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The Brooklyn Maternity and New York State School for Training Nurses, writes: “The old buildings are just sold; new and more extensive ones will be erected this year.”

The Ward Island Hospital, New York City, has opened a large training-school for nurses, which is doing most excellent work.

The Faxton Hospital, at Utica, N. Y., has been making very extensive alterations and repairs, so that it is at the present time in most excellent working order.

The Hahnemann Hospital, of New York City, is about adding a large maternity building to its present building, and plans have already been submitted for it, and it is expected that work will be commenced upon it in a very short time.

From Hahnemann Hospital, of Chicago, we learn that a new hospital is in process of erection at a cost of $100,000.

The Protestant Hospital, of Toledo, Ohio, reports: “We expect to open our new building very soon, worth $5000, with 100 beds and a Training-School for Nurses."

We also have a report from the Central Homeopathic Dispensary, of Brooklyn, that they are about to purchase grounds and erect upon it a fine, large building which will give to them increased facilities for carrying on their good work.

We here desire to correct a mistake which was unintentionally made by us in our report to the American Institute of Homeopathy last year. In speaking of the Glenmary, at Owego, N. Y., we reported it closed, while the fact was, it was alive and doing better work than ever before. We have a report from it this year.

Several new Homeopathic journals have been born during the past year and they seem to be well started upon their pilgrim life; we wish them all the success that they deserve.

There are at the present time in the United States three National Homeopathic Societies, one Sectional Homeopathic Society, 30 State and 83 Local Homeopathic Medical Societies and 30 Homoeopathic Medical Clubs.

We have reports from all of the National and Sectional Societies, and from 25 State Societies, 64 Local Societies, and 29 Medical Clubs.

We have been unable to obtain any reports from the following Societies and Clubs, viz. :

Alabama Homeopathic State Medical Society.

Homeopathic Medical Society of Delaware and the Peninsula.
Florida Homeopathic Medical Society.
Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society.
Homeopathic Medical Society, State of Michigan.
Alameda County Homeopathic Medical Society, California.

Homeopathic Clinical Society of Maryland and District of Columbia, Washington Branch.

Clinical Society of Hahnemann Hospital, of Chicago.
Maryland Academy of Medicine.
St. Paul and Minneapolis Academy of Homeopathic Medicine.
Hahnemann Society of Kansas City Homeopathic Medical College.
Central New York Homeopathic Medical Society.

Columbia and Greene Counties, N. Y., Homeopathic Medical Society.

Homeopathic Medical Society of Western New York.
Medical Society of Northern New York.
Onondaga County, N. Y., Homæpathic Medical Society.
Seneca County, N. Y., Homeopathic Medical Society.
Southern Tier, N. Y., Homeopathic Medical Society.
Homeopathic Medical Society of Northern Pennsylvania.
Syracuse, N. Y., Hahnemann Club.

There are in the United States at the present time so far as we have been able to ascertain, 43 general and 45 special Homeopathic hospitals; from these we have received reports from 38 general and 35 special Homeopathic hospitals; these 73 hospitals report a capacity of 6047 beds; during the past year they have treated 39,373 patients; of these 29,637 have been cured, 4154 bave been relieved, 1029 have not been relieved, 1422 have died; the death-rate has been 3.60 per cent.; there are remaining in the hospitals 3136 patients at the present time.

We have been unable to obtain any reports from the following hospitals, viz. :

Homeopathic Hospital, of Delaware.
City Hospital, Wichita, Kansas.
Kansas City Homøopathic Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.
Good Samaritan Hospital and Asylum, of St. Louis.
Brookside Retreat, Plainfield, N. J.
Denver Sanitarium, Denver, Col.
Baptist Hospital, Chicago.

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Chicago Nursery, and Half Orphan Asylum.
Kansas Surgical Hospital, Topeka, Kansas.
Church Home for Babies, Minneapolis.
Washburne Orphan Asylum, Minneapolis.
St. Martha’s Sanitarium, Broðklyn, N. Y.
Baptist Home for the Aged, New York.
Milwaukee Orphan Asylum, Milwaukee.

There are 52 Homeopathic Dispensaries in the United States ; of these we have received reports from 45, showing that these have treated during the past year 160,211 patients, and that 466,202 prescriptions have been made during that time; these dispensaries have also made 38,080 outside visits.

There have been no reports received from the following dispensaries, viz. :

Samaritan Mission and Free Dispensary of Kansas City, Kan.
Homeopathic Dispensary and Hospital, of Baltimore City.
Worcester Homeopathic Dispensary Association, Worcester, Mass.
West Side Homeopathic Dispensary, New York City,
Syracuse Homeopathic Free Dispensary, Syracuse, N. Y.
Good Samaritan Homeopathic Dispensary, Cleveland, Ohio.
Medical and Surgical Hospital and Dispensary, of Reading, Pa.

We hope to be able to procure statistics from a majority of these, if not from all of them in time to print them in the TRANSACTIONS it is not our fault that we have not received them, as we have sent repeated requests to the officers of these institutions and societies urging them to supply us with what we needed, but all to no purpose thus far.

There are 27 Homeopathic journals published in the United States, three of which are not yet a year old.

There are in the United States 20 Homeopathic Medical Colleges. All of which is respectfully submitted.


Chairman Bureau of 0., R. and S.



was presented by its Chairman, Dr. Winthrop T. Talbot, of Boston, Mass. Accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication.

* This report has not been received. -GENERAL SECRETARY.


SOCIETIES being in order, the General Secretary called attention to the rule adopted last year for the government of these reports. He read from a letter, suggestions he had sent to the delegates, so far as he had been able to learn their names, recommending that their reports should include the following items :

1st. New Legislation affecting favorably or unfavorably the rights or privileges of Homeopathists.

2d. New societies formed during the last year.

3d. Appropriations, donations and legacies to Homeopathic hospitals and other institutions. Improvements or additions to existing hospitals. New hospitals established.

4th. Homeopathic appointments to governmental positions.

5th. Names of towns in the State, in which Homeopathic physicians are greatly needed. 6th. Any other events of unusual professional interest.

. Reports were then presented from New Jersey by Dr. T. Y. Kinne; and from Alabama, by Dr. A. M. Duffield. (See “Reports of Delegates.”)

The room in which the Institute was in session had been gradually filling up until, at this time, a large number of physicians were compelled to stand, and a buzz of conversation outside the door rendered it difficult to hear the reports as they were being presented. Dr. J. P. Dake of Nashville, Tenn., therefore moved that the further consideration of this subject be deferred until to-morrow morning wben the Institute would assemble in a more comm

amodious apartment. This motion was adopted.

Secretary Dudley then asked for instructions relative to the printing of the Daily Roster, as required by a resolution adopted last year. He stated that Gross & Delbridge, publishers of the Medical Century, had offered to print it in the pages of their journal, which would be on sale during the session at ten cents per copy, or they would make a reprint from their pages for the use of the Institute. The cost in the former case would be merely the cost of composition, and in the latter case the cost of composition together with the cost of paper, presswork, etc. The secretary desired to know if the Institute wished to give him specific instructions in relation to the question.

A discussion followed, participated in by Drs. T. G. Comstock, B. W. James, I. T. Talbot, C. E. Fisher and the Secretary. Dr. H. C. Allen then moved, and the Institute by vote ordered, that a reprint be issued, the number of copies to be as required under the original resolution, and to be distributed gratis to those in attendance.

THE COMMITTEE ON THE INSTITUTE BUTTON, Dr. Henry M. Smith, Chairman, reported that its duty had been attended to, and that buttons of silver or of copper could be procured on application to the treasurer. The report was accepted and the committee discharged.

The Committee on Medical Legislation was called on for thei report. Dr. Dake, of the Committee, responded that because of the absence, on account of indisposition, of the Chairman, Dr. F. H. Orme, of Atlanta, Ga., no report would be presented this year.

The Committee on Pharmacopoeia, Dr. J. P. Dake, chairman, requested that its report be deferred till a later period of the session and that a committee of three be appointed to assist the committee in adjusting some matters connected with its work. On motion, the request was granted, and Drs. T. Y. Kinne, O. S. Runnels and D. H. Beckwith were appointed the Special Committee.

The Committee on Publishing List of Graduates of Homeopathic Colleges in the TRANSACTIONS was called on for a report. Drs. O. S. Runnels and B. W. James stated that they thought the committee had finished its work and been discharged last year. The President, therefore, declared that such a report was not properly in the order of business, the committee having gone out of existence.

The Committee on Extending the Time Limit of the Institute Sessions, Dr. T. Y. Kinne, chairman, asked that its report be deferred and made the special order for 9 o'clock on Thursday morning, in order that the report might be made in harmony with that of the Committee on Revision of the By-Laws. Motion granting the request was offered and adopted.

The proposed amendment to the Constitution providing for the annual election of an Assistant Treasurer was, by vote, referred to the Committee on Revision of By-Laws.

The report of the Committee on Revision of the By-Laws was also postponed till Thursday morning.

President McClelland presented a communication, coming, he

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