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'HE following tables show at a glance the price of any number of articles at any given rate: The first column of figures shows the number of articles, and the second, the total; e. g.t 87 articles at J each, amount to 2tJ cents; 46 articles 56J cents each, give for a total $25.87!. If the price be one not given in the tables, the sum is easily ascertained by adding together two or more of those which are given, thus: 23 articles at iaj cents, 23 at 10 cents would be 2.30, at 5 cents 1.15, at 2 cents 46 cents, at i 11$ cents, and at la st ; adding these totals, 2.30 + 1.15 + 46 + 46 + U$ + 52 = $4-54i< the amount sought for.


These tables, too, will operate in other directions, and show the number of articles, when the total amount and the price per capita are given; also when the number of articles and the total amount are given, the price per capita is easily ascertained.

When fractions of a cent are involved, it is often confusing to an inexpert accountant to readily compute the amount A reference to these tables will quickly give the required result, thereby saving that which is so important to the business man—time.

The convenience of these tables cannot be overrated. Not only do they save time, but are also conducive to perfect accuracy, a result which is not always certainly obtained in a hurried calculation.

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