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" this. The Reason of our doing it is truly this, CHA P. " we are afraid of the Enemy.

X. " When a Messenger came last Year from Canada to Onondaga, our Brother

Cayenguirago discharged “ our Meeting in General Council at Onondaga, to

consult on that Message, and ordered us to hold « our General Council here at Albany on that Af“ fair. The Privilege of meeting in General Coun

cil, when we please, is a Privilege we always “ have enjoyed ; no former Governor, of the Name “ of Corlear, ever obstructed this Privilege. We

planted a Tree of Peace in this Place with them, « its Roots and Branches extend as far as Virginia " and New-England, and we have reposed with " Pleasure under its Shade. Brother, let us keep 56 to that first Tree, and let us be united and u“ nanimous ; fuch Prohibition of our Affemblies “ will be of ill Consequence, and occasion Diffe

rences between us.

“ We acknowledge, I say, our sending Agents 56 to Canada for Peace, we were incouraged in do

ing this, by the Knowledge we have of the Go.

vernor of Canada. He is an old Man, and was “ formerly Governor of that place. He was always “ esteemed a wise peaceable Man, and therefore “ we trust our Message will have a good Issue. We “ did not take it amiss that you sent to the Dewagunhas, nor that Arnout was sent to the Sata

nas, both of them our Enemies ; and, for the “ fame Reason, our Brother Cayenguirago ought “ not to be displeased with our sending to the French " for Peace.

We, Onondagas, acknowledge ourselves to « have been the chief Promoters of this Message, " we have fent in all nine Sachems with nine Belts. “ It is true we are now under niuch Uneasiness in “ having trusted so many Sachems in the French

" Hands

M 3


CHAP.“ Hands, being almost half the Number we have

" in our Nation, but we were in hafte to prevent " the Designs the French had against our Countries “ and yours, by the great warlike Preparations they

were making in Canada.

Then he told all the Orders and Directions which their Ambassadors had received ; whith agreeing with the Account which Decanafora gave of his Negotiation, I shall here pass over. He finished all by giving a Belt.

Colonel Fletcher told them, he would give no Answer to what they had said, before they discovered to him what Reason they had to say, that he had forbid their holding any Assembly at Onondaga, and that he had made Peace with the Dewagunhas and Satanas, without their Consent and Concurrence.

To this the Speaker the next Day answered; “I 6 was fick, and absent when the Affairs you men« tion were transacted, and I was at a Loss how to “ excuse our sending to the French contrary to your “ Advice ; but several Sachems being arrived since “ I spoke, I have been better informed by them, " who were present at those Transactions. We find “ it, in every Circumftante, as our Brother Cayen" guirago says; that you did not obstruct our keep

ing General Councils at Onondaga, but only cau“ tioned us in hearkening to the Fallacies of the “ French, and in holding Meetings on that Occa“ fion. We assure you we will never feparate from

you, we still have one Head, óne Blood, one Soul, " and one Heart with you, and as a Confirmation os of this I give this Belt seven deep.

As to the Dewagunhas and Shawonons, we are « confident Cayenguirago will not admit them into “ his Government, till they have made Peace with “ us, which we shall willingly grant. When our * Enemies are humbled, and beg Peace, why should 2

as they

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" they not have it? Let them come and live with CHAP.

us, it will strengthen our Country.

“ Brother Cayenguirago, when the Chriftians first
66 arrived in this Country, we received them kind-
“ ly. When they were but a small People, we en-
« tered into a League with them, to guard them
« from all Enemies whatsoever. We were so fond
« of their Society, that we tied the great Canoe
“ which brought them, not with a Rope made of
« Bark to a Tree, but with a strong iron Chain
6 fastened to a great Mountain. Now before the
cc Christians arrived, the General Council of the
« Five Nations was held at Onondaga, where thert
“ has, from the Beginning, a continual Fire been
“ kept burning ; it is made of two great Logs,
6 whose Fire never extinguishes. As soon as the
6 Hatchet-makers (their general Name for Christi.
6 ans) arrived, this General Council at Onondaga
“ planted this Tree at Albany, whose Roots and
« Branches have since spread as far as New-Eng-

land, ConneEticut, Pensilvania, Maryland and Vir.
ginia ; and under the Shade of this Tree all these

English Colonies have frequently been sheltered.
« Then (giving seven Fathom of Wampum) he re-
“ newed the Chain, and promised, as they likewife
« expected, mutual Affistance, in Case of any At-
" tack from any Enemy.
« The only Reason, to be plain with you,

« ed he, of our sending to make Peace with the French,
" is the low Condition to which we are reduced, while
“ none of our Neighbours send us the least Aflift-
« ance, so that the whole Burthen of the War lyes

on us alone. Our Brethren of New-England, Com " nefticut, Pensilvania, Maryland and Virginia, of

their own accord thrust their Arms into our + Chain ; but fince the War began we have receive < ed no Affittance from them. We alone cannot

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CHA P.“ continue the War against the French, by Reason of

“ the Recruits they daily receive from the other Side " the great Lake.

“ Brother Cayenguirago, speak from your Heart, “ are you resolved to prosecute the War vigorously, © against the French, and are your Neighbours of Virginia, Maryland, Pensilvania, Conne Eticut and “ New-England, resolved to assist us? If it be “ so, we assure you, notwithstanding any Trea“ ty hitherto entered into, we will prosecute the " War as hotly as ever.

But if our Neighbours “ will not assist, we must make Peace, and we sub“ mit it to your consideration, by giving this great “ Belt fifteen deep.

“ Brother Cayenguirago, I have truly told you the « Reasons which have induced us to offer Peace to " the French; we shall likewise, from the Bottom $ of our Hearts, inform you of the Design we « have in this Treaty. When the Governor of Canada shall have accepted the nine Belts, of which “ I have just now told you, then we shall have “ something more to say by two large Belts, which “ lye still hid in our Bosom. We shall lay down « first one and say, We have a Brother Cayenguira

go, with whose People we have been united in “ one Chain from the Beginning, they must be in« cluded in this Treaty ; we cannot see them in66 volved in bloody War, while we sit in easy Peace. Ļ If the Governor of Canada answer, that he has « made a separate Peace with us, and that he can“ not make any Peace with Cayenguirago, because " the War is from over the great Lake; then we “ fhall lay down the second great broad Belt, and “ tell the Governor of Canada, if you will not in“ clude Cayenguirago's People, the Treaty will be

come thereby void, as if it had never been " made ; and if he persists, we will absolutely leave him.”

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While the Sachems were at Albany, Decanesora CH A P. and the other Ambassadors arrived at the Castle of X. the Praying Indians, near the Falls above Montreal. They were conducted from thence, by the Superior of the Jesuits, to Quebeck. Tney had their Audience of the Governor of Canada with great Solemnity, in the Presence of all the Ecclesiasticks and Officers of Distinction, and of the most confiderable Indians then in the Place. They were every Day, while they staid in the Place, entertained at the Governor's Table, or at the Tables of the most confiderable Officers. Decanesora on his Side made a good Appearance, being cloathed in Scarlet trim'd with Gold, and with a laced Bever Hat on his Head, which had been given him by Colonel Fietcher before he went.

The Jesuit Milet had by Letter informed the Governor of every Thing in their Commission, and though he was thereby enabled to have answered them immediately, he consulted three Days, after the Ambassadors had delivered what they had to say, before he would return an Answer, that it might appear with more Solemnity.' The Indians never return a sudden Answer on any Occasion of Importance, however resolved they be beforehand, and despise those that do, though their Answer be never so much to the Purpose. I choose to give an Account of this from Decanafora's Mouth, as I did of the former, and for the same Reason. The Account given of it by the Indians agrees, in all the material Points, with that published by the French, and I am confident it is not less genuine.

Colonel Fletcher being sensible of what Confequence this Treaty between the French and Five Nations might be of to all the English Colonies, gave them Notice of it, and informed them of the Reasons which had induced the Indians to enter in


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