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iii. 82

May be searched for on accepting a lease, where the
lessor's title is not investigated

How far back to be searched for

v. 391

Indemnity against misapplication of trust-monies ii. 255
And see Settlements per tot.

Against rent and covenants in assignment of leases

ii. 512, 530, 576

The assignees' covenant to pay rents and perform
covenants is essential in an assignment for the

But not from his assignee

ii. 530, 553

And to make it available, the lessee should either
take a counterpart or separate part of indemnity ii. 530
INDORSEMENT of livery and seisin on a deed of


INFANT. Guardian of, may grant leases during the

Lease from a guardian of

Their leases not absolutely void, but voidable only

when of


Feme may settle her personal property, previous
to marriage, notwithstanding her minority

But not of her realty

Trustees cannot apply interest for their mainten-
ance, unless expressly authorised

INNOVATIONS in precedents, dangerous

INSURANCE. On an agreement for a purchase, sti-
pulation that the premises shall be insured

i. 103

iii. 462



vi. 363


vi. 786

i. 204

i. 13

INTEREST. Vendor entitled to interest on the pur-
chase money, till the contract is actually paid i. 14 n. 18
Proviso to reduce interest on mortgage security,
if punctually paid

IRON MINES. Lease of

ISSUE includes grandchildren

iv. 99

iii. 300

vi. 482

JOINT STOCK COMPANY, assignment of a share in ii. 807
Observations on the stat. 6 Geo. 1. c. 18. against

joint stock companies

JOINT-TENANTS. Conveyance to

May convey to a co-tenant by release

But if to a stranger, the conveyance must be by
feoffment, recovery, fine, or lease and release ii.
Assignment of leaseholds by

[blocks in formation]

Vol. Page.

JOINT-TENANT. In the limitation of uses to daugh-

ters, it should be to them as tenants in com-
mon, and not as joint-tenants, inasmuch in the
latter case they cannot sever during their mino-
rities, and no use made of their portions for
their advancement

JUDGMENTS. Searching for

ii. 111, 532

Need not be searched for on the purchase of copy-
holds, and why

JOINTURE. Covenant to postpone, and give priority
to monies raised to pay portions

iv. 209

v. 166


KING cannot grant any special or real property but
by charter or letters patent

i. 434


LAND. Money directed to be laid out in land will be
considered as such

vi. 630

LAWFULLY CLAIMING. Why introduced into cove-

nants for peaceable enjoyment

i. 180

LEASE FOR A YEAR. Reference to in a deed of

In a release of

appointment, and grant and release

General form of

The like where contained in the release

The parties to the release should be parties to the

lease for a year

Order of naming them

There should be a pecuniary consideration for vest-
ing the possession, but it is not material whether
paid or not
The words bargain and sule, are the most effective
words in a lease for a year, though the word de-
mise, which has no operation, is sometimes used
But in the case of an alien or a corporation being
the vendors, who are incapable of standing seized
to a use, possession must be given to the re-
leasee, either by livery, or by entry upon the land,
or by a lease for a year at common law, followed
by actual entry, instead of by bargain and
sale, in which lease, the words demise and lease
must be used instead of bargain and sale

i. 148


i. 149

i. 137

i. 208, 223, 247

i. 146
i. 205, 207

i. 147

i. 147, 148


Vol. Page.

i, 152

And with the omission of the words of reference to

the Statute of Uses
The words ways, paths, &c. ought not to be used i. 150
The limitation of the lessor must be made to com-
mence immediately, and not subsequent to the
date of the release

The habendun should be for one whole year;
though a month, a week, or less space of time
will be sufficient

i. 150, 151

i, 151

Reference to the release in

a lease for a year;

reason thereof

i. 153

When not actually necessary

i. 166

i. 165

i. 205

Reference to in the deed of release


may be contained in the release

But since the last stamp act, 53 Geo. 3. there must
be a distinct stamp in respect thereof.

LEASE AND RELEASE. Conveyance by, in what

[blocks in formation]

LEASES SUBSISTING. A purchaser of an estate bound
by, though contrary to the custom of the coun-
try, or containing unusual covenants, unless the
agreement for the purchase stipulated otherwise i.
The liability of an assignee of leasehold premises
to pay rents and perform covenants, ceases On
his assigning over to another

i. 46 n. 10

That a purchaser is bound to indemnify the lessee
against the rents and covenants in the lease
Stipulation that the lessor's title shall not be in-
spected, and reason thereof
Agreement for the purchase of
Assignment of

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Leases cannot be granted in consideration of a loan
of money

Leases by a lessor who is tenant in tail, seized in
right of his wife; an ecclesiastical person or te-
nant for life, with power to lease, precautions

Leases for a term, not exceeding three years, to be
in writing, and under the restrictions of the
statute of frauds

ii. 515

iii. 3


iii. 56
iii. 56 n. 1

Observations thereon, and cases decided
No consideration necessary, unless it be of charit-
able land

Observations on taking by bargain and sale, as well
as demise, where such consideration may be

iii. 57


[blocks in formation]

In what cases necessary to be registered

iii. 83

Leases required to be granted in possession, cannot
be made to cominence at a future day

iii. 432

Executed under a power, must be by the donee
himself and not by attorney

iii. 444

And where a counterpart is required by the power,
a memorandum of its execution should be in-
dorsed on the lease

number of lives in
Leases may be grauted for any
being, and for twenty-one years, and the usual
months of gestation afterwards


Are extinguished by alienation
estate by tenant for life


vi. 580

vi. 454, 507, 541, 594

of the whole

i. 243

LEASE of a house for a term of years, the outer part
to be repaired by the lessor, the inner by the

iii. 56

Of a house by the owner of the inheritance, where
all repairs are doue and taxes paid by the tenant iii.
A short form of a lease of a dwelling house, by the
owner of the inheritance


iii. 100

An under lease granted by lessee for a part of his


iii. 108

Of a messuage or dwelling house, with furniture,
fixtures, &c. by the owner of the inheritance
Of a public house by a brewer

iii. 131

iii. 149

Of a windmill

iii. 168

Of a house, &c. in the skeleton, or an unfinished
state, to be completed by the tenant

iii. 183

A building lease or lease of land by the owner of
the inheritance, for the purpose of houses being
built thereon

iii. 200

Of land to build a square

iii. 202

Of a dwelling house, paddock, and a small quan-
tity of land

iii. 224

Of a copyhold messuage, &c. by the licence of the

[blocks in formation]

Of coal pits, or of lands in a coal or mining coun-


iii. 300

By a corporate town or city, to a lessee for years,
adapted to corporations in general and also to
the city of London in particular

[ocr errors][merged small]

Of a messuage, &c. by a college in one of the


iii. 350

Vol. Page,


years by tenant in tail, or tenant for life at com-
mon law

iii. 366

For years by tenant in tail under the stat. 32 Hen.


iii. 381

For three lives by a bishop, or other ecclesiastical
person in right of his church

iii. 398

Of a messuage, &c. by husband, seized in right

of his wife

[ocr errors]

iii. 413

By tenant for life, &c. by virtue of a power con-
tained in a marriage settlement or will

iii. 428

By trustees under a power contained in a marriage

iii. 445

Of a messuage, &c. by a guardian

iii. 462

Of a capital mansion, farmi, and lands, by the com-
mittee of a lunatic, in pursuance of a decree
of the Court of Chancery

iii. 481

By an heir at law, in pursuance of an agreement
for a lease entered into by his ancestor
Of estates in mortgage (by mortgagor and mort-

iii. 509

gagee) where no power of leasing is reserved to

the mortgagor

iii. 526

By two persons holding a joint tenancy
By executors or administrators, in pursuance of
an agreement entered into by their testator or

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

Of a messuage, &c. to two or more persons, as te-

iii. 576

nants in common, or copartners in trade
To executors or administrators, in pursuance of an
agreement for a lease, entered into with their
testator or intestate

For ninety-nine years determinable on lives

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

A renewed lease for three lives upon the death of
one of the nominees, and surrender of the former
lease, with covenant for further renewals
Surrender of a lease for lives, in order to a renewal

iii. 625

upon the decease of a nominee

iii. 634

Surrender of a for years by a lessee to his land-
lord, by indorsement on the lease

iii. 637

Form of powers of determining

iii. 60

Mortgage of

LEASE FOR LIVES. Mortgage of

Mortgagee cannot compel the mortgagor to renew,
but he may renew himself

Conveyance from a vendor to a purchaser

Covenant in mortgages of, not to determine leases
Mortgage of

Mortgage of by indorsement


the same is devisable to ene for life with re-
mainder over

[blocks in formation]
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