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Unlawful to Have in Possession During Close Season.

SEC. 9. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to have in their possession any deer or antelope during any time of the year other than during that time herein designated as the open season. Certain Hunting at Night Unlawful.

SEC. 10. It is hereby made unlawful for any person at any time to kill, catch, trap, net, impound, weir, wound, or pursue with intent to catch, capture, injure, or destroy, any wild ducks or wild geese or mountain quail or valley quail during the hours included between sunset and sunrise. Use of Hounds Prohibited.

SEC. 11. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons, firm, company, corporation, or association, at any and all times of the year to hunt, chase, pursue, run, catch, or kill any deer, antelope, caribou, elk, mountain sheep, or mountain goat, with or by the use or aid of any hound or hounds. Sale or Barter of Game UnlawfulNumber Taken LimitedException.

Sec. 12. It is hereby made unlawful for any person to sell, or offer for sale, or to attempt to sell, or barter any wild ducks, wild geese, prairie chicken, mountain quail, sagehen, grouse, valley quail, plover, or snipe. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to purchase such game for the purpose of barter or sale, and it shall also be unlawful for any person to kill or have in his possession a greater number than twenty ducks, or twenty mountain quail, ten sagehen, six grouse, twenty valley quail, five plover, or fifteen snipe in one day; provided, that the county commissioners of any county may, acting for their respective counties, by special ordinance, permit the killing or having in one's possession of not to exceed one hundred valley quail. Penalty.

SEC. 13. Any person violating any of the foregoing provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not less than $10 nor more than $100, or be imprisoned in the county jail for a period not less than fifteen days nor more than thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Penalty for Unlawful Transportation-What Not Defense.

SEC. 14. Any person or persons, company, corporation, or association, or common carrier, violating any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not less than $50 nor more than $500, or imprisonment in the county jail in the county in which said conviction is had for any term not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. It shall be no defense in the prosecution for the violation of any of the provisions of this act, that the animals or birds were taken or killed outside of the State of Nevada; nor shall it be any defense in the prosecution for the violation of any of the provisions of this act that the animals or birds were taken or killed by one other than he in whose possession said animals or birds were found. Unlawful to Receive for Transportation.

SEC. 15. Every railroad company, express company, transportation company, or any other common carrier, their officers, agents, and servants, and every other person who shall transport, carry, or take out of this state, or who shall receive for the purpose of transporting or carrying from this state any deer, buck, doe, or fawn, or any mountain sheep, or antelope, or any quail, sage chicken, prairie chicken, grouse, wild duck, or goose, or any other bird or animal mentioned in this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Close Season May Be Lengthened, But Never Shortened-Exception

for Scientific Purposes. SEC. 16. Should it be deemed advisable by any board of county commissioners for any county within this state to lengthen or extend the time of the close season for any specie of game mentioned in this act, the said board of county commissioners, acting for their respective county, may by special ordinance extend such close season; provided, however, that in no event shall the county commissioners or any other organization of men within this state extend the open season or shorten the close season for any specie of game whatsoever; provided, however, the county commissioners of any county in the state acting under the provisions of this act may change the open season for sagehen or for deer and antelope to an earlier or later date as the necessities of their respective county for the preservation of the above-mentioned game may demand; the length of time during which said game shall be protected shall in all cases remain the same as provided for in this act. Nothing in this act shall be so construed as to prohibit any person (upon a written permit of the governor of the state) from taking or killing any bird or fowl, or collecting the nest and eggs of the same, for strictly scientific purposes. Repeal.

SEC. 17. All acts and parts of acts heretofore passed and in conflict with the provisions of this act, or extending or limiting the provisions of this act in any way whatsoever, are hereby repealed. 2100. As amended, Stats. 1915, p. 338. Unlawful to kill or trap any

beaver before January, 1920. 2101. Hunters or fishermen must procure license. 2102. County clerk to issue license. 2103—Cost of License.

SEC. 3. The license herein provided for shall be issued as follows:

First-To any citizen of the United States who is a bona fide resident of the State of Nevada, upon the payment of one dollar.

Second—To any citizen of the United States, not a bona fide resident of the State of Nevada, upon the payment of ten dollars.

Third—To any person not a citizen of the United States, upon the payment of twenty-five dollars;

Provided, that a license for fishing only and good for but thirty days shall be issued to any applicant therefor upon the payment of two dollars.

It shall be unlawful at all times to kill, injure, or maim any mountain sheep, or mountain goat until January 1, 1920. As amended, Stats. 1913, 382.

2104-Applicant Must Give Certain Facts.

SEC. 4. Every person applying for and procuring a license as herein provided, shall give to the county clerk his name and resident address, which information shall be by the clerk or board entered in a book kept for that purpose, and provided by said board of county commissioners, together with a statement of the date of issuance, the number of license issued to such person and description of such person, by age, height, race, and color of the eyes and hair. 2105. Licenses valid during the open season, but never longer than

one year. 2106. Licenses to be credited to the game and fish preservation fund. 2107. Only one license to any one person for same fiscal year. Not

transferable. 2108. Must exhibit license on demand of any officer authorized to

enforce the fish and game laws, or any other peace officer.

License forfeited if transferred to another person. 2109. Penalty: Fine of not less than $10 nor more than $100, or by

imprisonment for not less than 5 days nor more than 50 days,

or by both such fine and imprisonment. 2111. Women and boys under fourteen excepted from provisions of

this act. 2112. License must be procured in home county, but valid anywhere

in the state. 2113. Shipment of wild game from the state prohibited. 4482–4483. Providing for the appointment of a board of fish com

missioners and defining their duties. 4484-4485. Providing for a state fish hatchery. Stats. 1913, p. 436. Providing for the protection and preservation of

trout and other fish: 1. Truckee River divided into two districts. 2. District No. 1, west of Derby Dam. 3. District No. 2, east of Derby Dam. 4. Closed season, except District No. 2, October 16 to April 30. 5. Closed season, District No. 2, February 16 to April 30. 6. Unlawful to take or kill fish by any means whatever except with

hook and line. 7. Unlawful to catch fish under certain lengthsLake trout, river trout, land-locked salmon, Royal Chinook

salmon—under seven inches. Large-mouthed or small-mouthed bass—under eight inches.

Red-spotted eastern brook trout—under six inches. 8. Regulation of transportation companies. 9. Unlawful to take, on any one calendar day, more than ten pounds

of trout, land-locked salmon, Royal Chinook salmon, largemouthed or small-mouthed black bass, or whitefish. Nothing

prohibits the taking of ten trout, salmon, or other fish. 10. Certain fishing prohibited within 100 feet of fish-way. 11. Certain fishing prohibited within one mile of United States dam.

12. Unlawful to take or catch any species of fish from two hours

after sunset to one hour before sunrise. 13. Peace officers to enforce act. 14. Aid of citizens may be invoked in certain cases. 15. Penalties. 16. Certain exceptions.

17. May be taken for breeding or scientific purposes. Stats. 1913, p. 366. Prohibiting the purchase or sale of game birds

and animals1. Purchase or sale of wild duck, wild goose, partridge, quail,

grouse, pheasant, sagehen, rail, ibis, plover, snipe or shore

bird, meadow-lark, or robin made a misdemeanor. 2. Purchase or sale of deer meat or antelope meat a misdemeanor. 6547. Prohibiting the pollution of waters. 6811-Unlawful to kill American Eagle.

SECTION 1. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons, firm, company, corporation, or association to kill, destroy, wound, trap, injure, keep in captivity, or in any other manner to catch or capture, or to pursue with such intent, the bird known as the American eagle, or to take, injure, or destroy the nest or eggs of said before-mentioned bird. Any person or persons, firm, company, corporation, or association violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by fine in any sum not less than twenty-five dollars, nor more than two hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail for any term not exceeding six months, or both. 6812—Song, Plume and Insectivorous Birds Not To Be Killed.

SECTION 1. Every person who shall kill, or destroy the eggs of any wild canary, wren, linnet, thrush, robin, bluebird, oriole, hummingbird, meadow-lark, snowbird, or other song, plume, or insectivorous bird, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

This section shall not apply to English sparrows, the killing of which is authorized, or to any bird for the killing of which an open season is provided by the game laws of the state. 6813-Idem ProsecutionDuty of Officers.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the sheriff and his deputies, constable and his deputies, district attorney, and all other peace officers in this state, upon receiving information from any person, that any provisions of the next preceding section have been violated, to immediately institute proceedings in the proper court against the person or persons thus complained of, and prosecute the same with reasonable diligence to final judgment, and any peace officer refusing to make complaint or institute proceedings as herein provided, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor in office, and fined in any sum not exceeding twentyfive dollars.


In the following index p. stands for page, s. for section, and small-cap
P. for paragraph.
Act construed, p. 69, s. 220.

Census Marshals (Continued).
Acts repealed, p. 69-71, s. 221.

Shall take school census in the month of April,
Amendment to Constitution Proposed-

p. 42, s. 124.
To invest school funds in farm mortgages, p. 144. Shall visit each home and may administer oath,
Appeal. See Superintendent of Public Instruc- p. 43, s. 125.

Report of -
Apportionment. See Funds, School.

Penalty for negligence of or fraud in, p. 44, s.
Arbor Day-

Governor's proclamation, p. 38, s. 111.

To be certified to and transmitted to deputy
Not legal holiday, p. 38, s. 110.

superintendent, p. 43, s. 128.

To be completed, p. 44, s. 129.
Legal adviser of deputy superintendents, p. 39, To be examined and corrected by deputy sup-
s. 116.

erintendent, p. 44, s. 130.
Legal adviser of state board of investment, Stats. To be examined by clerk of school board, p. 43,
1913, p. 252, s. 1.

s. 128.
Legal adviser superintendent of public instruc- To be separately made for joint districts, p. 43,
tion, Rev. Laws, s. 4130.

s. 127.
Member of state board of investment, Stats. 1913, To contain what, p. 42, s. 126.
p. 252, s. 1.

Shall report to county clerk in general election
Shall bring action for text-book commission, years certain facts, Rev. Laws, s. 3981.
when, p. 55, s. 166.

Special census marshal for regular census, p.
Bids must be advertised for all contracts over $500, 44, s. 131.
p. 150, 151.

Special census to be taken in new districts, p.
Birds, Fish, and Game-

33, 36, s. 80, 92.
Instruction as to, p. 38, s. 108.

Teacher ex officio census marshal, when, p. 41,
Board of Regents of State University. See Consti- s. 122.

tutional Provisions and University of Nevada. To serve without pay in districts of the second
Bonds, County High School. See County High class, p. 41, s. 122.

Child Labor Law-
Bonds, School District

Boys under 16 years, hours per day, p. 109, s. 8.
Amount to be determined by board of school Children under 14 years, p. 108, s. 4.
trustees, p. 62, s. 192.

Children under 16 years, p. 108, s. 3.
Election to be held for issuance, p. 62-65, s. 192- Forbidden callings for certain children, p. 108,

109, s. 2, 3, 5, 6.
Election notice for must contain, p. 62, s. 193. Girls under 18 years, hours per day, p. 109, s. 8.
Election for, how conducted, p. 62, s. 193.

No child under 14 years to labor during school
Issued for what purposes, p. 62, 65, s. 191, 200. hours, p. 108, s. 1.
Issuance of to be determined by voters of dis- Penalties for violation of, p. 109, s. 9.
trict, p. 62, s. 192.

Persons under 18 years in incorporated cities and
Maturity of limited to twenty years, p. 62, s. 193. towns, p. 108, s. 3.
Redemption of, p. 64, s. 197a.

State board of health to decide on injurious call-
Registration of, p. 63, s. 196.

ings, p. 109, s. 6.
Sale of, p. 62, s. 194.

Superintendent of public instruction to make
Signing of, p. 63, s. 195.

demand, when, p. 108, s. 4.
Sinking fund for payment of to be created, p. 63, See Employment of Children, etc.
s. 197.

City Superintendent,
Security of not affected by changes in boundaries Office created for districts of first class, p. 32,
of district, p. 65, s. 198, 202.

s. 76.
Tax for to be levied by county commissioners, p. Powers and duties of, p. 29, P. 15, s. 67; p. 32, s.
63, s. 197.

74, 76.
Tax levy for, lien on property, p. 65, s. 199. Qualifications of, p. 32, s. 76.
To be called in by county treasurer and paid at Term of office of, p. 32, s. 76.
maturity, p. 63, s. 197.

To administer certain oaths, p. 29, P. 15, s. 67.
Branch county high schools, 137, 138.

Classification of funds. See Funds, and County
Census Marshals, p. 41-45, s. 122-133.

Auditor, and County Treasurer.
Appointed how and when, eligibility, p. 41, s. 122. College farm for University, p. 149.
Appointment of special, for regular census, p. Compulsory Attendance-
44, s. 131.

Attendance in government schools, p. 116, s. 1.
Appointment of special, in new districts, p. 33, Fine or imprisonment, p. 117, s. 4.
36, s. 80, 92.

Fines to go to county school fund, p. 118, s. 5.
Blanks for, p. 42, s. 123.

Government school officers to give notice, p. 116,
Classification of districts for, p. 41, s. 122.

s. 2.
Compensation of -

Jurisdiction, p. 118, s. 8.
Amount (maximum) of, determined by statute, Peace officers to assist, p. 118, s. 6.
p. 44, s. 133.

Punishment for intimidation, p. 118, s. 7.
Bill not to be paid until deputy superintendent Suit for collection of fine, p. 117, s. 3.
has approved report, p. 44, s. 133.

Compulsory Education-
Bill to be made out against county, p. 44, s. 133. Arrest of truant, p. 67, s. 207.
Bill to be paid by county, p. 44, s. 133.

Attendance officer may be appointed by school
No compensation, when, p. 41, s. 122.

board, p. 67, s. 207.
Duties of

Attendance officer or school officer may investi-
Shall distinguish resident children from non- gate, p. 67, s. 209.
resident, p. 42, s. 124.

Children between ages of 8 and 16 years must
Shall enumerate all resident children, p. 42, s. attend school, p. 65, s. 203.

Excused from attendance, p. 65, s. 203.
Shall report to clerk of school board and dep- Child declared habitual truant, p. 66, s. 204.
uty superintendent, p. 44, s. 128, 129.

Child deemed truant, p. 66, s. 204.

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