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giving under our hands and Seal at Derryfield this 21th Day of February 1774

John Stark
James Maccalley
Samuel Boyd

Select Men

Province of New Hempshire. Hillsborough ss Derryfield March the 7th Day 1774

this may Sertify that I have gevin warning to all the free houlders Inhabitants of Said Town of the time and place and Ends of meeting agreeable to the Vote of the Town for warning Town meetings asserted by me

Ezekiel Stavens Constable

Recorded this gth Day of September 1774

David Starret Town Clerk

Province of New Hempshire Hillsborough ss Derryfield March the 7th Day 1774

at a meeting of the freeholders Inhabitants of Said Derryfield Legely Called and Convened in their meeting house on Said day

Voted Cor" John goffe Moderator of Said meeting.

Voted to ajourn this meeting to Leyth John Halls house then mete according to ajournment the moderator and Clerk Present and the meeting Caled.

Voted to alow Levth John Hall only part of his order for intertaining the Revin Mr Davison one Sabath . . £0==0 and for taking the invoice as is exprased in his order

0=6=0 and for Counting with the Select Men for the year 1773



Voted on the Second articul to alow the whole of the Town accounts as the have Ben Rad in Said meeting. Except one Pound two Shillings and four Pance which was Voted not to be Alowed the Same Being Part of Levin John Halls Order.

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th remainer of the Said accounts are in the fol

lowing order &c.

Province of New Hempshire Hillsborough 88 Derryfield Febuary the 21th Day 1774 W the Subscribers a Commettee Chousen in be

half of Said Town to Exeming thc Select Mens accounts for the year 1773. and Accordingly we mat on Said Day with the Said Select Men and Constable and Cast the Lists

and finds the Sum of ... and Said Lists Was Commeted into the hands

of Ezekiel Stavens Constable for to Collect and the said Select Men and Constabl Dischargecs thcm Salves in the following men

nor (viz) Paid to the Province Treesurer as by his Re

38 19 11 1


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1 10 0 0

Paid to the County Treesurer as by his Recept paid to John parham for his Bording Elisabeth

Marcy three months . paid to Abraham Merrill for money Lant to

Leven James Mc Calley to pay for priching four Dolers & one Doler for his Going to Am

hirst in Celeyes Case in Behalf of Said town paid to Capth John Stark for one Day of the

Re' M' Corier priching as by the Said Starks

Recept . paid to Samuel Boyd for Cloths provided for

Elisabeth Marcy · paid to the Revt georg Gilmore in part for

priching as by his Recept. paid to Levin James M° Calley for numbering

the people and for Shifts for Elisabeth Marcy

1 4 0 0

0 11 0 0


3 6 0 0

0 12 5 2

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paid to David Starret for his Sarvices for Town

Clerk in the year 1773 and for a Box to put the Jurymans Names in and for Counting with the Select men and Constable in Said

year. . paid to Jams pairce for his Sarvices for Jury

man in Said year. paid to Capt. Willm Parham for his Sarvices for

Juryman in Dito paid to Will" Macclintok for his Sarvices for

Jury man in Dito paid to Captn Al" Macmurphy for his Sarvices

for Juryman in Dito paid to Benjamin Baker for his Sarvices as

Jury man in Dito
paid to Natheniel Boyd for his Sarvices for

Jury man in Dito
Abated Benjamin Stavens his pole Rate for

0 12 0 0

0 12 0 0

0 12 0 0

0 12 00

Said year

0 0 0 0


Abated part of Moses Senters Rates for Said

year. Abated part of John macclintoks Rates for

0 6 3 0

Said year

0 0 10 2

0 14 0 0

1 13 0 0

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paid to Samuel Boyd for his Sarvices for Select

man and for a pare of Shous for Elisabeth

Marcy in Said year. paid to Levin James maccalley in part for his

going to Amhirst in Behalf of the Town on

Celeys Case paid to Samuel Boyd towards paying for prich

ing in Said year as By his Recept . paid to Levth John hall in part of his Demand

for Intartaing the Minestars and for taking the Invoice and for Counting with the Select men and Constable in Said year .

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Derryfield March the myth Day 1774.

this Day w the above Committee Sateled with the Select man and Constable and we Saw proper Vouchers to the Dis Charge of £37=9=8=0 and their Remains to Balence the Lists the Sum of .

£1=10—3=-1 Which Sum Said Constable gave his note for to the Town Sertifyed By us &

John Hall
David Starret


Voted to Carey on this meeting by Powling.
Voted David Starret Town Clerk for the Corrant year
Voted three Select men for Said year.

Voted Levtn James maccalley. Samuel Boyd. and John Perham. Select men for the Insuing year

Vated Cap'n William Parham Constable for the Insuing year.

Voted James Pairce, John parham, John Dickey. Joseph farmer, Joseph george, and Ezekil Stavens, Survayers of high ways.

Voted the Select men fance Vowers and prisers of Damiages for Sd year

Voted Joseph George. and Natheniel Boyd, tything men for

Said year

Voted David Starret, Ens Samuel moor, and Ezekiel Stavins. Survayers of Lumber, for Said year

Voted Levin John Hall. and Joseph Gcorge Hogg Reves for Said year

Voted Leven James Maccalley, and Captn John Moor, Deer Ceepers for the present year.

Voted Captn John Stark, and Levin John Hall Town Counters. for the Insuing year.

Voted to Ajourn this meeting to the Last mondy of March Instant to Leyin John Halls Chamber at one of the Clock after Noon

March the 28th Day 1774

Then Meet according to Ajournment the Moderator and Clerk present and the Meeting Called.

Voted to Dismis the fourth Articul in the Warrent at present.

Voted that William Parham Suport Elisabeth Marcy with a Suficancy of Victouls and Loging for the Tarm of one year from the above Date and to Return her in Cloths as well as he now finds her for which the Town is to pay the Said Parham three Pounds Lawfull Money

Voted to alow the Petit Jury men for there attendence at Coort or Sessins for the Insuing year twelve Shillings Lawfull, per man

Voted that it Shall be Lawful to warn Town and Jury meetings as has ben youasel for the Present year

N: B: the Constabl is to Post a Coppy of the warrint for Town meetings at m' J. Rands at Robert Clarks and at Levin John Hhalls and for the Jury meetings only at Levt John Halls & Recorded this 15th Day of September 1774

David Starret Town Clerk Province of New Hampshire Hillsborough s s to Capta William Parham Constable for the Town of Derryfield Greeting

You are hereby Required in his Majestyes Name to warn a meeting of the free Houlders Inhabitants of Said Town that they meet at their meeting house upon the Last Monday of march Instant at two of the Clock after noon on Said

1-ly to Chouse a moderator to Regulate Said meeting.

2-ly to Draw out of the Box one man to Serve on the petit Jury at the next Court of General Sessions of the pace. to be holden at Amhirst on the first thursday nex following the first Tuesday of April next, and this be your Sufecant warrent

Given under my hand at Derryfield this yth Day of March 1774.

David Starret Town Clerk

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