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Stebbins, Marshall O. Roberts, Hugh McCulloch, James F. Wenman,
William A. Cole, Thomas Barbour, William H. Guion, George J. For-
rest, John T. Agnew, Thurlow Weed, Samuel A. Haines, Thomas Mc-
Elrath, Frederick A. P. Barnard, John P. Newman, J. Pierpont Mor-
gan, John P. Townsend, Alfred M. Hoyt, Lewis A. Sayre, Charles Lanier,
William H. C. Price, William R. Garrison, Frederick L. Talcott, Win-
field S. Hancock, Algernon S. Sullivan, Samuel Sloan, Cyrus W. Field,
Rosewell G. Rolston, Edward Auchincloss, George W. Debevoise, James
How, Benjamin A. Willis, Albert Tilt, Jordan L. Mott, Charles K. Gra-
ham, George R. Blanchard, Charles H. Baldwin, Mortimer C. Addoms,
Samuel L. M. Barlow, Charles Schlesinger, Edward N. Dickerson,
Thomas Rutter, J. Trumbull Smith, Frederick A. Potts, James Talcott,
Edwards Pierrepont, Uriah Welch, Asahel N. Brockway, Rufus Hatch,
William L. Strong, Henry F. Vail, Charles Wager Hull, Lewis May,
John M. Cornell, Cornelius H. Delamater, Franklin Edson, George T.
Hope, Joseph J. O'Donohue, Charles Place, John A. Hardenbergh,
Douglass Taylor, Peter Bowe, Stephen Hoe, Edward Cooper, Oswald
Ottendorffer, Edward L. Carey, John Bigelow, Patrick O. Reilly, Cal-
vert Vaux, Gustave H. Schwab, John Riley, Thomas J. Carleton, Fred-
erick W. Whittemore, Charles L. Tiffany, John A. Stewart, Abram S.
Hewitt Daniel F. Appleton, David Dows, Orestes Cleveland, Horace
Porter, Henry M. Alexander, Fletcher Harper, Charles G. Francklyn,
Thomas C. Acton, Richard M. Hoe, Jackson S. Schultz, Edward Clark,
Norvin Green, William B. Dinsmore, Dennis C. Wilcox, Benjamin B.
Sherman, Samuel B. H. Vance, Samuel D. Babcock, Henry Hilton,
Andrew H. Green, Robert Gordon, Allen Campbell, Samue! B. Parsons,
Francis A. Stout, J. Peabody Wetmore, John R. Voorhies, Leighton
Williams, George G. Haven, Stephen O'Brien, Charles Solomons, Henry
Draper, Philip Collins, is hereby constituted, to be designated as the
United States International Commission, whose functions shall continue
until the close of the exhibition, whose duty it shall be, among other ers of.
things, to fix the precise date of, and to prepare for and to superintend
the holding of, the exhibition upon a site within the corporate limits of
the said city of New York.

duties and pow

SEC. 3. That the said United States International Commission is hereby Incorporation of created a body corporate, and by that name shall have a corporate existence, until the object for which it is formed shall have been accomplished, and as such it shall be competent for it to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity in the United States, and may make and have a corporate seal, and may purchase, take, have, and hold, and may grant, sell, and at pleasure dispose of all such real and personal estate as may be required in order to carry into effect the provisions of this act.


Alternate com

SEC. 4. That said commissioners, two for each State and one from Appointment of each Territory and the District of Columbia, shall be appointed within commissioners by sixty days from the passage of this act, by the President of the United States, on the nomination of the governors of the States and Territories respectively, and by the President from the District of Columbia; And in the same manner and within the same time there shall be appointed two alternate commissioners from each State and one from each missioners and their duties. Territory of the United States and the District of Columbia, as provided in section two, who shall assume and perform the duties of such commissioner or commissioners as may be unable to attend the meetings of the said commission.



SEC. 5. That the said United States International Commission shall hold its meetings in the city of New York, and that a majority of mem- where to meet; bers present at the first meetings provided for in section nine shall be may make rules, competent for the transaction of business, and the commission shall indicate by by-law the number requisite thereafter for a quorum. The commission shall have full power to make all needful rules for its government, and to appoint such officers as in its judgment shall be advisable.



SEC. 6. That the said commission shall submit to Congress for their to submit to Con- consideration at the first session after the appointment of commissiongress date for opening exhibition ers, as herein provided, a suitable date for opening and closing the exhiand requisite cus- bition; a schedule of appropriate ceremonies for opening and dedicating toms regulations. the same; the requisite custom-house regulations for the introduction into this country of any articles from foreign countries intended for exhibition, and such other matters as in their judgment may be important. President to SEC. 7. That whenever the President of the United States shall be make proclama- informed by the governor of the State of New York that provision has been made for the erection of suitable buildings for the purpose, and 1881, March 1, Res. No. 22. for the exclusive control of the grounds and buildings by the corporation herein provided for, the President, if after due examination he shall deem the preparations adequate, shall, through the Department of State, make proclamation of the same, setting forth the time at which the exhibition will open and close, and the place at which it will be held; and he shall communicate to the diplomatic representatives of all nations, copies of the same, together with such regulations as may be adopted by the commission, for publication in their respective countries, and shall in behalf of the government and people commend the exhibition to all foreign nations who may choose to take part therein.

Capital stock.

-holders of, entitled to vote.

SEC. 8. That the said commission shall have authority and is hereby empowered to receive subscriptions of capital stock to an amount not exceeding twelve millions of dollars, to be divided into shares of ten dollars each, and each subscriber shall pay not less than ten per cent of his subscription at the time he subscribes; and said commission shall issue to the subscribers of the stock certificates therefor, under its corporate seal, which certificates shall bear the signature of its president, secretary, and treasurer, and be transferable under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed for the purpose.

All holders of said stock shall be entitled to one vote on each share in the election of a finance committee, to be elected as hereinafter provided.

Proceeds of The proceeds of said stock, together with the receipts from any and stock sold and re- all other sources, shall be used by said corporation for the erection of ceipts; how used. suitable buildings, with their appropriate and necessary fixtures and appurtenances, and for all other expenditures required in carrying out the objects of this act.

Corporation to

And the said corporation shall keep regular minutes of its proceedkeep minutes of ings and full accounts with the vouchers thereof, and the same shall proceedings. always be open to the inspection of any member or shareholder in the corporation, or to any committee appointed by such members or shareholders authorized to examine the same.

election of officers.

First meeting of; SEC. 9. That the United States International Commission shall be how called; sub- called together by the Secretary of State of the United States in the scription to stock; city of New York as soon as convenient after the appointment of the commissioners as herein directed, and it shall then be their duty to open books for subscription to the capital stock, as herein provided, giving public notice of the time and place, and the terms upon which subscriptions may be made, and such books shall be kept open during sixty days, at the end of which time the members of said commission shall be called together by public notice by the president and secretary pro tempore of the same, for the election of permanent officers of said commission, to consist of a president, secretary, treasurer, and such other officers as said commission may designate, from among the members thereof; said election of officers to take place immediately after the election of the members of the committee of finance herein provided for. Meeting of share- SEC. 10. The first meeting of the shareholders shall be called at the holders and elec- same time and in the same manner as provided for in the last section, tion of finance and shall proceed to the election of twenty-five from their number, or from the members of the commission, who, when elected, shall, if not already so appointed, be ex officio members of said commission, and who,


together with the executive officers of said commission, shall constitute

a committee of finance.

In this election each subscriber shall be entitled to a vote for each Meeting of stockshare subscribed for, on which at least ten per centum in cash shall holders: who may have been previously paid, under such regulations as may be prescribed vote at. by said commission.

Upon the organization of said committee of finance, said commission Commission to shall transfer to it the stock books and moneys collected, together with transfer moneys, all papers and business pertaining to the receiving and collecting of &c., to finance subscriptions of stock, and shall furnish to said committee a full state- may require bonds. ment of all its financial transactions up to that date;

And the commission may require good and sufficient security from all its collecting and disbursing agents, including those of the finance committee.

committee; and

Committee of

SEC. 11. It shall be the duty of the committee of finance so elected to select suitable depositories for the deposit of all moneys received for said finance; duties. commission; to devise methods for raising funds for the commission with which to carry out the provisions of this act; to confer and advise with the commission as to all contracts to be made involving the expenditure of moneys; to carefully audit all accounts; to recommend a system of checks and safeguards, with a view of enforcing economy and efficiency in the financial administration of the said commission, and to make full reports to the commission at least once in every three months.

- may open books

It shall also be the duty of said committee of finance, from time to time, as occasion may require, to open the books for further subscrip- for further subtions to the capital stock, and take all measures that are needful to scriptions. secure a collection of the same, using, if necessary, the name of the commission for the purpose, but the moneys so collected shall at all times be subject to control of the commission.

SEC. 12. That the officers of said commission and the members of said Term of office committee of finance shall hold their respective positions for the term of and election of members of comone year from the day of their election, before the expiration of which mission and of time and for each year during which the commission shall exist a new finance committee. election shall be held at such time and place as said commission shall designate by due public notice, and in the mode following, to wit: the members of the committee of finance shall first be elected by the shareholders, immediately after which the commission shall proceed to the election of its officers.

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-members may

be re-elected. Vacancies in

and in commission.

Any person elected as a member of said committee of finance or an officer of said commission shall be eligible to re-election." Said commission shall have power at any time to fill any vacancy occurring among the officers, and said shareholders shall have like power finance committee to fill any vacancy occurring in the members of said committee of finance, and said commission shall also have the power of removing any officer for cause. Vacancies in the commission may be filled in the same manner as provided herein for the original appointment, and vacancies occurring in the place of the commissioners named in this act shall be filled by the said commission.

Commission to

SEC. 13. That the United States International Commission shall prepare a complete classification of exhibits, and shall appoint all judges classify exhibits, and examiners, guards and other subordinate officers of the exhibition, other officers. appoint judges and and award all premiums, and generally have charge of all intercourse with the representatives of foreign nations.


tive committee.

It may, at any regular meeting, elect an executive committee, which, may elect execuin the absence of the commission, shall have full power to act in its stead until its next meeting.

SEC. 14. That the corporation hereby created shall have authority to may issue bonds issue bonds not in excess of the amount actually paid in upon its capital stock, and secure the payment of the same, principal and interest, by mortgage upon its property, and income, present and prospective. SEC. 15. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, as soon as practicable, after the passage of this stock; how pre

Certificates of

pared, &c.

United States


act, to cause to be prepared, at the cost of the said commission, in accordance with a design approved by the United States International Commission and the Secretary of the Treasury, a sufficient number of certificates of stock to meet the requirements of this act;

And any person found guilty of counterfeiting, or attempting to counterfeit or knowingly circulating false certificates of stock, herein authorized, shall be subject to the same pains and penalties as are or may be provided by law for counterfeiting United States notes;

But nothing in this act shall be so construed as to create any liability not liable for debts of the United States, direct or indirect, for any debt or obligation incurred, nor for any claim by the United States International Commission for aid or pecuniary assistance from Congress or the Treasury of the United States in support or liquidation of any debts or obligations created by said commission:

Contracts sub

And provided, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to ject to laws of override or interfere with the laws of any State; and all contracts made in any State for the purposes of the international exhibition shall be subject to the laws thereof:


Stockholders not debts.

And provided further, That no member of said corporation, whether personally liable shareholder or otherwise, shall be personally liable for any debt or obligation which may be created or incurred by the United States International Commission.

At close, corporation to dispose of property, &c.

-commission to

SEC. 16. That as soon as practicable after the said exhibition shall have been closed, it shall be the duty of said corporation to convert its property into cash, and, after the payment of all its liabilities, to divide its remaining assets among its stockholders, pro rata, in full satisfaction and discharge of its capital stock.

And it shall be the duty then of the United States International make report of Commission to submit, in a report to the President of the United States, the financial results of the international exhibition.

financial results.

Other reports by commission.

SEC. 17. That it shall be the duty of the United States International Commission to make report, from time to time, to the President of the United States of the progress of the work, and, in a final report, present a full exhibit of the results of the United States International Exhibition.

Corporation to SEC. 18. The corporation hereby authorized shall exist no longer than exist only to Janu- until the first day of January eighteen hundred and eighty-five.

ary, 1885.

United States

not liable for any or its officers, &c.

acts of commission

Act may be altered.

SEC. 19. That the United States shall not in any manner or under any circumstances be liable for any of the acts, doings, proceedings, or representations of the said commission, its officers, agents, servants, or employees, or any of them, or for the services, salaries, labors, or wages of said officers, agents, servants, or employees, or any of them, or for any subscriptions to the capital stock, or for any certificates of [of] stock, bonds, mortgages, or obligations of any kind issued by said commission, or for any debts, liabilities, or expenses of any kind whatever attending such commission or exhibition, or accruing by reason of the


SEC. 20. Congress may at any time alter, amend or repeal this act, as in its judgment the public good shall require: Appointment or Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to acceptance of com- require the governor of any state to appoint the commissioners promissioners not re- vided for in section two, nor shall said commissioners or any of them incur any liability for their failure or refusal to accept such position or perform the duties thereof


Stock to be sub

SEC. 21. Not less than one million of dollars shall be subscribed and scribed and part not less than ten per centum thereof shall be paid in before said corpayment made before corporation poration shall do any corporate act other than the acts necessary to its organization.


--not to be withdrawn, &c.

And no part of the capital stock or assets of said corporation shall be withdrawn by, refunded to, or divided among the stockholders or any of them, until all the debts and liabilities of said corporation shall be fully discharged. [April 23, 1880.]



Removal of Apaches at Cimarron to New Mexico; repeal of former provisions as to removal, &c.

April 23, 1880.

21 Stat. L., 81.

Be it enacted, &c., That the proviso to the act approved June twen- Removal of tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, making an appropriation for Apaches at Cimarthe removal of the band of Apaches at Cimarron, New Mexico, to the ron to New Mexico. Repeal of former Mescalero Apache Reservation at Fort Stanton, New Mexico, requiring provisions as to rethe removal of said Indians within thirty days after the passage of the moval in thirty act, and forbidding the issue of rations and annuities to said Indians, days and issue of rations only in except at the Mescalero Apache Agency, New Mexico, be, and the same New Mexico. is hereby, repealed, and the Secretary of the Interior is authorized and 1878, June 20, ch. directed to issue to said Indians their supplies and annuities at the 359, § 1, par. 16. Abiquiu Agency, New Mexico. [April 23, 1880.]



[blocks in formation]

Be it enacted, &c.

April 30, 1880.

21 Stat. L., 81.

Montana estab

[SECTION 1], That all that portion of the Territory of Montana which Yellowstone lies east of the twenty seventh range east of the principal meridian which is not now or hereafter may be included in any Indian reservation, be, and the same is hereby, designated as the district of the Yellowstone, and constituted a separate land district, with a United States land-office at Miles City, within said district.

SEC. 2. The President shall appoint a register and receiver for said office, who shall be entitled to such compensation as is now provided by law, which compensation shall be paid from the fund appropriated for such purposes. [April 30, 1880.]

land district in lished, with landoffice at Miles City. R. S., § 2256, 2d ed., p. 413.

-register and re

ceiver for.

R. S., § 2234.



In Navy rations, Secretary of Navy may substitute desiccated tomatoes for desiccated potatoes.
Be it enacted, &c.,

May 3, 1880. 21 Stat. L., 86.

toes for desiccated

That the Secretary of the Navy may substitute for the ration of "two In Navy rations, ounces of desiccated potatoes" six ounces of desiccated tomatoes if he Secretary of Navy shall believe such substitution to be conducive to the health and com- desiccated to mamay substitute fort of the Navy, and not to be more expensive to the government than the present ration, provided the same shall be acceptable to the men. potatoes. In the event the Secretary of the Navy orders such substitution he is authorized to have sold at public auction any desiccated potatoes on hand, the proceeds of which sale shall be used in the purchase of desic. cated tomatoes for the use of the Navy.

[May 3, 1880.]

R. S., § 1580.

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