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as it stands. I think the gentleman Legislature has admitted such persons acknowledge, however, that it will not from Macomb, (Mr. MUSSEY,) will see to seats, so far as I have had any admit of any other construction; still, that his substitute is no better than the knowledge of the subject. I know when it would relieve it of all possible section. . .

. . . there were two or three case in 1855, ambiguity, upon the first reading of it, The CHAIRMAN. The question is where the prosecuting attorney or the I would suggest that the modification upon the amendment of the gentleman county clerk was elected to the Legis- proposed by the gentleman from Mugfrom Washtenaw to the original section. lature. According to the decision of kegon, should be adopted; otherwise

Mr. COOLIDGE Yes, sir; my re- the Legislature, those words meant you may have to read the section over. marks are made against the substitute, that he should not hold both offices at two or three times, before you can get the amendment, and everything else the same time. The committee sup- at the clear, distinct meaning of it. which will change the section. I think posed that was what was necessary The question was taken upon the the text of the section is better than here; it seems to me that is going far amendment of Mr. RICHMOND, and it either of them.

enough. But the expression, “No was not agreed to. Mr. CONGER. If there is any ob- person shall be eligible to, or hold a The question recurred upon the scurity about the language of this sec- seat," etc., means that he cannot be amendment of Mr. HOLT; and being tion, I think the amendment suggested elected to the Legislature while hold- taken, it was agreed to by the gentleman from Muskegon (Mr. ing this office. I see no reason why a Mr. LONGYEAR. For the purpose HOLT) will meet the difficulty in this person who is holding one of these of calling out the reason for the excep case. I desire to say that I like the prohibited offices shall not be eligible tion which is made in this section, I arrangement proposed by that amend- to a seat in the Legislature, when he move to strike out the words, « except ment much better than the substitute. has to take that seat after the other that of regent of the University or It proposes to have the section read: office is surrendered by him. I am, member of the board of education.". “No person holding any elective office, therefore, opposed to the amendment I can hardly see any good reason for except that of regent of the University of the gentleman from Washtenaw. excepting those State officers from the or member of the board of education, Mr. BILLS. It seems to me that we disqualification imposed in this section. and no person holding the office of ought not to disfranchise a man from I am opposed to nearly or quite this: probate judge, county clerk, etc., shall holding a seat in the Legislature, whole list of disqualifications, in refer be allowed to take or hold a seat in simply because before taking that ence to holding office, especially legiseither House of the Legislature." I seat he has held some other office. lative offices. If there are any good think that will meet the case exactly. The object of this section, as stated by reasons which can be given for exceptI like the arrangement better as we the chairman of the committee, (Mr. ing these particular offices from dis-, begin with the State officers, and pass CONGER,) it seems to me, is perfectly qualification, I would like to know down through them, and then take up clear and apparent. There is no rea- what they are..

son why a man should be disfranchised Mr. CONGER. In answer to the In regard to the amendment pro- and disqualified from holding a place inquiry of the gentleman from Ingposed by the gentleman from Washte-in the Legislature, because he has been ham, (Mr. LONGYEAR,) I will state naw, (Mr. RICHMOND,) I am very de-a probate judge, a postmaster, or no- what considerations induced the comcidedly of the opinion that it should tary public, or held any other office mittee to except these persons from not be adopted. That same provision whatever. I think the amendment the disqualifications imposed upon is in the old Constitution. Yet the proposed will tend to obscure the other State officers. The regents of Legislature, from the time that Con- meaning of this section, when the the University, and members of the stitution was adopted, if the construc- question comes before the Legislature. board of education, are connected tion which I think belongs to that I think the language already contained with the State as State officers, only provision is to be given it, have vio- in the section is susceptible of a clear by name. A regent of the University lated it at almost every session of the construction, without any ambiguity, is a member of an incorporated body; Legislature. The design of it was, and that it expresses clearly and dis- incorporated by the State under the that a person while holding any of tinctly what this Convention desires to title of " Regents of the University," these different offices, should be pro- express; that a person shall not hold for a particular purpose; to promote .. hibited from holding a seat in the Leg-both offices at the same time. I think no local interests, to promote no peislature. But it was not intended that the substitute proposed by the gentle- cuniary interests, to promote no private a person holding these offices up to man from Macomb, (Mr. MUSSEY,) re- or personal interests, but to promote the first of January preceding the lioves the section of all possible ob- the general cause of education, and to meeting of the Legislature might not sourity; I should be satisfied with the have general charge of the University,.. be elected to a seat in the Legislature, substitute. I would be equally well which is a State institution. The same and take and hold it after the term of satisfied with the amendment proposed would apply to a member of the board his other office had expired, or after by the gentleman from Muskegon, of education. The committee thought he had resigned his other office. In (Mr. Holt,) to strike out the word that if any counties should desire to looking through the records of con-sor," after the words “board of educa- send to the Legislature a gentleman tested elections from the time I had tion," and insert the words, “and no holding one or the other of these offiany acquaintance with this matter, in person.".

ces, as a representative, it would be 1855, I find many cases where this. The gentleman from Berrien, (Mr. highly proper to allow them to do so. question has arisen in regard to the COOLIDGE,) says that this section can These persons represent, in their reeligibility of a person holding some receive no other construction than that spective capacities, one of the great, county office, the term of which ex- which he has put upon it. I consider important, and vital interests of the pired before the legislative term com- that to be true. But I would inquire State, the cause of education. The menced, to be elected to a seat in the of the gentleman, whether he did not committee. could not see why & Legislature; the election to be held read this section over two or three member of the board of educawhile he was holding the county office. times before he hit upon that construc- tion, or a regent of the University, Invariably where that was the only tion? I make the inquiry of him, be- as well as any other friend of educaquestion involved, each house of the cause that was the case with me. I tion, might not be a member of the

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Legislature, to counsel and advise that If there had not been such a sweep- fitted for seats in the Legislature, shall body while preparing laws to affect the ing clause in relation to other State be kept out of that body by a provieducational interests, and educational officers, it is probable that my attention sion of the Constitution. I never could institutions of the State. These offi- would not have been directed so par- see any good reason for that. I do not cers have nothing to do with any ticularly to this exception. But when think any good reason can be assigned. :: other State affairs. They are not like a provision says that à regent of There may be some officers whom it other State officers, having control over the University or a member of the would be well to exclude from the Legthe finances, or the fiscal interests or board of education may be a member islature. But I think it is all wrong business of the State in any way of the Legislature, and then goes on to make this sweeping prohibition of They have nothing to do except with to provide that another person shall all our officers, and then to say that a the interests of education. I think the not be a member because he is county regent of the University, or a member committee were unanimously of the superintendent of schools, I must say of the board of education shall be alopinion that there might be cases where that I cannot see any good reason for lowed to hold a seat in the Legislait would be very desirable to have the the distinction. I would like to know ture. I shall vote to strike out the benefit of the knowledge, experience why a superintendent of common exception, and then I shall be ready to and suggestions, which members of schools should not be allowed to vote to strike out very much of the the board of education or regents of hold a seat in the Legislature, especial- remainder of the section. the University might give them. These ly when he knows the practical work- Mr. DANIELLS. I move to amend are some of the reasons which induced ings of the common school system five the section by striking out after the the committee to make these excep- times as well as would a regent of the words “board of education," the words tions to the disqualifications of this University. And yet, under this sec- "holding the office.” The effect of section. I think these reasons were tion he cannot come here, because he my amendment will be to permit all satisfactory to every member of the is a superintendent of common schools. the county officers to be elected to the committee. :

: I would like to hear one single reason Legislature, if the people are disposed : Mr. GIDDINGS. I was about to why a county superintendent of com- to elect them. " rise to make the motion which was mon schools ought not to be allowed The CHAIRMAN. The Chair is of made by the gentleman from Ingham, to hold a seat in the Legislature, when the opinion that the amendment is not (Mr. LONGYEAR,) who obtained the floor from his knowledge of the system, he in order, as it does not relate to the first. I felt, as that gentleman ex- could give the Legislature far more in- amendment now pending... pressed himself, that in relation to formation than probably most any oth- Mr. FERRIS. I wish to say a few these other officers, there was very er person. Why should he be exclu- words, and but a few, in regard to the little occasion to put into the Constitu- ded and a regent of the University, amendment proposed by the gentle : tion a provision prohibiting them from who knows nothing about the practical man from Ingham, (Mr. LONGYEAR.) taking seats in the Legislature. But if workings of the common school sys- We can see our way clearly through such a rule is to be used, I am unable tem, be permitted to come into the this question which has been raised to see why an exception should be legislative hall, and secure some par- here, if we get at the rule in regard to made in favor of regents of the Uni- ticular end for the corporation of excluding from the Legislature parversity and members of the board of which he is a representative? While ticular officers. If I understand the education.

. I will stand by the University, and feel matter, the reason why certain officers The reasons assigned by the chair- proud of it, and am willing to do any- are to be excluded from holding seats man of the committee, (Mr. CONGER,) \thing that ought to be done to sustain in the Legislature, is because the duties are not to me satisfactory. In the first it, I do not believe it would be the best they perform are incompatible with the place, a regent of the University would policy for the people of the State to duties that would be required of them be generally selected, if there was no send the règents of the University to in the Legislature. I can see no reason provision against it, to take a seat in the Legislature, to obtain from the of that kind to prohibit a regent of the the Legislature for the purpose of se- Legislature what could be just as well University, or a member of the board curing certain things for the Univer- obtained by sending members here of education from being eligible to a sity. While I am in favor of sustaining such as ordinarily compose that body. seat in' the Legislature. I appeal to. and continuing that institution, of Let that institution stand before the my friend from Kalamazoo, Mr. GIDwhich we are all so proud, I do not Legislature like every other institution, DINGS,) to say if it is not plain, that believe that the sending of a regent of upon its own merits.

. persons holding the offices named in the University here to the Legislature I do not myself believe that it is this section such as probate judge, would tend at all to assist in securing worth while for us to undertake to pre-county clerk, register of deeds, county a particular result, such as is sought vent any of these minor officers from treasurer, sheriff, etc., cannot attend generally by sending & man to the coming to the Legislature. I have upon and discharge the duties in the Legislature. One who comes here sim- myself seen many instances where I Legislature, without neglecting the ply to represent the interests of the thought that some of these minor offi- duty of their other offices at home, ; regents of the University or the board cers would be of advantage in the Leg- which duties they took upon them- . of education, in my judgment, is not as gislature, for the purpose of showing selves to discharge, under the obliga- . likely to succeed as would be some one what was necessary to be done, and in tion of an oath, to the best of their else not so directly representing those what respects legislation was defective. ability. I take it that is the reason interests. He will always be regarded Yet, these officers by this provision are why that class of officers are excluded as having come here for a particular shut out, for what purpose I do not by the provisions of this section. It purpose and no other; all his acts and know. I do not think it would be to may be said that they can perform movements will be watched in reference the benefit of the Legislature to exclude their duties just as well through their to that end. I believe that if a regent from that body all persons connected deputies; that is, farm out their local of the University should be sent here with the judicial department. Yet, offices to subordinates, while they : to secure some particular measure for from some cause or other, I do not themselves come here to the Legislatue the University, he would be very likely know what, it is proposed that those during the winter. to fail.

who are in many instances the best I think that so far as this class of

advantage in showing of an entire it there are exclude

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officers, are concerned, this exclusion is such as probate judge, county clerk, their services, and the law. seems right. I think that when a man takes register of deeds, county treasurer, and to contemplate that their time shall upon himself the performance of a cer= all the officers which have been enum- be wholly given to the discharge of tain class of public duties, he should erated, except perhaps the federal offi- their official duties. In many of the carry out the implied promise he made cers; for in regard to them the State larger counties of the State, perhaps in: to the public, and attend to the duties Legislature would have very little to the majority of the counties, the county of that office, or else resign. I think do. But so far as regards officers un superintendent of schools should dethere is a conflict between the two der the State laws, it seems to me that vote the whole of his time during the offices. Not but what the sheriff, or the same reason applies to permitting winter to the discharge of the duties of the county treasurer, or the probate them to come to the Legislature, as his office. . He cannot discharge judge, if elected to the Legislature. applies to permitting members of the properly his duties to the schools of would discharge their legislative duties, board of education and regents of the the county, and at the same time serve properly. They are high-minded, University; that is, in order that the any representative district or senator ial honorable men, as we are bound to Legislature might have the benefit of district in the Legislature. The prosesuppose. But while they are discharg- their experience. I think that is a very cuting attorney cannot properly dising one set of duties, they certainly good reason why the officers acting charge the duties of his office, and at cannot discharge the other set of du- under the State laws should hold seats the same time serve in the Legislature. ties. This I take it is the reason of in the Legislature, in order that that And with all respect for the gentleman the exclusion; the incompatibility of body might have the benefit of their from Kalamazoo, (Mr. GIDDINGS,) Isubthe two offices. I would say to my experience, especially in regard to our mit that. a judge of probate cannot friend from Ingham, (Mr. LONGYEAR,) system of taxation and finances. All faithfully and efficiently discharge the that I see nothing of that kind so far officers having connection with our sys- duties of his office, and at the same ás relates to regents of the University, tem of taxation should be permitted to time efficiently represent a district in or members of the board of education. hold seats in the Legislature, so that the Legislature. I see nothing in their duties that would that body might have the benefit of Mr. GIDDINGS. Will the gentle conflict with their holding seats in the their experience:

man permit me to ask him a question? Legislature. If I did, I should most! As I intimated, when I was up be Mr. LOVELL. Certainly...... certainly vote for his amendment. : fore, I am opposed to all these restric- Mr. GIDDINGS. I would inquire Mr. LONGYEAR. I wish to say, in tions. But if there is to be any re

ions. But if there is to be any re- of the gentleman if he does not conthe first place, that I did not make striction, then I think it should be made, sider the people themselves. competent this motion for any particular 6 drive," to cover the whole ground. I see no to decide whether they shall send a so to speak, at those very worthy offi- good reason for excepting one set of judge of probate to the Legislature, cers, the regents of the Univer- officers and not excepting the others. without the Constitution interfering in sity, and members of the board I, therefore, shall insist upon my amend-/ the matter ? of education. I made it for the pur- ment, and ask for a vote upon it. And Mr. LOVELL. I will cite the genpose simply, as I stated at the time, to then, at the proper time, I shall move tleman to a fact. A few moments ago, call out the reason for excepting those to strike out the entire section. when some of us voted in favor of alofficers from the rule prescribed by the Mr. LOVELL. The gentleman from lowing a district to take a person from section. I must confess that the rea- Kalamazoo, (Mr. GIDDINGS,) and the outside its limits to represent them in sons which have been assigned here gentleman from Ingham, (Lr. LONG- the Legislature, the gentleman deemed for that exception, are entirely un- YEAR,) are not able to see any reason it unadvisable to allow it to be done. satisfactory to my mind. I think if why a regent of the University or a If there is occasion for a restriction in there is any force in the reasons which member of the board of education that case, I think there is here. Havhave been assigned, they would apply might serve the people in the Legisla- ing the highest respect for the gentler with equal force to all the other officers ture, if the county superintendent of men to whom there might be a seeming enumerated in the section. If the schools, the prosecuting attorney, pro- allusion, I will go on and say, that if regents of the University and members bate judge, county clerk, etc., cannot the law which called this Convention of the board of education are excep-appropriately serve there. I will re- together, had provided that no person ted, for the reason assigned by the peat what has been said before, in holding any of these offices, and other gentleman from St. Clair, (Mr. CON- order that the repetition of it may offices that might be named, should be GER,) then, as has been very pertinent- sink deep into their minds; I do admitted to seats in this Convention, ly asked by the gentleman from Kala- not suppose I can state it any it is at least possible that the business mazoo, (Mr. GIDDINGS,) why not also more clearly than the gentleman might have been prosecuted here alexcept the county superintendents of from Kent, (Mr. FERRIS,) has done. Almost as quickly as it is now. I think schools? The principal reason given regent of the University is engaged in it must be within the recollection of by the gentleman from St. Clair, was, official duties pertaining to that office members here, and a recollection that .. that it was desirable that regents of very few days in the year, probably amounts almost to soreness, that we the University and members of the not exceeding twenty in all. The have had repeatedly to put off business, board of education should come to the members of the board of education and reports have not yet been made Legislature, in order that that body serve for the same length of time. from some of our committees, for the might have the benefit of their expe- And in consideration of the fact that it reason that gentlemen having charge rience and observation in regard to takes very little time to attend to the of those matters were not present in the great interest of the State. Will duties of those offices, and the balance the Convention; for the reason that not the same rule apply to other offi- of their time is left for them to obtain certain members were absent on official cers of the State? It certainly applies a living in some other way, the laws, business. I will allude to the comequally and with the same force to the have provided that they shall receive mittee upon which I have the honor to superintendent of schools.

no compensation for their services, serve. Our report would have been in It seems to me also, that it applies except for their actual expenses. here, and on our files three weeks ago, with equal force to all the other officers The other officers named in this. if there had not been so many memnamed; that is to all the State officers, section receive compensation for bers of the committee absent on of

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duties very littleration ofngth outlet


erintend with thet certain ther of

ficial business. It greatly impedes tained by his experience in the office, cided that he acted merely as a trustee the business of this Convention that so when he leaves the office ? Surely we of the University, and was not legitimany of its members act in dual capa- can get all this experience without con- mately a State officer. I presume the cities.'

founding and mixing up offices in this Legislature would have determined the One day some member arises and way.

..::. same in regard to a member of the State asks that he be excused, on account of Mr. P. D. WARNER. Section six board of education. I can see no obofficial business elsewhere; another is of the article on the legislative depart-jection to allowing the educational inprosecuting attorney in some county, ment, in the present Constitution, con- terests of our State to have representaand asks therefore to be excused; taining provisions similar to those em- tives of their own selection in the Leganother is regent of the University, braced in section six of the article now islature. Those interests are imporand has to be excused; another is under consideration, was stricken out tant to our State; they are cherished trustee of a railroad corporation, and entirely upon my motion, or on the by our people; we have educational inhe must be excused. Is it not a fact motion of some other member of the stitutions of which we, as citizens of that our proceedings here have been committee on the legislative depart- the State of Michigan, are all proud. greatly impeded on account of these ment, because it was conceived to be And if any locality is favored with the things?

an interference with the just and le- presence of a representative of one of And how would it be in the Legis- gitimate privileges of the people, in these institutions, and desires his serlature? If a member is county super- the selection of such persons as they vices in the Legislature, I would say let intendent of schools, he cannot attend might desire to represent them in the them have the privilege without restricto his duties at home and represent his Legislature. That section, in the tions, of sending him there. district here properly. There will present Constitution, is as follows: But with regard to a county supercontinually come up the proposition to ,

"No person holding any office under theher

the intendent of public schools I would put off this measure or that, in which United States, or this state, or any county say that gentlemen will see by referhe is interested, until he returns. I office, except notaries public, officers of the lence to section eight of the article unhave asked leave of absence for my militia, and oficers elected by townships, der consideration that the shall be eligible to, or have a seat in either

der consideration, that the Legislature colleague, (Mr. HOWARD,) at times, be- ho

at times, be- house of the Legislature; and all votes given is required to meet on the second cause he is obliged to be absent on offi- for any such person shall be void.”

Wednesday in January. If the duties of cial business; he happens to be at the Upon further consideration the com- the county superintendent of common present time. Our people like himmittee adopted what now stands as schools would ever require him to be very much, and they bestow many section six of the article under con-l at home for the discharge of those duties offices upon him. I have no doubt sideration. That action of the com- at any season of the year, that season is he would be glad to avoid some of mittee was based somewhat upon the above all others the very time when his them, if he could be excused from suggestion of one or two members of presence would be required in the Legthem; but he feels bound to submit to the committee on the legislative de- islature. It would, therefore, be per- :: the will of the people, and to serve partment, who conceived that the fectly impossible for him faithfully to them in the various capacities to which change proposed was too radical in its discharge the duties of county superinthey elect him. He is an alderman, l'nature to meet the approval of the tendent, and also the duties of member one of the trustees of schools, pros-people; and that almost every State in of the Legislature; because he must ecuting attorney, and member of this the Union had in its Constitution this neglect one or the other of those duties Convention. And if this provision is same, or a similar provision, in rela- while the Legislature is in session. stricken out, it is possible that he may tion to individuals who were excluded Again, it has been urged here as an be a member of the Legislature. Now from holding seats in the Legislature. objection to this section, that some of is it compatible that he shall hold all Therefore, this section was agreed these county officers may be better these offices ?... DA.

upon by the committee and reported qualified to act in the capacity of legis:: It is not that the people shall be re- to the Convention. 1

|lators than any other persons who may stricted in their freedom of choice; 1. I desire to refer to one consideration be sent here. In certain instances that but we say that these several offices suggested by the gentleman from Kalan may be true. But the committee are incompatible with each other. If

:: Ilmazoo, (Mr. GIDDINGS.) He inquired adopted the rule, that no person holda man is superintendent of schools, why a recent of the Úniversity. or

schools, why a regent of the University, or a ing a United States office, to which he and wants to be in the Legislature, member of the board of education, had been appointea then he may resign the other office. If should be allowed to hold a seat in the by and with the advice and consent of a man wants to be in the Legislature, Legislature, and a county superinten then let him not be prosecuting attor- dent of common schools be prohibited be eligible to a seat in the Legislature. ney, or probate judge, at the same from doing the same. I will state that Now, if I rightly understand the law, time.

| within my knowledge and experience, at least so far as relates to postIt is said that we want these gentle- it has been the practice of the people masters, those receiving a salary or . men here, in order that we may of the State, or the people of certain compensation for their services, of one have the benefit of their experience. I legislative districts, to choose à regent, thousand dollars and upwards a year, Now, is it possible that there are not of the University as their representa- are appointed by the President of the ex-officials who can give the same in-1 tive in the Legislature. The question United States; those receiving a less formation? Are there no ex-prosecuting of the right of such a person to hold a salary are appointed by the postattorneys, no ex-probate judges, no ex- seat in the Legislature has been more master general. Now these county treasurers of counties; no ex-registers times than once before the Legislature officers receive a salary equal to or of deeds, no ex-county clerks, that can I and determined. Each time that the exceeding a thousand dollars a year. be induced by the consideration of the question arose the Legislature decided So that they not only have duties that honor of the thing, to serve constitu- that a regent of the University was not require their atten encies in the Legislature? Do thela State officer, within the meaning and they have a compensation equal to the offices always remain in the same contemplation of the sixth section of compensation of those United States hands? Or does a man lose all the the article on the legislative department officers who are excluded by the proknowledge and information he has ob-l in the present Constitution. They de- visions of this s

the present Constitution. They der visions of this section......



cument, I hope to win that line of high floor; I reste

· I see no necessity for any alteration It may also be true that his constitu- courts should not be members of the of this section. Although it was ents would have been just as well off if Legislature. Why? Simply because stricken out at one time by the com- he had not been sent here. It may be the interests of the people require mittee on the legislative department, true that there would have been some them to discharge their duties in & it was afterwards reinstated in the wisdom left in the world if he had judicial capacity alone; not that they form now before us; and I am dis- not exhibited so much of it here. I are not eminently capable of discharge posed to stand by it.

know there has been a great ing other duties, not that they may not Mr. GIDDINGS. It seems to me

deal of wisdom derived from be the very best men to be in the Leg.'. that either I do not comprehend other that source, which has been continually islature. But while acting as judges

antlemen or they do not comprehend poured out upon us in profusion, for their duties as such would be incomme. I believe with the gentleman some time past. Yet I have not been patible with the discharge of duties in from Ingham (Mr. LONGYEAR) that inclined to say to him that the people the Legislature. The gentleman from we ought to strike out this whole sec-1of his district would have done better | halamazoo, (Mr: GIDDING tion; and I hope that we shall ultimately if they had left him at home, ately if they had left him at home. I sup- the few days that the Legislature

supdo so. In order to perfect it, although pose the people know whether they would be in session. Judging from I hope it will be entirely stricken out. were willing to have their members the past, those few days will be about I shall vote to strike out these excep

come here for a part of their time, and one hundred every two years or about tions.

+ spend a part of their time in their du- fifty each year. I do not desire for a

ties at home. Whatever satisfaction moment that any remark of mine made The argument that is made against the gentleman can obtain from the line here shall be considered as impugning the proposition to strike out, is this; I of argument he sees fit to pursue here, the official character of gentlemen upon that the holding of two offices is in- I am willing he shall have. If he can this floor; I respect them all very compatible; that is, that no person gain anything by following that line of highly; if they do not respect me, I should be allowed to hold the office of argument I hope he will continue it. cannot help it. . a member of the Legislature, and one But I think he will not gain a great Mr COOLIDGE. Believing as I of these county offices, because the du- | deal, but that he will come down after do that the business of this Convention

ties of the two offices cannot be prop-I a time, and come down rather hard. Thantheonloved hothaihoneist

.erly performed by the same person. Mr. LOVELL. I desire to make one some of the chairmen of our commit... That may be so at times. But I take remark in explanation. I thought I tees, I cannot consent that the remarks

it with the Legislature meeting for a distinctly stated when I was up before, l of the gentleman from Genesee (Mr. few days once in two years, any one that the remarks I then made were not of these officers can be spared from to be considered

then made were not LOVELL,) shall go upon the record

to be considered as in any sense per- without a dissent on my part. I know home for a short time, to perform duo|sonal to members of this Convention. Ithat a few of the chairman of commita ties here. I think the people are com

As to what I may have said that I tees have been absent. I do not know petent to judge of that matter Torought not to have said here, or as to that they have been absent more than themselves, and can do it much better

how much I may have occupied the or as much as, a great many other than this Constitutional Convention.

time more than I should have done, Il members of the Convention. But this It may be considered, sometimes, that

have no excuse to offer. But if any is the first intimation I have ever heard du bon gucomo uero wao Ougu 109 remark I have made here can be con- from any one that the business of this to be here. but it has nou been my strued as showing any want of respect Convention had been retarded by the experience to find people seeking the for the gentleman from Kalamazoo, l absence of any chairman of any comomce OI å legislator of this state. 10(Mr. GIDDINGS,) as indicating that Ilmittee Nordo I think auch has been is said that if any one wants to come did not regard him as a very able man, the case; I think the remark was made up here as a member of the Legisla- or as a very efficient representative of in haste and without thought. We ture, he should resign another once I his constituents, then I must say that I have had nlenter of business on hand that he may happen to nod. Wuppose lit would be construed much differently out the time we have not been delaved there is no wish on his part, in refer- from what I intended. I made no litou ence to the matter, but a mere passive

personal allusion to him whatever in ness to serve the people in whatever

Mr. LOVELL. I said nothing about any such sense; nor did I to any other capacity they may desire. If the peo

the absence of the chairmen of comgentleman. But I did call the attenple wish to send him here, the fact that

mittees; I made no reference to them. |tion of the Convention to the fact that he holds a county office should not pre- there had been much delay in ourl.

Mr. COOLIDGE. I so- understood olude him from representing them here. business, because certain members of more that he singled out as one, a

the gentleman. I understood furtherIt may be true that a man cannot this Convention had their official duties

judge who is chairman of a very im- . perform all the duties of the two offices to perform. The attorney general,

portant committee.' . . at the same time. But he may for a whom I highly respect, certain judges, few days cease to perform the duties prosecuting attorneys, and so on, have

Mr. LOVELL. The gentleman misof one office for the purpose of doing had official duties to call them away understood

understood me; I made no allusion to more good than he could do at home. I from here, and our business has been that gentleman. I did not have him for the purpose of securing such legis- delayed thereby. And I do say that I in my mind.. lation as may enable him to perform think it inadvisable that the business Mr. COOLIDGE. I supposed that the business of his office at home with l of the Legislature should be delaved other members of the Convention felt more facility and satisfaction to the from such causes. I think the persons as I have felt, glad to have these men people. It may be true that we would who hold the offices enumerated in this of experience, and skill, and legal have been better off had we not sent section should not be in the Legisla-| talent with us, even if we had to allow some men here who have been here. ture, because a public injury would them to be absent for a little time, or It may be true as the gentleman from grow out of it, not because they are for a number of times. I should be Genesee, (Mr. LOVELL,) says, that all not very able men.

very sorry that our records should the wisdom and experience of the I apprehend that the Convention show that in the opinion of any of us State is not possessed by these officers. I will yet decide that the judges of our the business of this. Convention had

up here should resign and

Suppose it w

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