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shall be classified in one of the following grades, in accordance with the appropriations made by the legislature for such purpose.

§ 42. Salaries for each grade. The annual salaries of employees for each grade shall not be to exceed the following: First grade, three hundred sixty dollars; second grade, four hundred eighty dollars; third grade, six hundred dollars; fourth grade, seven hundred twenty dollars; fifth grade, nine hundred dollars; sixth grade, twelve hundred dollars; seventh grade, fifteen hundred dollars; eighth grade, eighteen hundred dollars; ninth grade, twenty-one hundred dollars; tenth grade, twenty-four hundred dollars.

§ 43. Extra salary or compensation prohibited. No person holding a position or employed in any department, bureau, commission or office to which this article applies and for which a definite salary or compensation has been appropriated or designated, shall receive any extra salary or compensation in addition to that so fixed.

§ 44. Temporary service. All departments, bureaus, commissions or offices which have been granted an appropriation for temporary clerical service, may appoint in accordance with the provisions of this article employees in any of the grades hereto fore specified below the eighth grade, which employees shall be paid from the special appropriation made for such purpose, but from no other fund.

§ 45. Appointments and promotions. Original appointment to the position of clerk, bookkeeper, stenographer, copyist or messenger shall be made so far as practicable to the lowest grade established in the department, bureau, commission or office in which the appointment is made, and no position above such grade shall be filled by original appointment of a person not in the service, if there is employed in the same office or department in a similar position in a lower grade any person who is competent to perform the duties of the higher position who can be promoted. Pro motion shall be made by successive grades so far as practicable, and no person shall be promoted to a position in the higher grade who has not served at least six months in the next lower grade.

Laws Repealed; When to Take Effect
Section 60. Laws repealed.

61. When to take effect.
$ 60. Laws repealed. Of the laws enumerated in the
schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the last column
is hereby repealed.

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§ 61. When to take effect. This chapter shall take effect immediately.

SCHEDULE OF Laws REPEALED. Laws of Chapter Section 1883...

354.... All 1884... 312.

All 1884... 357..

All 1884...

All 1886...

All 1887... 464.

All 1888... 119.

All 1890....

67..... All 1892. 577..

All 1894... 354.

All 1894... 681.

All 1894...

All 1894.... 717...

All 1895.. 314..

All 1896.. 821..

All 1897.... 428..

All 1898.... 184.... All 1898...


All 1899... 370..

All 1900...

All 1900...

All 1900. 675.

All 1901.. 521.

All 1901...

All 1902... 270..

All 1902...

All 1904... 637..

AU 1904...




66. . 195...



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Laws 1909, Chap. 16.

*in relation to counties, constituting chapter eleven of the con

solidated laws.

Became a law, February 17, 1909, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,

three-fifths being present.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:



COUNTY LAW 1. Short title ($ 1). 2. Counties as corporations (S$ 2-5). 3. Boards of supervisors (S$ 10–49-e). 4. Clerks of boards of supervisors (S$ 50—54). 5. Duties of boards of supervisors relating to highways

and bridges (S$ 60–80). 6. County jails (89 90–101). 7. Dogs (88 110–136). 8. County treasurers (S$ 140–153). 9. County clerks (88 160-169). 10. Sheriffs and coroners (88 180–195). 11. District attorneys (SS 200–205). 12. County attorneys ($ 210). 13. Superintendents of the poor (&$ 220, 221). 14. County judge, surrogate, special county judge and

special surrogate (S$ 230—233). 14-a. County comptroller (S$ 234–239-a). 15. Miscellaneous (S$ 240–248). 16. Laws repealed; when to take effect (88 260, 261).


Short Title

Section 1. Short title.

§ 1. Short title. This chapter shall be known as the “ County Law.”

• Words “ An Act ” omitted in original.


Counties as Corporations
Section 2. Application of this chapter.

3. County a municipal corporation.
4. Actions and contracts in corporate name.
5. Disposition of property, apportionment of debts and

collection of judgments on alteration of boundary. § 2. Application of this chapter. This chapter shall not apply to the county of New York, except as hereinafter spe cifically provided.

§ 3. County a municipal corporation. A county is a municipal corporation, comprising the inhabitants within its boundaries, and formed for the purpose of exercising the powers and discharging the duties of local government, and the administration of public affairs conferred upon it by law.

§ 4. Actions and contracts in corporate name. An action or special proceeding for or against a county, or for its benefit, and upon a contract lawfully made with it, or with any of its officers or agents authorized to contract in its behalf, or to enforce any liability created, or duty enjoined upon it, or upon any of its officers or agents for which it is liable, or to recover damages for any injury to any property or rights for which it is liable, shall be in the name of the county. All contracts or conveyances, by or in behalf of, or to a county, shall be deemed to be in the name of the county, whether so stated or not in the contract or conveyance.

8 5. Disposition of property, apportionment of debts and collection of judgments on alteration of boundary. When a county is divided or its boundary changed, its real property shall become the property of the county, within whose limits it lies after the change. The personal property and debts of such county shall be apportioned between the counties interested, by the supervisors thereof, or by the committees of their respective boards appointed for that purpose, subject to the approval of such boards; and the debts shall be charged on each county, according to such apportionment.

Any judgment recovered previous to such division, or after such division in proceedings instituted previous thereto, in the county court or before any justice of the peace may be collected by execution to be issued to the sheriff of the county where such judgment shall have been rendered, or to a constable thereof, as

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the case may require, who shall execute the same as if such division had not been made; and such judgments may be revived, and the like proceedings had thereon, as if such county had not been divided.


Boards of Supervisors
Section 10. Meeting and organization of boards of supervisors.

11. Penalty for neglect.
12. General powers.
13. Limitation of credit.
14. Resolutions authorizing issue of obligations.
15. Legalization of informal acts.
16. Correction of assessments, and returning and refund-

ing of illegal taxes.
17. Powers, how exercised.
18. Publication of acts of board.
19. Printing and distribution of proceedings of board.
20. Designation of newspapers for publication of session

laws. 21. Compensation for publication of local laws. 22. Election notices and official canvass. 23. Compensation of supervisors. 24. Form and presentation of accounts against the county. 25. Additional requirements. 26. County records. 27. Examination of witnesses and officers by the board. 28. Committee of board. 29. Adjournment. 30. Filing and enforcement of undertaking. 31. Location of county buildings. 32. Proceedings on petition. 33. How submitted to vote. 34. After destruction of poor-house, petition for change

of site. 35. Alteration and erection of towns. 36. First election in new town. 37. Establishment of disputed town lines. 38. Fire districts outside of incorporated villages. 39. Effect of incorporation of village withiu limits of fire

district. 40. Soldiers' monument. 41. Temporary loans; issue of obligations therefor. 42. Supervisors to furnish necessaries for term of county


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