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In cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics the data in this publication are collected by th Bureau of the Census (Department of Commerce Manpower Administration, State Employment Se curity Agencies, and State Departments of Labor A brief description of the cooperative statistica programs of the BLS with these agencies is pre sented in the Explanatory Notes. The State agencie are listed on the inside back cover.

This report may be ordered through the Superin tendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printin Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, or any of th BLS Regional Offices. Subscription price: $28.10 year ($35.15 for foreign mailing). Single issues ar $2.35.

Prepared by the Division of Industry Employmen Statistics and the Division of Employment and Un employment Analysis in collaboration with the Division of Special Publications.

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The Secretary of Labor has determined that th publication of this periodical is necessary in th transaction of the public business required by lav of this Department. Use of funds for printing thi periodical has been approved by the Director o the Office of Management and Budget through

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