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matic pieces in verse and prose. Was lieut.-col. commanding 21st Battalion Richelieu Light Infantry, and commanded a brigade at the front during the Fenian excitement in 1870. Sworn of the ex-Council, appointed Provincial Secretary March 8th, 1878, which office he held until appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands, March 19th, 1879. He resigned this position October 30th, 1879, and was elected speaker of the Legislative Assembly, January 29th, 1887. He was first returned to that body at the general election in 1867, re-elected by acclamation in 1871,1875, 1878 and 1881, by acclamation in 1886, 1890 and 1891, after contest, was re-elected speaker in 1891 by the unanimous vote of the House. Is really the actual leader of the Opposition in the Provincial Parliament. He received the degree of Doc. tor of Letters from Laval

University in 1890. He is TIEUT.-COL. HON. FÉLIX GA- also author of "Le Formulaire du Nota

BRIEL MARCHAND, Montreal, riat,just out, which contains the his

O Que., was born at St. Johns, tory of the notarial profession, and of Que., January 9th, 1832. He is a son contracts in the different ages from reof Gabriel Marchand, who came from mote antiquity to the present day, a Quebec in 1802 and settled in St. Johns. treatise on the responsibilities of notaCol. Marchand was educated at St. ries, and a complete form book in alphaHyacinthe College and admitted as betical order for all notarial deeds in notary in 1855. He founded, and was both languages, with notes and commenfor several years editor and proprietor taries, indicating very fully the nature of Le Franco-Canadien newspaper. He of each deed, the different laws relatholds from the Government of France, ing thereto, and the proceedings rethe decoration of officer of public ins- quired to carry it out. The Hon. Mr. truction, is the author of "Erreur n'est Marchand was married, September pas compte," "Les Faux Brillants," 12th, 1854, to Miss Marie Herselie Fatenaille," and of several other dra- Turgeon.


ROF. W. K. BURR, P M.A., Ph. D., Ame

- liasburg, Ont., was born in Hillier, Prince Edward county, April 18th, 1843. His father William Burr, well known for his enterprise and wealth, was born of the 6th generation from Benjamin Burr, who came over from England in 1630, and became one of the founders of Hartford, Conn. Aaron Burr, prominent in American history, also belongs to the same family, while the mother of our subject was the grand daughter of a U. E. Loyalist, who was shot and wounded in his own house, in N. J., during revolutionary war. Prof. Burr was educated at the Friend's Boarding School, Ont., at Hiram College, Ohio, when Garfield was its president, at Carthage Academy, New York, at Abingdon College, ill., and at the University in Indianapolis. He also attended lectures at numerous other institutions in New York city, and when he gra- in a single city. He is also an able duated at the Phrenological and An- graphic and voluminous writer. His thropological Institute, was the vale published works include “Addresses dictorian of his class. At the age of to the World”, “Leaves from my Porteighteen years, he united with the folio”, “Character, how it is developed", Christian Church and began preaching, and “How it is read”, “Psychology”, and has travelled extensively as an “Words of Counsel”, “Notes of Warnevangelist and lecturer in nearly all ing”, “How to grow beautiful”, etc., etc. the States and Provinces east of the Many of his poems have been widely Mississippi, and has also been pastor copied and eagerly read. One entitled of several churches, baptizing large “Don't be in a hurry to go", found its numbers in each locality. As a lectu- way in all the principal papers of Nova rer and delineator of character, he Scotia. Prof. Burr was married, in ranks very high, and is considered one October, 1863, to Mary C., daughter of of the ablest of living phrenologists, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Valleau, of Hillier. having read as many as 1200 people He has two sons and three daughters.


TUDE OLIVIER CAMIRAND, his medical training in “L'Ecole de

M.D., physician and surgeon, Médecine et de Chirurgie de Montréal,"

Sherbrooke, Que., was born (then a branch of Victoria University there October 25th, 1847. His parents of Cobourg, Ont.) graduating at Cowere Olivier and Thersille (Gauthier) bourg in 1871. He has since secured a Camirand, both natives of the Province very large practice in Sherbrooke, his of Quebec, whose grandparents came services being in special demand in surfrom France. Dr. Camirand's father, gical cases. He spent some time attendwho was one of the first settlers in Sher- ing clinical lectures and hospitals in brooke, was a shoemaker by trade. He France and Great Britain. He has was very successful in business, and was also spent three years in the Sherbrooke the first French Canadian councillor in council, but his large practice will that place. Dr. Camirand began his not permit him to occupy public office education in the Sherbrooke common at present. In religion he is a Roschool, and subsequently took a course man Catholic, and in politics a Conin Three Rivers College. He received servative.


TOHN MOFFATT, Manager of his present employers, and about two

“Oak Hall,” Windsor, Ont., years and a half in Windsor, after

was born in the county of which he received his present appointCavan, Ireland, May 22nd, 1866. His ment, one much more than ordinarily parents where Thomas Moffatt and Isa- important. Mr. Moffatt is popular with bella (Irwin) Moffatt, the former a his subordinates, stands very high in farmer and contractor. Mr. Moffatt the estimation of his fellow citizens, and was educated at the National schools of is a very earnest and active Christian Cavan county, learned the dry goods worker, having abundance of tact, push business in Castleblayney, and coming and principle. He was for two terms to Canada, has been engaged in the successively, president of the Epworth clothing business almost ever since, League at Windsor, was also the first being one year in Toronto, a year and secretary of the Y.M.C.A. there, and is a half in London, a short time in the now vice-president of the same. He takes wholesale warehouse of the W. E. San- no part in politics, preferring to devote ford Manufacturing Co., of Hamilton, his time to more important interests.


C.M., L.R.C.P. & S. Edinburgh, and L.F.P. & S., Glasgow, Wheatley, O., was born in Romney, Kent county, Ont., March 9th, 1856. His parents, Thomas and Anne (Cox) Wright, who came to Romney from Lincolnshire, Eng., about forty years ago, and who still reside on the old homestead, three miles east of Wheatley, are held in the highest esteem. His father, a man of excellent judgment, was a member of the municipal council, and has been a class leader and steward in the Methodist Church for years, and held almost every position in that church that is eligible to laymen. His wife is a devoted mother. Her sons and daughters, twelve in number, will always “rise up and call her blessed.” The hospitality at the Wright homestead has long since become proverbial. Doctor Wright, after the ordinary course at the public school, continued thodist. He is also a member of the his education at the Toronto Normal I.O.F., and the Canadian Home Circle, School, the Hamilton and St. Thomas being Court Physician to each lodge. Collegiate Institutes, and the Chatham He is also a member of Howard Lodge, Business College, with intervals of A.F. & A.M. He is a man of honor teaching. His training for his chosen and integrity, in love with his profesprofession was obtained at Trinity Me- sion, and cannot fail to attain the highdical College, Toronto, from which he est success. He was married, May 23rd, graduated in the Spring of 1890, and 1890, in Birmingham, Eng., to Mary, also in Britain, where he obtained what daughter of Geo. Green, Esq. Now is known there as “the triple qualifica- inspector for the Prudential Assurance tion," as above indicated, in the Au Co, in Glasgow, who is well known tumn of 1890. He then returned to among Christian, philanthropic and Canada, and located in Wheatley, where political workers in the Old Country. he has now a large and growing prac- The doctor has one son, born May tice. In religion, Dr. Wright is a Me- 29th, 1892.


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