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I sing of victory, from the deep
Of broken years and sore defeat;
From out the bitter fires of pain
I chant the victor's conquering strain,
For he who seeks to win the prize
Must hope till even courage dies;
And trust, though beaten to the dust,
That Truth will win when hope is lost.
This, then, is Victory to know,
Though crushed beneath the foeman's blow,
That every throb of mortal woe
Brings God to face the conquering foe.


Oft, O God, our sky is overcast, and betimes the storm beats pitilessly upon us. Then it is we learn the sources of our inner security, and find with the Psalmist, that the Lord God is our sun and shield. As we go forth this day from the sweet shelter of our fireside to unknown vicissitudes, be Thou, O Father, our Companion. May we have in Thee the charm and cheer of home, whithersoever we go. Break through all our clouds with the heavenly shining of Thy face; and when day is done, may we be gathered around the evening lamp, a united, contented, happy family. Amen.


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All the others can sing,he dolefully said,

All the others can sing,said he.
So he sat and drooped. But as far and wide
The music was borne on the air's warm tide,
A sudden thought came to the sad little bird,
And he lifted his head as within him it stirred;
"If I cannot sing, I can listen !he cried,
Ho, ho, I can listen !he cried.


Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for music which comes with invisible fingers to weave its magic charm around the soul. We thank Thee for the songs and the singers of the world. Though we ourselves may not have the gift of song, still let us not lament, let us rather be glad that we may listen to the songs that others sing. Help us, O God, to be good listeners to the song of the wind among the trees, the song of the birds which makes the day glad, to all helpful human songs, to the songs of Mother earth, that so, the very listening may bring peace and hope. Amen.


'Tis a thorny way, said a pilgrim,

As he thought of his garments old;
See, the briers are sharp and cruel,

And scarce can I loose their hold!
And the vines are so closely tangled

And the path is so dark and drear
Oh, if I be lost in the forest,
There's no one to help or hear!

The pilgrim went his way
With scanty garments closely bound,

And lo, at close of day
His voice was heard, like whispered sound
Through leafy glades: This have I found:

Love led my feet to-day !
'Twas not a thorny way!


Thou who art ever mindful of the journeyings of Thy children toward the summit, we turn to Thee this morning hour in the confidence of love. Our burdens Thou wilt help us bear; the cares which beset us, Thou wilt help us to overcome and make of them blessings. Thou wilt wipe our tears away, turn our sadness into joy, steady our faltering steps and keep our consciences in harmony with Thy spirit. So, through the day to eventide, we trustfully, lovingly walk with Thee in the knowledge of the blessedness of Thy companionship and the benediction of Thy approving love. Amen.


All things are possible to him that believeth.

Mark 9:23.

I will this day try to live a simple, sincere, and serene life; repelling promptly every thought of discontent, anxiety, discouragement, impurity, and selfseeking; cultivating cheerfulness, magnanimity, charity, and the habit of holy silence, exercising economy in expenditure, carefulness in conversation, diligence in appointed service, fidelity to every trust, and a childlike trust in God.


Almighty God, strengthen our faith so that we may pray believing that with Thee all things are possible. Create within us clean hearts and renew a right spirit within us. Give us the strength that will enable us this day to live pure, happy, and cheerful lives. Guard our thoughts and words this day so that we may neither think impure thoughts nor utter unkind words. May we realize that all service rendered to our fellow-men is service unto Thee. Amen.


He did a deed, a gracious deed
He ministered to men in need;
He bound a wound, he spoke a word
That God and every angel heard.

He did a deed, a loving deed
Oh, souls that suffer and that bleed,
He did a deed, and on his way
A bird sang in his heart all day.


Heavenly Father, the day dawns and with the dawn comes opportunity. Responsible we are, and therefore accountable. As Thy servants, we look up unto Thee that our strength may be renewed. O grant that we may not let this day pass without rendering some service to our fellow-men. Help us to have faces reflecting the sunlight, songs that will banish care, words that will cheer the despondent. Help us perform some loving deed that shall be a reminder of Him who “went about doing good.” Let us crave no greater task than to do the "little things” as unto Him. Thus we shall cast shadows of blessing, and the end shall be eternal calm. Amen.


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