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more will it be in the moment when, as set in His glory, I shall know His ways, even as I am known ? Just in measure as I can really judge my ways in His presence now, the effect is adoration and praise. What will it be then? “We must all appear," rather,

we must all be manifested before the judgment-seat of Christ," and special grace there is in this manifestation. I ask, “How do we get there ?" As fashioned like unto His glorious body. Shall I be afraid then ? Why we shall all be conformed to the image of His Son. To this we are predestinated. There is that which is prepared for Paul, which I shall not have; but each will have his own.

Perhaps there are things we would withhold from Him ; some little bit of self we would keep back; no outward evil, but something in my heart which I am sparing-something which is not Christ in me.

Ah! we must be manifested.

All is grace; but the present effect of it is to manifest the con

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science nou.


CHAPTER I. The creation of the heavens and the earth. The condition of chaos of the earth. The formation of the habitable world, the sphere of man's responsibility, by the word of God, in the work of six

of six days. (1.) Light manifested, and divided from darkness, forming day and night. (2.) The atmospheric heaven.

(3.) Thé gathering together of the waters in seas; the appearing of the dry land, earth: the earth made fruitful in grass, in herb yielding seed, and fruit-tree with seed in itself. (4.) The heavenly luminaries—sun and moon for the divisions of time, and to give light upon earth; the stars also. (5.) The creation of the first living creatures of the waters; and of fowl, to fly in the heavens. (6.) The earth brings forth the beasts of the earth, and creeping things. The divine council to make VOL. XIX.



man: man's creation, in the image and likeness of God, male and female, and given place of lordship over all other creatures of the sea and earth. The appointment of food, the herb bearing seed and fruit-tree for man, green herb for all other creatures.

CHAPTER II. The rest of God the seventh day, when His work was done. The manner of man's creation of the dust of the ground, with the breath of life of the Lord God: his relationship with the Lord God, with all subordinate creation, and with his wife. The garden of Eden, and the river thereof: the central tree of life, and that of responsibility ; the latter forbidden to man, with the penalty of death on disobedience. The woman's creation of the rib taken from the man, and the institution of marriage.

CHAPTER III. The serpent's subtlety. Sin enters into the world : the woman, deceived, lusts, and comes into transgression.

The pre

Adam hearkens to his wife and transgresses.

Their efforts to hide their nakedness. Conscience awakes to fear in the presence of God, and drives from Him, who comes to seek the lost. Adam seeks to justify himself. The judgment of the serpent, and in that the woman's seed announced, and victory over him, the only hope for

ruined man. sent governmental consequences on earth of sin—to the woman, sorrow in conception, and subjection to her husband; to the man, curse upon the ground, sorrow and toil in partaking of its fruits, and death.

Adam gives Eve her name, according to the announcement of her seed, as mother of all living. God clothes them with skins of slain animals. The tree of life debarred to fallen man, driven out from Eden, lest he should eat and perpetuate his ruin : Cherubim with flaming sword bar the way of it.

The birth and pursuits of Cain and

Abel. Cain seeks access to God by an offering of fruits of the ground that God had cursed, and is rejected. Abel's faith finds it by the sacrifice of the firstlings of his flock, and the fat thereof. Cain hates and slays his righteous brother, and becomes, under the judgment of God, a fugitive and vagabond upon earth, but with a mark of the Lord upon him that his life should be preserved. The world takes shape in Cain, gone out from the presence of the Lord, and his race (Chanoch “instructed"), with its cities, or pastoral life, music, and manufactures. Seth is born to Eve, and in the days of her son, (Enosh, “frail," “mortal man") men began to call on the name of the Lord.

CHAPTER V. The race of “the Adam” (male and female), traced from Seth, begotten in his (fallen) likeness and image to Noah's sons. The reign of death ; but broken in upon in Enoch, who walked with God, and was translated that he should not see death.

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