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[Established, 1892.]





.James Wood. . Alice Sandford. ..Joseph Barrett. .Katharine Bement Davis.

This institution has been visited by the members of this Committee individually, and also by the Inspector of the State Board of Charities for State Institutions during the past year. Although opened but a short time, its administration is well established.


The census of the officers, employes and inmates on November 1, 1901, is as follows:

Officers and employes.

25 53

Of the officers, 11 are men and are all employed outside the buildings. Fourteen are women and are occupied inside the buildings. Two additional employes, an assistant matron and the supervisor of the laundry have been asked for by the managers and granted to the institution. This completes the full number of officers required for the proper classification of its different departments.

Since the opening of the New York State Reformatory for Women, in April last, the commencement of an advanced reformatory system has been achieved. The more important official positions within the institution have been filled, and although the number of inmates is, at the present time, not large, such number has increased with sufficient rapidity to insure a continuous development of an efficient reformatory system. This institution starts with no embarrassment in initiating such systems of administration and discipline as are in accord with the most advanced ideas of the present time, and it is hoped that its development will proceed only so rapidly as is consistent

with plans already outlined for its conduct. As is the case in the institution at Hudson, the Board of Managers at Bedford appreciate the importance of the selection of officials and employes possessing a high grade of character and fitness for the positions which they are to occupy. If this consideration is maintained unfaulteringly by the managers at Bedford, satisfactory results must follow.

The addition of the institution at Bedford to the State's resources for reformatory work, affords the means of doing more preventive work than has been possible in the past. In New York and its vicinity, are many girls whom the temptations of a great city are likely to lead astray. Such girls having slight or no home restraint or influences, during an impressible and formative period of their lives, need such instruction and training as the institution at Bedford, under a wise management, is capable of affording.

Among the valuable contributions from individuals for this institution, is the imposing flag-staff in the center of the group which, with its full set of handsome flags, is the gift of Mr. William H. Male, to the State.

Instruction in fine basket-making with all the materials there for, is the gift of Miss Wood.



Committee on Idiots and Feeble-Minded.

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