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The Secretary read a letter from Mr. Granville C. Cunningham, First Vice-President, under date of October 8, tendering his resignation of such office, as follows:


MONTREAL, October 8, 1896. T. C. PENINGTON, Esq.,

SEC. AND TREAS, A. S. R. A., Dear Sir :--I have your letter of the 21st September, in regard to accounts for services rendered here by Messrs. Jackson & Watts during the meeting of the Convention in this city last year, and transmitting me a copy of a resolution that has been passed by the Executive Committee.

In the long letter that I wrote to Mr. Littell, on the 19th December last, I explained the situation, as I thought, very fully, and I do not know that I can make this explanation clearer. I certainly do not think that I in any way exceeded the authority given me by the Committee.

Under these circumstances I beg to inform you that I resign the position of First Vice-President of the American Street Railway Association, and request you to lay this resignation before the Executive Commitiee.

Yours truly,

Manager and Chief Engineer. On motion of Mr. Markle the resignation was accepted.

Mr. Markle moved that Mr. Robert McCulloch, of St. Louis, be elected First Vice-President. Carried. The Secretary then read the following letter :


MONTREAL, October 8, 1896. T. C. PENINGTON, Esq.,

Sec. AND TREAS., A. S. R. A., Dear Sir:--At a meeting of the Board of Directors of this Company held this day, it was decided that this Company should withdraw from membership in the American Street Railway Association, and I beg you to consider this as the Company's notice of resignation of membership, to take effect at once.

Yours truly,

Secretary. The Secretary read a letter from Mr. Frederic Nicholls, President of the National Electric Light Association, stating that he had appointed Mr. W. S. Barstow, of Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. Charles E. Scott, of Bristol, Pa., and Mr. Henry Clay, of Philadelphia, Pa., a committee of three to confer with a committee of three from the American Street Railway Association upon the consolidation of the two organizations.

Mr. McCulloch moved that President Littell be one of the members of such committee representing the American Street Railway Association, and that the two other members be selected by him from places convenient to New York and Philadelphia, in order to ensure their attendance at the meeting for conference, and to save the expense of traveling long distances. Carried.


Mr. Markle moved that there shall be issued two banquet tickets to each member-company of the Association where there are two or more official representatives, and where there is only one such representative only one ticket shall be issued; and where a company is not represented no banquet ticket shall be issued on account of such company. Seconded by Mr. McCulloch. Carried.

Mr. Markle moved that the sessions of the meeting at St. Louis, with the exception of the first, be executive sessions; that none but delegates be admitted to the meetings, and that the Secretary give out such information to the press as may be proper in his judgment.

On motion, adjourned until 4:00 p. m.
Reconvened at 4:00 p. m.
Minutes of morning session read and approved.

On motion of Mr. Kelly, seconded by Mr. McCulloch, it was resolved that the outstanding indebtedness claimed by Mr. Stonewall Jackson, $121.80, and Mr. M. H. Watts, of Montreal, $50.00, be paid; and the Treasurer is hereby authorized to send checks for the respective amounts.

On motion, adjourned.

Following is a statement of the membership to October 15, 1896 :



October 15, 1895, Members ......

St. Louis & Suburban Ry. Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Omaha & Council Bluffs Ry. & Bridge Co., Council Bluffs, Ia.
Union Traction Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Findlay Street Railway Co., Findlay, Ohio.




People's Passenger Railway Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Electric Traction Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Brooklyn, Queens County & Suburban R. R. Co., Brooklyn. 3
Montreal Street Railway Co., Montreal.


Sandusky Street Railroad Co., Sandusky, Ohio.
Hoosac Valley St. Ry. Co., North Adams, Mass.
Central Crosstown R. R. Co., New York City.
Central Railway Co., Peoria, Ill.
Colorado Springs R. T. Co., Colorado Springs, Col.
McKeesport & Reynoldstown Pass. Ry. Co., McKeesport,

Paterson Central Electric Ry. Co., Paterson, N. J.

Canton-Massillon Electric Ry. Co., Canton, Ohio.
Metropolitan Railway Co., Washington, D. C.
Citizens' Electric St. Ry. Co., Mansfeld, 0.
Columbia Electric Street Ry. Co., Columbia, S. C.
Atlanta Traction Co., Aulanta, Ga.
Miami Valley Ry. Co., Piqua, Ohio.


160 At the beginning of the year we found the Association about 36,000.00 in debt. Through the generosity of the members in subscribing to cancel this, and with rigid economy in the administration of the affairs of the Association during the past year, we are now virtually out of debt (a few small disputed bills remaining unpaid), and have the sum of $1,765. turn over to our successors.

In this connection we take pleasure in calling the attention of the members of the Association to the efficient and economical administration of the Secretary's office during the year.

The Committee is pleased to announce that, with the amount received from the exhibit at St. Louis and the annual dues for the year 1896-7, the incoming Executive Committee will have at its disposal about $6,500.00, after paying all expenses at St. Louis. It is believed that with this amount it will be possible, without any amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws, for the Executive Committee to enlarge the scope of the work of the Association; and it is contemplated that a monthly bulletin shall be issued, containing information of value to the members.

We have to thank the Local Committee at St. Louis for their hard work in relieving us of all local matters, and their splendid efforts in furnishing the Association with a place of meeting and ball for exhibits, and in arranging an elaborate programme for our entertainment during the meeting in their city. Respectfully submitted,


Mr. Hamilton, St. Louis: I move that the report of the Executive Committee be received, approved and spread upon the minutes, and that the recommendations therein contained be concurred in; that this Association hereby expresses its appreciation of the able manner in which the affairs of the Association have been conducted during the past year, and its thanks are hereby extended to its officers for their very efficient services in its behalf. Carried.

The President: The report of the Secretary and Treasurer is the next business.


Mr. Penington read the report as follows: To THE AMERICAN STREET RAILWAY ASSOCIATION,

Gentlemen :-Your Secretary and Treasurer respectfully submits the following report :

[blocks in formation]


York Street Railway Co., York, Pa.....
Eckington & Soldiers' Home Ry. Co., Washington.....
*Toledo Ele ric Street Ry. Co., Toledo, O....
Duquesne Traction Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.....
Lackawanna Valley Ry. T. Co., Carbondale, Pa...
City Electric Ry. Co., Port Huron, Mich...
Allegheny Traction Co., Pittsburgh, Pa...
Quincy & Boston St. Ry. Co., Quincy, Mass.
Dubuque St. Ry. Co., Dubuque, la..

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*Reading Traction Co., Reading, Pa....


$ 100 00

[blocks in formation]

In addition to the amount subscribed at Montreal the following members have paid, viz.: Metropolitan St. Ry. Co., Kansas City, Mo..... $175 00 Ft. Wayne & Belle Isle Ry. Co., Detroit, Mich..... 25 00 Lowell, Lawrence & Haverhill St. Ry. Co., Lawrence, Mass.

25 00

* l'aid since report was made up.

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