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v. 304

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Vol. Page.

Covenant that retiring partner has not disposed of
his share

vi. 346
Nor incumbered the copartnership stock

Nor will release or incumber the same

That he will execute further assurances

vi. 347
And permit his name to be used

That retiring party will not solicit customers, nor

set np the same trade within a certain distance vi. 348
That continuing partner will pay debts, and in-

That he will pay the instalments secured to the re-
tiring partner

vi. 350
And produce receipts for the debts paid

DISTRESS, Power of, against the lessor in an under-

Power of in annuity deeds, and observations on the

effect of
DOWER.. A bargain and sale inrolled, cannot be
made to the use of a trustee to prevent dower

i. 121 n. 18
Order of naming the parties in a bargain and sale
or a year where the release contains a trustee to

i. 147
Dower of the wife in freehold and copyhold lands,
and how bound

i. 257, 260
Conveyance by a vendor to a purchaser, and his

trustee for preventing dower, with variations in
the form

i. 515
By a man and wife to a purchaser and trustee to pre-
vent dower

i. 320
The various limitations to prevent dlower

i. 522
Dower in London may be barred by bargain and sale
enrolled in the court of hustings

ji. 8
The assigninent of an outstanding term, not to he
relied on as a preventive of dower

The wife is entitled to dower only out of estates of

inheritance, and not out of descendible to free-
hold leases

ii. 473
The settleinent of freehold lands on wife, will be

a bar of dower, though she be an infant vi. 370
But not so as to copy holds,

Jointure will bar dower

vi. 411
Declaration that settlement shall be in lieu of

vi. 572
Not to be adeemned in bar of dower


preveut dower

ECCLESIASTICAL PERSONS. Leases from under the

stat. 32 Hen. 8. c. 28. binding on successors iji. 398, 400
Form of leases from

iii, 398

Vol. Page.

ENFEOFF is the technical and operative word in a deed
of feoffment

i. 94
ENTAIL how harred

i. 214
Equitable estajes tail, freehold or copy hold, how

i. 214, 215
ENTRY, until actual, a lessee has only a right of pos-

jii. 60
A right of entry is incidental to lands excepted i. 263
EQUITY OF REDEMPTION of freehold, conveyance of
to a purchaser

i. 349
Mode of conveying it, observations on

In copyholds will pass by release alone, without sur-

When the mortgagee is the purchaser thereof i. 350
Conveyance of by indorsement
Conveyance of by deed poll

Mortgage of

iv. 291
Not subject to dower

But is subject to the curtesy

Mortgage of not an eligible security, unless the

mortgagee can get in an outstanding term, or

Mortyeye of in leaseholds
ESTOVERS allowed by law for repairs

iii. 269
heyocation of

iii. 278
ERRORS of description of premises in an agreement,

may be stipulated not to vacate the contract i. 17
E contra that they shall

i. 18


v. 12:2

EXCEPTIONS in deeds where necessary

i. 165
EXCEPTION of timber

nii. 243, 262, 304, 464
Of watercourses

iii. 59, 202

iii. 202
Of a railway

ii. 305
Of Easter offerings

iii. 291
ii. 304

Of ways.

Of fire clay

EXECUTION OF DEEDS, practical directions thereon i. 188
EXECUTORS may sell specific property to pay debts,

and the purchaser will be protected, unless he has
had notice that the debts, &c. have been wholly

ii, 685
If not beneficially interested, they ought only to

covenant that they have done no act to incuin-

ii. 691
Should be named in an agreement for the sale of a
real estate as well as heirs

i. 5 n.

Vol. Pabe.

Uunder what circumstances they may be required

to enter into covenants for the title, though not
generalls bound to covenant, other than that
they have not incumbered

i. 9 n. 12
The grantor need not covenant to and with the

executors and administrators of the grantee,
as well as his heirs and assigns

i. 174
May grant leases

ili. 558
Forin of lease from

Form of lease to

iii. 593
Executors, when it is uncertain whether debts are

paid, should, as well as specific legatees, be made

EXPENCES of completing a purchase, by whom to be

i. ll n. 15

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FAIRS AND MARKETS, how grantable primarily i. 433 n. I
Form of the grant of to a purchaser

i. 433
May be held any where except in church yards,
where no particular place is limited

i. 435
At what times to be holden

i. 436
A court of pie poudre incident thereto

i. 437
The grautor has a right to appoint a clerk of the

FARM. Lease of

iii. 261
FEE-FARM RENT. Agreement for purchase of i. 69
FEOFFMENT, conveyance of freehold premises by i. 91

Will vest the inheritance in the purchaser, though

no consideration is expressed, and be good
against the grantor, and all others, except cre-

i, 93, 94 n.
FEME COVERT may with the consent of her husband,

dispose by will of the whole or any part of her
personal estate if twelve years of age

i. 845
Also without such consent, as if she were a fenie

sole, if there was an agreement before marriage ib.
And she may exercise a similar power over real

estates given to her, whether before or after mar-

And it seems she may exercise a power of appoint-
ment by a testamentary

paper, notwithstand-
ing her coverture

As also of property which she holds en autre droit,
as executrix, or the like

vi. 849
See also, Dower, Fines, Settlements, and Wills.


FINES, at whose expence to be

i. 11 n. 15
Form of a tine sur conuzance de droit comme ceo,&c. i. 106
Different parts of a fine

i. 106 n. 2
All persons (except the king and aggregate corpo-

rations, and except femes covert, without their
husbands), may convey by tive

i. 106 n. 3
Of what species of property a fine may be levied

i. 107, n. 5. 113, n. 6
One concord sufficient for lands in different coun-

ties, but several writs of covenant necessary, and

the practice now is to have several concords ib. and 112
Deed declaring the uses of a fine

i. 111
No consideration necessary to give effect to a fine

i. 110 n. 17. 113 n. 7
But if levied without consideration, or a deed to de-

clare the use, it comes back to the conusor, as

of his preceding estate ib. and 111, n. 1, 115, n. 10
And to protect creditors, it is necessary that there

should be a consideration, and so expressed in
the deed

i. 113 n.7
In what courts fines inay be levied

i. 112
Over what lands such courts have jurisdiction i. 112 n. 5
Variance between the fine aud deed to lead the uses,
and effect thereof

i. 112 in n. 1.
Proclainations necessary on fines to bar an enteil or

operate as an estoppel i. 113 n. 6, ib. 214, 220
May be levied of rent charges

i. 421
Where the lands lie in different counties, there
must be several writs of covenant

ii. 8
Expence of fines to bar dower, and other incum-

brances must be at the expence of the vendor ii. 8
Death of the parties before the return of the writ of
covenant abates the proceedings

ii. 9
If the fine acknowledged before the suing out of

the writ, it will be good, notwithstanding death
of parties

ji. 10
And the fine should be acknowledged, and the
king's silver paid, before the completion of the

What courts have jurisdiction herein

In ancient demesne

ii. 11
Proclamation of necessary

Declaration of the uses of

ii. 12
What fine

proper to bar the wife's estate in a re-
mainder or reversion

iv. 279
Præcipe for

iv. 25

Deed, declaring the uses of

i. 111. iv. 29
Sur concessit necessary when the wife is entitled
to a descendible freehold our lives

ii. 473
FIRE. Clause to vacate an agreement for a lease, in case of iii. 10

Provision for abatement of rent in case of iii. 63
Covenant to rebuild by lessor in case of

iii. 76


Vol. Page, FIXTURES. Assignment of

ji. 533 What may be removed and when

ii. 74 Memorandum of delivery if necessary, when the sale is absolute

ibi But not where it is by way of mortgage

57 FORFEITURE OF LEASE for non-payment of rent,

not available, uuless demanded at the day ii. 77 FRANCHISE. Grant of

i. 433 FREEBENCH, what it is, and how prevented i. 257, 260 FUNDS. Settlement of monies in

vi. 521 There should be three trustees for monies in the funds, and why

ib. There must be two witnesses to a will of

vi. 819

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FURNITURE. Assignment of

ii. 533


GAZETTE. Notices in the Gazette or other papers are

not conclusive, as to the dissolution of a co-
partnership, upon the creditors of the firm, un-
less it be proved that such papers were seen and
read by them

vi. 251
But such notices are conclusive to strangers who
had no notice of the co-partnership

ib. GENERAL WORDS in a deed of feoffment

i. 95 Bargain and sale inrolled

i. 119 Appointment

i. 137 Observations on

i, 163, 164 Correspondent with a house and land

i. 164 With a manor

ib. A share in the New River water-works

i. 165 General appurtenances

i. 285 GIVE. The word give imports a warranty

i. 94 GLEBE. Agreement respecting rent and tithes iii. 53 Lease of

iii. 290 GRANT. The word grant is used for passing hereditaments incapable of livery of seizin

i. 94 GRANT AND RELEASE in a deed of appointment i. 135 GRANT of the next presentation to a church, form of i. 384 Of a way or right of passage to a purchaser, form of

i, 412

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