, without knowing fear or seek- to leave them off for the same purpose. In ing favor from any source, such facts, argu- the States of New-York and Pennsylvania, ments, and deductions, as cannot be found in the " balance of power” is already AMERICAN, the ordinary channels of publication; and and the corrupt, wire-pulling party dema

.while we know that in so doing we have gogues of those States, instead of trembling --secured the approval of every impartial Ame- and shivering like whipped curs before a band rican, as is evinced by the increased demand of Irishmen, or politico-religious bigots, find for the magazine in all parts of the country, now that they have a nobler foe to contend among men of all parties, we feel encouraged with—a phalanx of intelligence, principle, and to go forward and labor for the right. patriotism. This singular change was made

It is no small task that falls to the lot of manifest to their astonished senses at the late the man who flings himself into the arena State elections, and the same transition is against systematized corruption, or who ven- fast occurring in every State of the Union. tures to combat errors which, through custom, Now, with these evidences before us, these have become chronic in the popular mind, proofs that we are not contending with a phaneven though those errors are shown to be the tom, but that the American mind responds seeds of a virulent poison which must event- in harmonious unison to our own, we again ually prove fatal to the peace and happiness buckle on the armor and continue in the conof the whole. The political parties of our test. We can with renewed confidence enland have become so completely enslaved to courage our brothers to be firm, true, and the foreign balance of power, that they dare l active, and, with better hope and better heart, call upon our countrymen to investigate the discouraging to the few; but the kind feeling issues that will be placed before them in the apparent among the brothers, and their socolumns of the Republic, trusting always to licitude for renewed attempts to be made, certheir unbiased judgments for an honest ver- tainly encourage the many to press on until dict in favor of their country and its free in- confusion of ideas gives place to calmness of stitutions over party and its corrupt machina- thought, and deficiency of words is overcome tions.

by fulness of language. Even those who

timidly decline speaking at first, have their CHAPTER-ROOMS.-Apart from the mere ideas corrected, and eventually find that they transaction of business, as such, in its relation also have a loosened tongue. The essential to our Order, there is a use, or rather a bene- aim of members in Chapter, therefore, should fit to be derived from the use of Chapter- be, not so much to confine themselves to the rooms, and one we believe not fully appreci- mere details of business, but, through dispatch ated by the members. Chapter-rooms, when in such matters, lengthen the time that may viewed aright, are schools of patriotism, and be devoted to the discussion of propositions their use is to develop the American Re- appertaining to the general welfare. publican sentiment inherent in the breasts Throughout the Order there is but need to of our fellow-countrymen; to give it method view this matter aright, to make it more and expression, to the end that it may eventu- highly profitable; it is but necessary to meet ally find voice in our legislative halls, and in the full spirit of harmony for the purpose thus prove a safeguard to our dear-bought of legislating truly, or learning to do so liberties. The benefit to members as indi- being indifferent to present gain, so that viduals, derived through the use of Chapter- | truth and patriotism be developed, preserved, rooms, is found in the happy change from and ultimately made triumphant. one-sided political jargon, breeding rancor and discord, to the acceptance of a frank and WASHINGTON'S BIRTH-DAY.—The preparaopen discussion of matters relating to their tions for celebrating the glorious 22d of Febcountry's good, with brothers of opposing ruary are steadily going forward, and there is religious and political creeds, but upon a every assurance that the demonstration will basis of true fraternity and single-minded-be even more imposing and creditable than ness; also in the home feeling developed—our the last. Metropolitan Hall has been engaged country first, and then our party — prompt- for the in-door exercises; and we take great ing, as it does, complacency of action, the pleasure in announcing that the Hon. William sarest and truest foundation in legislation. W. Campbell, of Alpha Chapter, has consented When members can lay down in Chapter their to be the orator of the day. General Henry religious and political prejudice, and enter Storms, of Washington Chapter, has been fraternally upon the work before them, there selected as Grand Marshal, and will conduct is at once evidence of perpetuity to the in- the procession, which will be preceded by a stitutions of our country through enlarged large military escort: the several companies nobleness of character in her future states- of Continentals, American Rifles, Worth men.

Guard, and others, have been invited to It is not visionary to say that our Chapter- participate. It has further been resolved in rooms are destined to send forth sound legis- committee, that the Order will hold its cerelators to our country's counsels, and this monies apart from all other bodies. By this truth should be early appreciated by mem- arrangement, the tender consciences of those bers. Not that all are to become legislators, who do not like to come in contact with any but that all, by their acts, words, and deeds, thing American will be relieved, and the door serve as monitors in developing the several will be left open to all who desire to do honor minds, and giving to them that moral tone to so glorious an anniversary, without the essential to the well governing of our united fear of contamination. The Common Counrepublic.

cil (whom we hope to see participating with In other words, the benefit to individuals appropriate ceremonies) will also be relieved in the use of Chapter, is practice in speaking. from the onerous task of locating the “better Failing to make oneself understood, for want citizens,” who invariably claim precedence of language to express the ideas, may provo over Americans, on all national occasions, in the line, because there will now be no contest stroying the influence of our Order; the other for superiority, the American phalanx march- says, per contra, that it is composed of intelliing by itself.

gent foreigners who sympathise with our Our Order can well afford to make this in- objects, and, not being eligible to membership dependent arrangement, because our numbers in the association of the American-born, have are so great that, if even one quarter of the taken this method to assist our cause, as an members turn out, the procession will be a anxiliary. They receive into their ranks any monster. Last year, it occupied about two foreigner who came to this country before he miles in length, inarching six abreast, and was fifteen years of age, and no other; at required twelve bands of music, notwith- | least, so we have been informed. standing hundreds were deterred from the We are not yet prepared to express an parade in consequence of the rain in the opinion on the subject of this new organizamorning and the muddy condition of the tion. We shall search farther and know streets during the day; and we have every more; and if it is found to be the advocate reason to believe that the number will be of civil and religious freedom, and ready to much greater on the next anniversary. We sustain the measures necessary for their prehope so, at least. Let every man who possi- servation, it will command our respect ; bly can, determine to make one of the legion, though we had rather it had taken a different and, with the stars and stripes of his country

But if it is indeed, as we have some about his person, come forth and do honor to reason to believe, “a shallow device of the the memory of him whose virtue and energy enemy," we shall have the satisfaction of secured to us that emblem of the free. Come using it as another instrument in aid of the forth, one and all, in the name of Washington! American cause.


DEMONSTRATION AT TRENTON, N. J.-The UNITY OF ACTION.At the late election in Chancery and the several Chapters in Newthis State, when General Storms, the Demo- Jersey are progressing with their arrangecratic candidate for State Prison Inspector, ments for a public procession in full regalia, was so impudently proscribed by the foreign- and an oration at Trenton, on Monday, March ers, solely because he happened to be a mem- 9th, at which time and place the Chancery of ber of the Order of United Americans, we the State will hold its regular quarterly sesare informed that the members of the Order

sion. The occasion, taken in connection with of United American Mechanics throughout the hallowed reminiscences which surround the State, sympathizing with us in our de- the place, will be one of deep interest. There nunciation of the outrage, threw aside their it was that Washington, by a coup de maitre partisan preferences, and united with us in almost superhuman in its conception and desustaining an American against the foreign tail, broke the back of the British power then league. Thus may it ever be! The right in America, and gave renewed vigor and conhand of fellowship must be extended from fidence to the struggling colonists. We believe Americans to Americans; and thus, although that no Chapter of our Order has yet been we hail from different associations, the unity established at Trenton; but in such a place it of sentiment will be made to prevail, and all cannot be that there is not an abundance of things work together for good. The 0. U. A. the true American material; and we anticiwill not forget this act of courtesy, and the pate that ere long there will be not only one, 0. U. A. M. may expect to hear from us in but half a dozen Chapters within gunshot of time of need.

the scene where Washington routed the Hes

sians. AN INDEPENDENT ORDER.—We have been informed that an association of foreigners, THE BROOKLYN Boys.—There is nothing called the “Independent Order of United like a little honest rivalry; it creates emulaAmericans," has been formed in this city, and tion, and stimulates the latent energies to we have two versions of the object of its action. When there was but one Chapter in organization. The first version is, that the Brooklyn, it was up-hill work with the memmovement is Jesuitical, and gotten up for the bers, but now that there are six or seven, purpose of injuring the reputation and de- | every thing goes on prosperously. Fort

Greene is doing a large business in the way left for them at this office will be forwarded of making converts, as “the Bishop" would to brother Drake, and supplied. say; and since her spirited advent, the boys of old Warren and Plymouth are picking their E PLURIBUS UNUM CHAPTER.-On Wednesflints for a meritorious contest; while Lexing- day evening, 21st instant, the members of ton and Marion continue to keep the ball

this Chapter threw open their doors to their rolling with undiminished success. These are

friends, for the purpose of hearing an address all located in the upper part of the city, while from Chancellor Frost. The room was well Magna Charta occupies the lower ground, filled with ladies and gentlemen, who apand is alone in her glory. Would n't it be a peared highly gratified and interested, and good plan to get up an opposition in that part

we doubt not that “E Pluribus Unum" of the city ?

Chapter will reap a substantial benefit froin

this demonstration, in the acquisition of new REGALIA AND JEWELS. Brother Elias and good members. Combs, No. 268 Grand street, near Christie, has devoted many years to the manufacture

THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT.—On Monday of regalia, not only of the 0. U. A., but of every other association requiring decorations York adopted the report of the committee

evening, 26th inst., the Chancery of Newof that kind, including the Masonic, Odd

on the subject of building a monument to Fellows, and Orders of Temperance, and Washington by the Order of United Amerihe has constantly on hand a very superior

cans, and provided for a committee, consisting assortment of the various articles. Persons wishing regalia would do well, therefore, by preliminary arrangements towards carrying

of one chancellor from each Chapter, to make calling upon him to make purchases.

out the great work. This is one step towards

the erection of a monument on a feasible plan. Balls at PATERSON.—The American Eagle Association, at Paterson, N. J., gave their

PUTNAM CHAPTER, of this city, has made Second Annual Ball in that busy city on the

arrangements for a public address, to be given 23d of January inst., at Congress Hall.

by Chancellor Joseph O. Morton, on ThursOn the 27th, Lexington Association, of day evening, February 12th, at the Rutgers Brooklyn, intend giving a grand ball at Pa- Female Institute, Madison street, near Olinterson, at which the Eagles will participate. ton. The importance of a better cultivation of The Lexington boys are in anxious expecta- American nationality will be the burden of tion of a capital sleigh-ride between Jersey Chancellor Morton's discourse. Choice music, City and Paterson, and, from present appear- with other appropriate exercises, will add to ances, their anticipations are in a fair way of the interest of the occasion. realization.

American Eagle Chapter at Paterson is in a thriving condition, and we expect soon

of Chancery, all the delegates from the new to have the satisfaction of recording the or

Chapter (Constitution) at Smithville, L. I., ganization of another in that city.

were presented, and, having been duly quali

fied, were admitted to their seats. “ConstiA BEAUTIFUL PRESENT. - We received, a

tution" Chapter is another link in the pafew days since, a neatly enveloped packet, hail

triotic chain which will ere long encircle the ing from Newark, N. J., and, on examining

whole of that beautiful island. the missive, found it to contain an exquisitely Wrought breast-pin, representing the hand IRONSIDES CHAPTER. — This vigorous and and serpent, in solid gold, fashioned with prosperous Chapter is now enjoying a series exceeding good taste. This beautiful present of weekly lectures, delivered by different memwas manufactured by the donor, brother bers of the Order. If we had a copy of their Drake, of Newark; and, as it has been greatly programme for the season, we should take admired, we suggest the policy of having a pleasure in publishing it for the benefit of few in this city for sale. Meantime, any order the members at large.

is New CHANCELLORs. At the last meeting

CHAPLAINS' REGALIA.—We have recently ORDINANCES. seen at the store of brother Osborn, 278 Grand

ORDINANCE No. 7. street, specimens of the regalia to be worn

RELATING TO CANDIDATES FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE by the Chaplains of the several Chapters of

ORDER. our order, which were truly beautiful. The

[Adopted February 10th, 1851.]

The Chancery of the 0. U. A. of the State of New York, contrast of the silver lace and stars upon a

in regular session convened, do ordain as follows :black ground, is at once rich and appropriate § 1. When a person is proposed for membership in any

Chapter of this Order, the name of the person so proposed to the office for which it is intended.

shall be referred to a committee of three members, whose duty shall be to visit the said candidate, and also at least one person to whom the proposer shall refer, and from them

learn the place of birth, age, business, and moral character THE EXECUTIVE CONVENTION will hold an

and also the general health of the party proposed, and re*

port the same in writing to their Chapter, at its next reguadjourned meeting at Chancery Rooms, cor- lar meeting.

§ 2. Whenever a Chapter shall have reason to believe ner of Broadway and Grand street, on Mon

that a person having been proposed and admitted by ballot day evening, February 2d.

is not a suitable person to become a member of this Order, said Chapter shall have power to order a new ballot, on the call of five members, at any time prior to initiation.

§ 3. No person owing ullegiance to any foreign potentate

or power, shall be eligible to membership in this Order, WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION BALL.—This andual festival will take place on Monday eve


TO REGULATE THE FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE ning, February 23d, at Metropolitan Hall,

CHANCERY. (late Tripler Hall,) and the tickets are already

(Adopted December 15th, 1851.] nearly all disposed of.-See advertisement. The Chancery of the 0. U. A. of the State of New-York,

in regular session convened, do ordain as follows:

§ 1. It shall be the duty of the G. F. C. to receive from

Chapters the moneys payable to Chancery and Arch-ChanFort GREENE CHAPTER, of Brooklyn, has

cery, (until the latter body be regularly organized,) and to

keep full and accurate accounts thereof, in such forms as left the rooms at Low's Building, and located shall be approved by the Finance Committee. On receiving

dues from Chapters, he shall endorse the same on the several at Grenada Hall, Myrtle Avenue. This

returns, signing his name thereto; and shall, at each meet. Chapter is prospering finely.

ing of Chancery, deposit such returns in the hands of the G. C. of the C., together with a report of the whole amount received by him at such meeting, and during the intermission between that and the previous session, and the G. C.

of the C shall enter the same on the minutes, and shall AMERICAN CHAPTER, JERSEY CITY. — We declare the amount so received to the Chancery before

adjournment. have received a copy of a poem written for § 2. Dues to Chancery and Arch-Chancery shall be pay. the occasion, and delivered before this Chap

able only to the G. F. C.; and no receipt given by any

other officer of Chancery shall be recognized by that body, ter on Friday evening, December 5th, by except such as are given by a G. F.C. pro. tem., appointed

by the G.S. Allen Lee Bours, Esq. It is thoroughly $ 3. The G. F. C. shall forthwith pay over to the G. C. of patriotic.

E. all moneys received by him, taking his receipt therefor, which receipt shall be his voucher foi amounts se paid by him.

$ 4. The G. C. of E. shall faithfully keep such moneys as THE CHANCERY of this State will meet on may be paid to him hy the G. F. C., in conformity with this Monday evening, Feb. 9th, when the com

ordinance, and shall pay over to the Treasurer of the Grand

Executive Fund, at least once in each quarter, that portion mittee to make arrangements for the 22d will of said moneye belonging to said fund, taking his receipt

therefor. The general fund he shall disburse only upon probably report complete.

drafts upon him, signed by the G. S., and countersigned by the G. C. of the C., or upon bills approved by the Chairman of the Finance Committee, countersigned by the G. C. of

the c. Day SESSIONS.—At a meeting of the Chan

$5. The G.F.C. and G.C. of E. shall each make a written

quarterly report on the last days of February, May, August, cery of New-York, held January 14th, it was and November of each year, and shall deposit the same in

the hands of the Chairman of the Finance Committee, resolved that, at the regular quarterly session

which Committee shall proceed to examine the same, comin March next, the session shall commence at

paring them with the books and vouchers of those officers,

and with the books of the G. C. of the C., and with the ten o'clock in the forenoon, instead of being chapter returns in the hands of that officer, and shall preheld, as heretofere, in the evening.

sent the same to Chancery, at their first meeting thereafter, together with their report in relation thereto.

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