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Falls, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1891. He was a manufacturer for many years at Little Falls. He married April 19, 1843, Amanda (Piatt) Durham, widow of George Sprague Durham and daughter of Israel and Charlotte (Stannard) Piatt, born March 3, 1817.

Edward," b. Jany. 25, 1844; d. Oct. 1847.
Frances, b. July 28, 1845; d. Nov. 1847.
Charles, b. Aug. 21, 1848; m. Nov. 5, 1875, Sarah

B. Richmond. 951* iv. Mary Jackson, b. Feb. 11, 1850; d. April 24, 1899;

m. Aug. 5, 1869, Rev. William Addison Benedict.


Harriet7 King, (Perkins,6 Amos,'' Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Freehold, N. Y., April 27, 1819; died in Cairo, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1895; married as his second wife, Capt. Matthew Sayre of Cairo N. Y., whom she survived some years. For many years she was President of the Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society of Cairo. During her long illness she was carefully and tenderly nursed by her sister Miss Mary King who lived with her. No issue.


Charles Jackson7 King, (Perkins, Amos? Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Freehold, Greene Co., N. Y., Jany. 9, 1825; died in Norwich, Conn., Oct. 16, 1904; married in Alburg Springs, Vt., May 7, 1851, Charlotte Emily Ransom, born May 5, 1828; died in Norwich, Conn., July 4, 1900. His father, Hon. Perkins King, was County Judge twentyfour years; a member of Assembly for two terms; and Congressman in 1830. His mother, Polly Jackson, was a daughter of Gen. Giles Jackson, who was chief of staff for General Gates and drew up the Articles of Capitulation signed by General Burgone after his defeat at the battle of Saratoga.

Mr. King was a graduate of Union College in the Class of 1846 and a Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Upsilon man. After graduating he studied law at Cortland, New York, and practiced at Ogdensburg for a term of years. Because of impaired health he abandoned his profession and entered the woolen manufacturing business with his brother, Amos King, at Watertown, N. Y. Their mill was burned in 1859, when they went to Norwich, Conn., and continued their business there in two different mills, the last of which was destroyed by flood and with it his capital swept away. For a few years he was treasurer of a manufacturing business in Barnet, Vt., and there he was again burned out. For the last twenty-five years of his business life he was engaged in a wholesale and retail grain business at Norwich, Conn., which his failing health forced him to abandon in 1897.

He was- especially prominent in his Christian life and character, as well as a great lover of the highest culture and literature. His knowledge along these lines was abundant and his acquaintance with poetry was extensive. He served several terms on the Society Committee of his church and was deacon of it, the Second Congregational Church of Norwich, Conn., from Jan. 1, 1876 to Jan. 27, 1901. His character and experience are well and fitly expressed in his own words: "With Him, who knows us through and through, faithful endeavor is more than success, or rather is success." Issue:

952 i. Charles Ransom,8 b. March 9, 1852; d. Aug 11, 1874. Unmarried. He entered Dartmouth College which he was attending, when he was drowned. 953* ii. Emily Reynolds, b. June 24, 1857; m. June 1, 1881, Nathan A. Gibbs.


George' King, (D'Alanson* Amos,6 Benjamin* Benjamin," James,2 William1), born in Freehold, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1817; died in Raisenville, Monroe Co., Mich., June 2, 1890; married April 9, 1848, Delia Maria Day; born in Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y., June 29, 1820; died in Toledo, O., Aug. 29, 1897. Farmer. Issue:

954* i. Edgar Day8, b. Jany. 10, 1849; m- Feb. 19, 1878, Mary Esther Atkinson.

955* ii. Katherine, b. Nov. 6, 1850; m. April 4, 1877,

Charles Hughes Atkinson. 956* iii. Georgia Anna, b. Sept. 2, 1852; m. June 1, 1876,

Edward Blackfin Atkinson. 957* iv. Laura Bagley, b. March 7, 1855; m. (1), Dec. 11,

1879, David K. Longley; (2), Oct. 15, 1891,

Joseph Mellow. 958* v. John Bagley, b. Aug. 4. 1857; m. Feb. 26, 1890,

Mary Altha Ackley. 959* vi. George, b. March 30, i860; m. Oct. 16, 1884, Lucy

Viola Mills.


Rebecca Jeffries7 King, (D'Alanson* Amos? Benjamin, Benjamin,3 James,- William1), born in Freehold, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1818; died in Cairo, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1899; married Aug. 1, 1850, Jason Stevens, born Dec. 3, 1813; died March 8, 1901. The grandfather of Jason Stevens was Gersham Stevens a major in the American Army during the War of the Revolution. When but twenty-two years of age Jason Stevens went to Cairo, N. Y., and embarked as a merchant there in April, 1835, and gradually built up a very large and prosperous business having the largest and best stocked store in Cairo. In 1862 his store was destroyed by fire but he immediately purchased another building and lot which was occupied by him as a store up to the time of his death. His son Mr. D'Alanson King Stevens assisted him in the business and succeeding to the same, still continues the business. His younger son Dr. William Stevens is a physician practicing his profession at New York City.

Mrs. Rebecca Jeffries (King) Stevens was for more than forty years the Treasurer of the Cairo Ladies Aid Society. Mr. D'Alanson King Stevens has rendered great assistance to the compiler of this genealogy in tracing out the lineage of several branches of the King family. Issue:

i. D'alanson King9 Stevens, h. July 3, 1851. Un-
married. Residence Cairo, Greene Co., N. Y.,
where he conducts a large store,
ii. William Stevens, M. D., b. May 5, 1853; m. Grace
Lillian Stevens, daughter D. Tompkins Stevens.

Residence 70 W. Forty-second St., New York City. No issue, iii. Caroline King Stevens, b. Nov. 21, 1857; d. Dec. 3, i860.


Rev. Rufus7 King, (D'AIanson? Amos? Benjamin* Benjamin,1' James,2 William,1) born in Greenville, N. Y., April 13, 1821; died Jany. 14, 1901; married, 1854, Abbey B. Bagley. Rev. Rufus King was for many years Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Cairo, N. Y. Issue: 960* i. Margaret Allen,8 b. July 15, 1868; m. Oct. 6,

1896, Rev. Henry C. Cussler. 961 ii. Elizabeth Whittier, b. ;1874; d. Oct. 25, 1878.

• 576

Olive Smith7 King, {D'Alanson? Amos? Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Greenville, N. Y., Jany. 2, 1825; married Sept. 11, 1850, William Waite Rider, who died March 30, 1890. Mrs. Rider resides at Catskill, Greene Co., N. Y. Issue:

i. Nathaniel8 Rider, b. Dec. 23, 1856; d. May 26,

1852. ii. James Rider, b. Nov. 2, 1854; m. June —, 1896, Emily Hunter. No issue. Res. Tivoli, Dutchess Co., N. Y. iii. Sarah Elizabeth Rider, June 16, 1857; m- Oct. 14, 1880, De Leonard Rugg. Res. Catskill, N. Y. Issue:

1 Daughter,8 b. Nov. 2, 1881; d. Nov. 5, 1881.

2 Francis Rider Rugg, b. March 9, 1886.

3 William Waite Rugg, b. Nov. 27, 1889.

iv. William Waite8 Rider, b. Jany. 14, 1859. Unmarried. Brick manufacturer. Res. Catskill, N. Y.


Leicester7 King, {Jonah? Jonah? Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Stratford, Conn., Sept. 5, 1801; died; married July 19, 1835, Betsey Wetherby of Hollis, N. H. Her mother was Salome (Bancroft) Wetherby, daughter of Thomas8 Bancroft (Edward,5 Thomas,4 Ephraim,8 John,1 John1) of East Windsor, Conn.


Julius7 King, (Jonah? Jonah? Benjamin, Benjamin, James?

William1), born in Suffield, Conn., Nov. 16, 1804; died;

married March 24, 1829, Emily Adams.


962 i. Hespen J.,8 b. 1832; d. New Brunswick, N. J., Dec.

23, 1886; m. Dec. 29, 1858 Helen M. Pomeroy.

963 ii. Jane E. b. .


Israel Spencer' King, (Micah, Micah? Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Longmeadow, Mass., Feb. 1, 1797; died in Enfield, Oct. 4, 1861; married in Enfield, Nov. 24, 1825, Susan Prior, who died June, 1855. Issue: 964* i. Rudolphus Spencer,8 b. Jany. 1, 1827; m. Harriet

965* ii. Aurelia Susan, b. March 30, 1830; m. Aug. 1,

1861, Erastus Olmstead. 966* iii. Elizabeth Sarah, b. Dec. 3, 1834; d. April 16, 1875;

m. April, i860, Thomas A. Turner.

967 iv. Erastus Sprague, b. May 18, 1837. Moved to


968 v. Mary Sabina, b. Oct. 1840: d. April 6, 1841.

969 vi. Child, b. and d. Aug. 12, 1843.


Sarah7 King, (Micah? Micah? Benjamin? Benjamin? James? William1), born in Somers, Conn., Nov. 18, 1801; died Jany. 17, 1870; married Feby. 23, 1845, Melvin llronson of Hebron, Conn. No issue. She was buried beside her father and mother in the North Cemetery, Somers, Conn. The Bronson family still (1907) own and occupy the old homestead of Micah King in East Longmeadow, Mass.

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