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Ohio, May 13, 1864. Eight children: Sophia Eleanor, born January 14, 1882; William Francis, born October 15, 1883; Maine, born February 23, 1885; Hudson C, born December 22, 1887; Valleau, Jr., born November 3, 1889; Waldo Gay, born October 11, 1891; Glenwood, born January 6, 1893; Samuel Brown, born April 21, 1895.

William Vinton Grant Rathbone, born, Hohokus, Bergen County, N. J., January 19, 1865; married Etta McClung, December 25, 1888. She born July 16,1867. Two children: Nina Agnes and John Atkinson.

Castella Francis Rathbone, born, Northport, Me., January 5, 1867; married Jean Moodie Jamieson, July 21, 1885. She born, Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland, December 27, 1866. Seven children: Archibald Moodie, born November 22, 1886; Castella Francis, born April 14, 1888, died August, 1888; Jennie May, born August 28, 1889, died September, 1890; Mildred Irene, born December 3, 1891; Mary Helen, born October 13, 1895; Samuel Brown, born October 11, 1898, died May, 1899; Monroe Jackson, born November IO, 1899.

Annie Marie Rathbone, born, Northport, Me., July 14, 1869; married John Smith. Seven children.

Van Allen Doremus Rathbone, born, Northport, Me., August 31, 1871; married Pink Riddle, August 16, 1894. She born October 17, 1876. Three children: Marjorie Marie, born June 24, 1895; Paul Francis, born December 19, 1897; Agnes Viola, born April 24, 1900.

Mamie Juliette Rathbone, born February 1, 1885; died same day; buried at Palestine, W. Va.

Harold Lansing Rathbone, born, Elizabeth, W. Va., September 8, 1886. Guy Brown Rathbone, born, Elizabeth, W. Va., October 18, 1888. Marguerite Rathbone, born, Elizabeth, W. Va., January 27, 1891; died there, September 22, 1891.

Edward Clayton Rathbone, born, Elizabeth, W. Va., August 25, 1892.
Martha Ming Valleau Rathbone, born, Elizabeth, W. Va., July 3, 1896.

9. Eleanor Sophia Rathbone

Born March 4, 1826; married Daniel Frost, of Jackson, W. Va., 1844. At the organization of the Legislature of West Virginia, at Wheeling, in 1861, he was elected Speaker of the House. He entered the Union Army as Lieutenant-Colonel of the 11th West Virginia Regiment, of which he was made Colonel in 1863. He was killed in a skirmish at Snicker's Gap, W. Va. Seven children: Bushrod

Taylor, born 1845, married Sally Langford, she died; married second,;

Valleau, born 1848; Arthur, born 1851; Martha, born 1853; Taylor, born 1855; Mary, born 1857; Juliette, born 1861.

1o. William Van Allen Rathbone

Born May 9, 1837. Married first, Ellen Devers. No children.
Married second, ——. No children.

Child and Descendants of Ming

Sixth Child of William Valleau and Eleanor Henneson
1. William Blanchard Valleau

Born January 19, 1822; married Georgiana Dorney, of Quebec, Canada, June 7, 1845. He died August 26, 1868. She born May 5, 1824. Ten children: Isabella, William Prior, John Ming, Joseph George, Elizabeth Julia, Josephine and Georgiana, twins; Ellen Juliet, Frederick William, and Beniah Archibald.

Isabella Valleau, bor n June 14, 1846; married Denis Murray (Judge,) November, 1870. He born 1837; died July 4, 1893. Twelve children: Maud Mary Georgine, born February 26, 1873; Willie, died in infancy; Evaline, born June 12, 1875; Edith, died in infancy; Cecil Verney, born August, 1878; Ethel, died in infancy; Mary Adelaide, born December, 1879; Ruby, died in infancy; Blanche, born February 17, 1883; Gordon Cannon, born 1885; Allan, born 1887; Ray, born 1888.

William Prior Valleau, born December 14, 1847; died 1848.

John Ming Valleau, born August 15, 1849; died February 13, 1850.

Joseph George Valleau, born January 29, 1851; married Emma Macdonald Armour, January 19, 1886. She born October 20, 1856. Five children: Robert Blanchard, born November 18, 1886; Guy Armour, born July 31, 1889; William Dorney, born February 17, 1891; Frederick Douglas, born November 19, 1892; Claude Burton, born August 23, 1894.

Elizabeth Julia Valleau, born April 5, 1853; married George Lionel Maxham, 1879. One child: Georgiana, born January 17, 1894.

Josephine Valleau, born December 26, 1855; died July, 1856.

Georgiana Valleau, twin of Josephine, born December 26, 1855; married Henry Edward Peters. She died December 28, 1889. He born June 30, 1855. Five children: Henry, born May 6, 1883, died same day; Ethel Mary Georgiana, born April 6, 1885; Henry Beryl, born November 30, 1886; Lewis Herbert, born November 18, 1888; Joseph, born December 24, 1889, died same day.

Ellen Juliet Valleau, born January 22, 1858; married Herbert John William Carbray. He born December 5, 1859. Ten children: Felice Georgie Cecelia, born April 8, 1883; Herbert Blanchard, born April 18, 1884; Cecil William, born 1885, died; Beatrice, born 1886, died; Trevor Hayden, born June 17, 1889; Estelle, born September 3, 1890, died; Henry, born October, 1891, died; Frederick William, born 1892, died; Marguerite Patricia, born July 20, 1894; Eileen Verney, born, Montreal, Canada, November 5, 1899.

Frederick William Valleau, born February 22, 1861; married May Franklin, of Victoria, British Columbia, January 17, 1900.

Beniah Archibald Valleau, born July 21, 1862; died August 21, 1862.

2 John Valleau

John, a son of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle, of whom there are no records. The few facts concerning him are these: He was a Loyalist and located at Maugerville, Nova Scotia, which is shown in the previous sketch of Fauconnier Valleau; removed to the States, and, it is said, died in 1812. He was unmarried.

3. David Valleau

David, a son of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle. There are no known records of his birth or baptism. In the struggle between England and the Colonies, unlike other members of his family, David Valleau's sympathies were with the latter, and he became a private in a New Jersey Regiment. It is said his father was so much incensed at his son joining the Patriot Army to fight the Crown that he shook his fist at him, and denounced him in bitter terms, as he was marching with his regiment along Broadway to the seat of war. David's regiment was a part of the force, under General Montgomery, engaged in'the unfortunate expedition against Quebec, Canada, in December, 1775. He was among those captured there by the British, and his name is found in the list of prisoners released on parole by General Carle ton. This list is given in Peter Force's American Archives, 5 S., Vol. I, p. 1169, and contains the names of those who accepted the parole, out of three hundred American prisoners, including officers. The parole was as follows: "We whose names are here underwritten, do hereby solemnly promise and engage to his Excellency General Carleton, not to say or do anything against his Majesty's person and Government, and to repair, whenever required so to do, wherever his Excellency, or any other of his Majesty's Commanders-in-Chief in America, shall please to direct. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our names at Quebeck, the 9th. day of August 1776."

After the war was over, David Valleau became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and his connection with that body is as follows:

"Admitted on trial in 1791. Stationed at Cambridge [Washington County, N. Y.]. He was on trial for the second year."

"The General Minutes of 1792, have David Valleau stationed with Robert Green, at Albany, N. Y."

"Admitted into full connection in 1793. Stationed at New Rochelle, N. Y., in 1793."

"In the General Minutes of 1794 this record is made: Question 9. Who have been dismissed for improper conduct? Answer. Simon Carlisle, David Richardson, James Johnson, David Valleau."

[Author's Notes.—In the history of Rye, Westchester County, N. Y., by the Reverend Charles W. Baird, it is stated that Methodism was introduced into the county in 1771, and that the Reverend S. K. Talbot was the circuit preacher at the close of 1787, the Reverend David Valleau being mentioned as one of his successors. The improper conduct for which these men were dismissed from the ministry in 1794, was probably some breach of church doctrine or discipline.]

David Valleau was unmarried, and died before 1820.

4. Magdalene Valleau

Magdalene, a daughter of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle, was born February 7, 1759, and was baptised* February 18, 1759; witnesses: Sarah Clark, Sarah Valleau and James Kip. She died young, hence the giving of the name to another daughter.

5. Mary Valleau

Mary, a daughter of Fauconnier Valleau and Elizabeth Earle, born 1760; died April 8, 1854. Married first, Rescola (Captain), an Englishman. They had a daughter Susan, who married John Le Maire, and their daughter, Suzette Le Maire, married Christian Zabriskie, M.D., and left a son, Charles F. Zabriskie.

Married second, Joseph Morrison, March 1, 1790^ He born 1764; died September 19, 1824. Eight children: Samuel James, William Valleau, Pitcairn, John Clitz, Edmund Carlyle, Clarinda Margaret, Josephine Rathbone, and Clark.

*iBaptism recorded at Trinity Church, New York City,
t married by the Reverend Richard Moore, at New York.

Children of Mary Rescola and Joseph Morrison

1. Samuel James Morrison

Born December 18, 1790; died January 9, 1806.

2. William Valleau Morrison

Born October 10, 1792; married,* Montreal, Canada, Susan Kay, June 28, 1817. He died May 9, 1877. She born May 2, 1799; died January 14, 1862. Seven children: Mary Jane, William, Susan Le Maire, Clarinda Margaret, Ann Eliza, Joseph, and William Valleau, Jr.

3. Pitcairn Morrison

Born, New York City, September 18, 1795; married Irene Maria, daughter of Dr. Eugene Antonio Sierra, of the Spanish Army, at Pensacola, Fla., December 18, 1822. He died, Baltimore, Md., October 5, 1887. She born, Pensacola, Fla.; died, St . Louis, Mo., November 17, 1883. Ten children: Fannie McMahon, Clara Le Mai, Georgia Antoinette, Joseph Eugene, Martha Rathbone, Eugene Joseph, John Le Maire, Irene Sierra, Mary Rose, and Margaret Mason.

Army record of Pitcairn Morrison:

"Col. [Brevet Brig-Gen.] Retired, U. S. A. Appointed from New York. 2nd. Lieut. Artillery Corps, Oct. 27, 1820; transferred to 4th Artillery, June 1, 1821; to 2nd. Artillery, Aug. 16, 1821; to 4th. Infantry, Aug. 29, 1822; 1st. Lieut. 4th Inf., Aug. 26, 1826; Captain of the same, Sept. 13, 1836; Major 8th. Inf., Sept. 26, 1847; Lt . Col. 7th. Inf., June 9, 1853; Col. 8th. Inf., June 6, 1861. Retired from disability in line of duty, Oct. 20, 1863. Brevetted Major 9th. Inf., May 1846, for gallantry at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma. Brevetted BrigGen., March 13, 1865, for long and faithful services. Served through the Florida War; was placed in charge of Seminole Indian prisoners, amongst whom was the Chief Osceola, who died at Fort Moultrie, S. C, January 30, 1838, and was buried by Gen. Morrison. Afterwards assisted in removing the Seminoles to their reservation in the Indian Territory. Was stationed at New Orleans 12 years as Post Commissary. Served in the Mexican War under Gen. Taylor. In the Utah Expedition under General Albert Sidney Johnson, after which he was ordered with his regiment to Arizona, and served at various posts on our frontier. During the early part of the Civil War, he was attached to the staff of Governor Yates of Illinois. Afterwards was in charge of the Prison Camp, at Camp Butler, near Springfield, Illinois. Last stationed at Benton Barracks, near St. Louis, Missouri."f

4. John Clitz Morrison

Born October 8, 1797; married Mary Stickler, May 7, 1821. He died November 13, 1860. Five children: Josephine, Catharine Ann, Stickler, Mary Place, and Walter Kiersted.

5. Edmund Carlyle Morrison

Born January 10, 1800; died, Vera Cruz, Mexico.

6. Clarinda Margaret Morrison

Born June 28, 1802; died August 6, 1819.

* Married by the Reverend John Leeds.

t See else where Regular Army Register of the United States."

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