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Governor Andross, being acquainted by Letter with this last Proposal of the Oneydoes, required the immediate Delivery of the Chriftian Prisoners, and promised to write to Virginia to have the Indian Prisoners saved. Some presents being given to to the Oneydoes, they answered,

"We Thank the Governor for his good “Inclination and Affection. Our Heart is good, and we see his Heart is likewise good; “if it was otherwise we could not live: We “thank the Governor for the Present now giv'n “us: It is his wellcome from England.

Father Corlaer, We are your Children, “and the Mohawks, your Brethren, are like“wise our Fathers. We rejoyce because your “Heartsare good. Since the Governor is “not satisfied with these three Prisoners, we “have now unanimously Resolved to bring “the other three which are still with us, as “ soon as possible; but the Rivers are now so “full of Water, that we cannot bring them this “Moon, but the next Moon, I, Swerille, pro“mise to come with them.

“We obey the Governor's Orders, that “we may not be ashamed, and therefore We “Release all the Prisoners. We hope the “Governor will likewise act so as he need “not be ashamed. “ We do not now say, that we will see our


“ Prisoners before we deliver the other Chri“ftians, but refer this Affair wholly to the “Governor's Wisdom, which, we hope, will “tend to our good and continued Wellfair. “And say again, That we will bring the three “ Christian Prisoners by the first opportunity of fair Weather.

“We likewise make known to our Father Corlaer, That in our Fury and Anger (after “ the People of the South had fallen upon us) “We took these fix Prisoners, and afterwards “four Scalps were brought by our People, “and no more.

“We speak as Oneydoes, for our selves. If " the Susquehana or Delaware Indians have “done any Mischief, let not that be impu“ted to us.

Eight of our People are now out against “the Christians, of which we told Aernout ."and Daniel when they were at our Castle. “They know nothing of what we have “now agree'd to, and therefore if they should “happen to do any harm, let it be passed “by, for they are entirely Ignorant of the Governor's Orders. If they shall do any “thing, we shall not keep it secret. If any of the Christian Prisoners shall dye before we bring them, we should be sorry; yet “they are Mortal.” Accordingly in May following the Oneydoes

brought brought the other three Prisoners to Albany. And on the 24th of that Month Swerisse made the following Speech, when he deliver'd them to the Commander at Albany, and the Commissioners for Indian Affairs.

Bretheren; “VVE are come to this place with much

V Trouble, as we did last Winter, “and renew the Request we then made, that ” six Indians be delivered to us in the room of “ the fix Christians, in case those of our People “who are Prisoners in Virginia be dead. None “of our Indians have gone out against the “ English since we were last here ; but we have “ told you that some of ours were then out, who “ were ignorant of the Governor's Orders, “and we desired that if they happen'd to “ do any harm, it might not be ill taken. Now “thirteen of our People who went against “our Indian Enemies, met with eighteen English on Horseback, as far from any of “the English Plantations as Cabnuaga (e) is “from Albany. They fir'd upon our Peo“ple; ours being Soldiers, return'd their “Fire and kill'd two Men and two Horses, “and brought away their Scalps.

“ It would be convenient that the Gover

“ nor

(e) The first Mohawk Castle.

left the Affair of were here

Toners who

“nor acquaint the People of Virginia, not to “ send their Men so far abroad, for if they “should happen to meet our Parties in their “way against our Enemies, the Cabnowas," “ whom the English call Arogisti, dangerous “ Consequences might follow.

“We have now submitted to the Gover“nor's Order, in bringing the three other “ Christian Prisoners. When we were here “last Winter, we left the Affair of our Pri“soners wholy to the Governor, and pro“mised to bring the three Chriftian Priso“ners that remain’d with us. This we have “now perform’d: But where are our Priso

ners, or if they be dead, the others in “their room, tho’ it be already so late in “the Spring: However, we still refer this “ to the Governor.

(Then taking the Christian Girl, who was a Prisoner, by the hand, said) “ This Girl " was deliver'd to an Indian Squa (e) here “present, who's Brother then was kill'd. “ If we had been full of Wrath, and not “afraid of further Inconveniencies, we would “have burnt her.

(Taking the Boy, another of the three, by the hand, said) “ This Boy was giv’n to an Indian here present, but he is now free.


( ) A Woman.

We have now perform’d our Promises, “and are not ashamed. We hope Corlaer, “who Governs the whole Country, will “ likewise do that of which he needeth not “ be ashamed.

Corlaer governs the whole Land, from New-York to Albany, and from thence to “the Sennekas Land; We who are his Sub“jects shall faithfully keep the Covenant “Chain: Let him perform his Promise, as “We have perform'd ours, that the Covenant “Chain be not broken on his side, who go“ verns the whole Country.

Corlaers Limits, as we have said, stretch “ so far ev'n to Jacob my Friend, or Jacob Young, and we have heard that Corl er is “in good Correspondence with Virginia and “ Maryland; Why is it then that our Peo“ple, who are Prisoners, are not restored ? “ Let what we now say be well observed, for we have observed the Governor's Or“ders.

Lastly (taking the Woman Prisoner by the hand, said) “This Woman was given “to that Indian, (pointing,) but is now free, “ being the sixth. If those of our People “who are Prisoners be Dead, let us have fix Indians in their room. It is not by my Au“thority that these Prisoners have been re“ leased, but by the good Will of them to


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