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“Brother Cayenguirago, we now acquaint you “ that it is proposed by all the Five Nations, to “make Peace with the Dionondadies, a Nation of “ Indians near in Alliance with the French of Cana“da. This will both strengthen us and weaken the “Enemy. The Senekas, who live nearest them, “ have undertaken this Treaty, and take Belts of

“Wampum from the other Nations, to confirm

“ the Peace. We defire your Approbation, that
“ you would send your Belt in Concurrence, as our
“eldest Brother in our Chain.” -
The Governor approved of this, and gave them
a Belt to carry in his Name.
Notwithstanding what the Speaker of the Five
Nations had promised to the Governor, to bring all
the Papers the Oneydo Messenger should bring from
Canada, before the Jesuit Milet should have Li-
berty to see them, it could not be difficult for the
Jesuit, to persuade them to keep the Power of
making Peace in their own Hands, and for that
Purpose, to call a Meeting of the Sachems of 9.
- go,

CHA P. dago, where all such Matters had been formerly

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*- mine independently, rather than to submit them.

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agreeable to English Ears, which had been ". - takéll

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* When the Affair of which they speak concerns the Government of New-?ork, the Indians always address themselves to the Governor, whether he be present or not,

/ I - “ I

CH A p.“ I have Orders from the King my Master to grant

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“ you Peace, if you come in your proper Persons

*-* “ to ask it. The Governor of Canada afterwards

“ said, -
“Children of the Five Nations, I have Compas.
“sion for your little Children, therefore come
“ speedily, and speak of Peace to me, otherwise
“I’ll stop my Ears for the future: By all Means let
“, Decanosora come; for if the Mohawks come alone,
“ I will not hear them, some of all the Five Nations
“ must come. Now Tariba return home, and tell
“ the Five Nations, that I will wait for their coming
“ till the Trees bud, and the Bark can be parted
“ from the Trees. I design for France in the
“Spring, and Ileave a Gentleman to command here,
“ to whom I have given Orders to raise Soldiers, if
“ you do not come in that Time, and then what
“will become of you? I am truly grieved to see
“ the Five Nations so debauched and deceived by
“Cayenguirago, who is lately come to New-2%ré,
“ and by Qūider. Formerly the chief Men of the
“Five Nations used to converse with me; but this
“Governor of New-Zork has so deluded you, that.
“ you hearken to none but him ; but take Care
“ of what will follow, if you hearken to none but
<< him. ”
Then Decanesora excused the not sending the Let-
ters to Albany, which came by Tariha, as they had
promised, saying, the other Nations trusted this to
the Oneydoes, because the Messenger was to return
to them, and the Oneydoes deceived the others. He
likewise excused their not coming to Albany as soon
as Tariha returned, which was in November. He
said the chief Sachem of the Onondagas, who was
entrusted (as their Speaker) by the Five Nations
with their general Affairs, by the general Council
of Onondaga, had a sore Leg, and could not travel *.

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That in such Case he (Decanesara) did all that was CH A P. in his Power, that is, he called a Council at Onondaga, X. to give Directions in this Affair; and that he invited wider to this Council. He continued, “ The four Nations that met there resolved to “ send Deputies to Canada, and that I Decanesora was “ to be one of them; but at the same Time ordered • me, with some others, to communicate the Re‘ solutions of the General Council to our Brethren ‘ at Albany, and to the Mohawks, to be farther “ advised by them. “ The Resolutions are, to send three Belts to “ the Governor of Canada, with the following Pro“ positions. N

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“When this was concluded the Jesuit Milet, “ and another French Gentleman (who had been “ taken

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