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August 9th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety

Benjamin Franklin,

Thomas Wharton, ju'
Owen Biddle,

Robert Morris,
Robert White,

Anthony Wayne,
Andrew Allen,

Samuel Morris, jui
Daniel Roberdeau,

George Gray.
John Cadwalader.
Upon the application of Doct'r Franklin to this
quantity of Gunpowder, for the use of the troops u
mand of Colo. Schuyler.

Resolved, That the 2244 lbs. of Gunpowder no under the care of Mr. Robert Towers, be immediatı a proper Team be provided to take said Powder, a on the Road by Thomas Aply, untill he receives Schyler.

Sundry Letters were read from York Cour Military Association, requesting Commissions ficers of that County.

A Letter read from Carlisle, of 27th July Hillegas, Esq., and signed by John Montg Pattern Gun & resolves of the Assembly, mis'rs & Assess'r of Cumberland County.

One other Letter was produced, direct, Wm. Edmonds of Northampton Co'y, re kets, Knapsacks, & Cartridge Boxes mig

On Motion, It is agreed that this Coi 9 o'clock in the Morning.

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-11 I on parole, Do Hereby Solemnly ir of a Soldier and a Gentleman, ha American United Colonies If twelve Months, or untill it time, take


Meag. le British Ministry,

Imerican Affairs, 1) the Camp of is directions, tr•ure any

I go on i

my en

sented to the signed by them the same ; it was

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other engagements, nvenient speed at the submit himself to the ting as a favour, that it

i previously claimed the iir, he having come hither ties between the Army and weing taken in Arms, We, in

rtitiie that he did make the said
id that Hostilities had been com-
ing that if he joined his Corps be
rs directed ; his claim was overruled,
role as aforesaid, dated 12th August,
I said ship Hope, Capt. Curwin, the fol-
11, Viz" :
t's for the 40th Regt.

1:0, for the 40th do.
I Box for the 40th do. James Morrison.
I do.

45th do. Capt. Moore.

45th do. Ensign Percy.
1 Vallice 44tb do.
1-6 Bales 22nd do.
1 Chest 2

220 do. William Stapleton.
1 Trunks
1 Chest
1 Trunk 22d do. George Clighorn
1 Portmanteau

1 Box without mark or Number. No. 22.

Baggage for Lieut. Archd French

August 12th. ---At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.


Benjamin Franklin,

George Gray,
Owen Biddle,

George Ross,
Robert Morris,

Robert White,
Thomas Wbarton, jun.,

Daniel Roberdeau, Samuel Morris, jun., At a second Meeting of the Committee, in Consequence of the arrival of three Ministerial Officers in the Ship Hope, George Curwin, Mr. from Cork.

Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Allen,
Owen Biddle,

Robert Morris,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Thomas Warton, jun'r.,
George Gray,

George Ross, Samuel Morris, jun'r., Robert White. An Order was Issued from this Board to Capt. William Bradford of the 2nd Battalion, for him to take into his Cus. tody Major Chris'n French, Ensign, John Rotton, Ministerial Officers, and Terence McDermot, Cadet in the Ministerial Army, with their at endants, and bring them before this Board.

Resolved, That the Meeting of this Committee be adjourned to 3 o'clock, then to meet at Smith's Tavern, where Capt. Bradford is desired to conduct the above mentioned Officers.

Agrecable to the adjournment of this day, the Members then present met at Smith's Tavern.

In consequence of the orders Issued to Capt. Bradford this day, the officers therein mentioned was taken into Custody, & brought to this Board from Gloucester, And, upon mature deliberation, finding that the said Christopher French, Major in his Majesty's 22nd Regiment of Foot, John Rotton in his Majesty's 47th Regiment of Foot, Ensign, And Terence McDermot, a Voluntier in his Majesty's Army, having designedly came hither with an intention of joining the Ministerial Army at Boston, under the Command of General Gage, who is now acting in a Hostile & cruel manner against his Majesty's American Subjects, it is

Resolved, to prevent the said officers & Voluntiers becoming additional Instruments of oppression, That they shall respectively sign the following Instrument of writing, vizt. :

“I, Christopher French, Major of His Majesty's 22nd Regiment of Foot, a Prisoner in the Power of the Committee of Safety for the Province of Pennsylvania, and being kindly treated and protected by them, and enlarged on parole, Do Hereby Solemnly Promise and engage, on the Honor of a Soldier

and a Gentleman, That I will not bear Arms against the American United Colonies in any manner whatever, for the space of twelve Months, or untill I may be Exchanged, nor will I, during that time, take any

Measures to give intelligence to General Gage, or the British Ministry, or to any Person or Persons whatever, relative to American Affairs, but will proceed with all convenient expedition to the Camp of General Washington, and Submit myself to his further directions, and that I will not directly or indirectly attempt to procure any Person or Persons whatever to rescue me, and that I will not go on board any

Brittish Ship of War during the continuance of my engagement not to bear arms.

"Philadelphia, 12th August, 1775." The above engagements being drawn up, were presented to the said Officers and Cadets, were approved of & signed by them seperately. They requesting a Certified Copy of the same; it was agreed to and deliver'd them.

Major Christopher French, having among other engagements, giren bis Parole to render himself with all convenient speed at the Camp of General Washington, and there to submit himself to the disposition of the said General, but requesting as a favour, that it may be Certified in his behalf, that he had previously claimed the being considered as no prisoner of war, he having come hither without any knowledge of the Hostilities between the Army and the People of America, and not being taken in Arms, We, in compliance with his request, do Certifiie that he did make the said claim, but after bis being informed that Hostilities had been commenced in America, he declaring that if Ire joined his Corps be should act as his Superior Officers directed; his claim was overruled, and, thereupon, gave his parole as aforesaid, dated 12th August, 1775, & signed by the President.

There being imported in said ship Hope, Capt. Curwin, the following Packages of goods, Viz' :

No. 1 a 6-6 Bales for the 40th Regt. W. C. -1 a 2-2 ditto. for the 40th do.

1 Box for the 40th do. James Morrison. 1 do.

45th do. Capt. Moore.
2 do.

45th do. Ensign Percy
1 Vallice 44th do.
1 a 6-6 Bales 22nd do.

22d do. William Stapleton.
1 Trunks
1 Chest
1 Trunk 22d do. George Clighorn,
1 Portmanteau

1 Box without mark or Number. No. 22. Baggage for Lieut. Archd French.

Brought forward.

Officers Baggage.
2 Trunks for Major French.
1 Valice for do.
1 Trunk
2 Canteens
1 Bed Box

for Ensign Rotton.
1 Hatt Case
2 Trunks
1 Bed Box

for Cadet McDermot.
1 Small Box

1 Valice Which Goods being for the use of the Army under the Command of General Gage, and baggage belonging to the Officers who came in said ship, it is

Resolved, That the said Goods, brought from said ships in one of the Armed Boats of this Province, shall be stored 'till this Committee shall receive directions from the Continental Congress for the disposal of the same, unless it may be thought necessary by this Committee, before the meeting of the said Congress, to remove or otherwise dispose of them, and that this Committee write to General Washington, informing him of the transactions of this Board relative to the said officers and Goods.

Resolved, That Colo. Roberdeau desire Capt. William Bradford to deliver the Baggage belonging to Major French, Ensign Rotton, and Mr. McDermot, a voluntier, when required.

Upon application of the Officers & Volunteer now on their parole, that they should be furnished with a Copy of the Instruments of writing they signed, it was agreed to, and they were accordingly furnished with them.

August 14th.-At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety.

Benjamin Franklin,

George Gray,
Daniel Roberdeau,

Robert Morris,
George Ross,

Samuel Morris, jun.,
Owen Biddle,

Thomas Wharton, jun.,
Robert White,

Andrew Allen.
Resolved, That Robert Towers go to Germantown and see if the
Powder there is in a secure place ; if it is, he is to let it continue
there, and report the quantity to this Board.

Colo. Roberdeau, agreeable to request, enquired into the Character of Mr. Thompson, and finds that he bears the Character of an Honest Man.

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