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SEC. 401. Taxes Levied and Collected. [7771] Said rate

. of tax shall be certified to the county clerk of the county in which said county high school is situated, by the president and secretary of said board of trustees, and the said county clerk is hereby authorized and required to place the same on the tax-rolls of the county, and said tax shall be collected in the same manner as other county taxes, and when collected the county treasurer shall pay the same to the treasurer of the county high school in the same manner that school funds are paid to the district treasurers as required by law. (Laws 1909, ch, 211, sec. 2.)

SEC. 402. Duties of Treasurer and Secretary. [7772] The said treasurer of the high school shall receive from the county treasurer, and from other parties, all moneys that belong to the funds of said school, and shall pay out the same only by direction of the board of trustees, upon orders duly signed by the president and countersigned by the secretary, stating the purpose for which they were drawn. Both the secretary and treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all moneys received and expended for said school, and at the close of each year, or oftener if required by the board of trustees, they shall make a full statement of the financial affairs of the school. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 8.)

SEC. 403. Site and Buildings. [7773] The said board of trustees shall proceed, as soon as practicable after the appointment as aforesaid, to select, at the place determined by the vote of the county, the best site that can be obtained without expense to the county, and the title thereof shall be vested in the said county; they shall then proceed to make purchases of material, and to let such contracts for their necessary school buildings as they may deem proper, but shall not make any purchase or contract in any year to exceed the amount on hand, and to be raised by the levy of tax for that year. The board of trustees, at their discretion, may lease suitable buildings for the use of the high school while new buildings are in process of erection, the rent to be paid by the fund created by the levy for highschool purposes. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 9.)

SEC. 404. Employment of Principal and Teachers. [7774] When such board of trustees shall have finished a building for said school, they shall employ some suitable person, who shall take charge of the same and teach in the same, and shall be known as the principal of such school; and the trustees shall furnish such assistant teachers as they deem necessary, and shall provide for their salaries. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 10.)

SEC. 405. Courses of Instruction. [7775] There shall be provided three courses of instruction, each requiring four years' study126 for completion, namely, a general course, a

126. Does not apply to Reno county high school. (Laws 1905, ch. 457.) normal course, and a collegiate course. The general course shall be designed for those who can not continue school life after leaving said high school. The normal course shall be designed for those who intend to become teachers, and shall fully prepare any who wish to enter the first year of professional work at the State Normal School. The collegiate course shall fully prepare those who wish to enter the freshman class of the college of liberal arts and sciences of the State Univerity, or of the State Agricultural College, or of any other institution of higher learning in this state. Whenever practicable, students in these courses shall recite in the same classes. Students in the last year of the normal course may be employed for a portion of their time in teaching the pupils of the first year in any course, and model schools shall be encouraged. (Laws 1905, ch. 389, sec. 1.)

SEC. 406. Tuition and Admission. [7776] Tuition shall be free to all pupils residing in the county where the school is located. The board of trustees shall make such general rules and regulations as they may deem proper in regard to age and grade of attainments essential to entitle pupils to admission to such school; provided, that no person shall be admitted to such high school who shall not have passed a satisfactory examination in all the work of the district schools of the county in which such high school is situated. If there should be more applicants than can be accommodated at any one time, each district shall be entitled to send its equal proportion of pupils, according to the number of pupils it may have, as shown by the last report to the county superintendent of public instruction; and the boards of the respective school districts shall designate such pupils as may attend, subject to the proviso above. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 12.)

SEC. 407. Nonresident Pupils. [7777] If at any time the school can accommodate more pupils than apply for admission from that county in which the school is situated, the vacancies may be filled by applicants from other counties, upon the payment of such tuition as the board of trustees may prescribe, but at no time shall such pupils continue in such school to the exclusion of pupils residing in the county in which such school is situated. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 13.)

SEC. 408. Rules and Regulations. [7778] The principal of any such high school, with the approval of the board of trustees, shall make such rules and regulations as he may deem proper in regard to the studies, conduct and government of the pupils under his charge while they shall continue to be enrolled at such school; and if any such pupil will not conform to nor obey the rules of the school, they may be suspended therefrom temporarily by the principal, and may be expelled by the board of trustees. (Laws 1907, ch. 335, sec. 1.)

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SEC. 409. Privileges of Graduates from Normal Course. [7780] Those graduating from the normal course in the county high school shall be entitled to a teacher's second-grade certificate,127 and shall be admitted to the first year of professional work at the State Normal School without further examination; and those graduating from the collegiate course shall be entitled to admission to the freshman class of the State University, and of the State Agricultural College, without further examination. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 15.)

SEC. 410. Report of Trustees. [7781] The board of trustees shall annually make a report to the county commissioners, which shall specify the number of students attending the high school during the year, their sex, and the branches taught, the text-books used, the number of teachers employed, the salaries paid, the amounts expended respectively for library, apparatus, buildings, and for all other purposes; also the amount of funds on hand, the debts unpaid, if any; the amounts due, if any; and all other information deemed important or expedient to report. Said report shall be printed in at least one newspaper of the county, if any is published therein, and a copy of the report shall be forwarded to the state superintendent of public instruction. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 16.)

SEC. 411. Vacancies in Board of Trustees. [7782] The county commissioners shall have power to fill any vacancies that may occur in the board of trustees for that county, by appointment until the next general election. (Laws 1886, ch. 147, sec. 17.)

SEC. 412. Compensation of Trustees. [7783] The county board of county-high-school trustees shall allow to each member thereof the sum of three dollars per day for the time actually and necessarily employed in the discharge of his official duties, and in addition thereto the sum of five cents per mile necessarily traveled in attending meetings of the board, and when such accounts are presented for payment they shall be audited and paid out of the county-high-school fund in the same manner as other accounts against said board. Said trustees shall not be allowed any other remuneration for services or expenses. (Laws 1907, ch. 334, sec. 1.)

127. This certificate should be issued by the county board of examiners and should state thereon that it was issued by virtue of graduation from the county high school. The usual fee of one dollar should be collected from each applicant.

420. Bond election.
421. Issuance of bonds.

ARTICLE III.—County High Schools in Counties Having a Population of

Less than 6000. $413. May be established at county seats. $418. Petition or election. 414. Course of study.

419. Bonds may be issued. 415. Privileges of graduates. 416. May employ teachers. 417. Free to pupils in the county.

422. Illegal use of proceeds. SECTION 413. May Establish at County Seat. [7784] That the county commissioners of any county of Kansas having a population of less than 6,000 be and they are hereby authorized to negotiate with the school district or school districts at the county seat of such county for the establishment of a county high school; provided, that on the presentation of a petition signed by a majority of the electors of any such county, as shown by the returns of the last preceding general election, the county commissioners shall call an election for the purpose of determining whether they shall make such contract as aforesaid; and if at such election a majority of the votes cast shall be in favor of making said contract, then and in that case it shall be the duty of such commissioners to make such contract. (Laws 1903, ch. 433, sec. 1.) SEC. 414. Course of Study. [7785] Such county high

. schools when established shall.adopt a course of study to be prescribed by the State Board of Education. (Laws 1897, ch. 180, sec. 2.)

SEC. 415. Privileges of Graduation. [7786] Upon the presentation of a certificate of graduation from any such county high school, within one year from the date of the same, to any state institution of learning, the person presenting the same may be admitted without further examination to said institution of learning. (Laws 1897, ch. 180, sec. 3.)

SEC. 416. May Employ Teachers. [7787] For the purpose of carrying this act into effect, the boards of county commissioners in such counties may employ such number of teachers in addition to those regularly employed by the district at the county seat as shall in their judgment be necessary for the purpose of conducting such schools, and pay such teachers from the general fund of the county. (Laws 1897, ch. 180, sec. 4.) SEC. 417. Free to Pupils in the County. [7788]

[7788] Such county high school shall be free to all persons of school age in their respective counties. (Laws 1897, ch. 180, sec. 5.)

SEC. 418. Petition or Election.128 [7789] No county high school as herein provided for shall be established except upon a petition signed by a majority of the electors of the county or pursuant to an election held in such county for the purpose

128. See section 413 of this book.

of voting upon the question of establishing such county high schools. (Laws 1897, ch. 180, sec. 6.)

SEC. 419. Bonds May be Issued. [7802] That any county which has established a county high school under the provisions of chapter 180, Session Laws of 1897, as amended by chapter 433, Session Laws of 1903, is hereby authorized and empowered to issue and sell bonds of the county for the purpose of erecting, furnishing and equipping a building for the use of the county high school of the county; provided, that no bonds shall be issued as provided for in this section until the same has been submitted to the electors of the county at a general election, or at a special election called for that purpose, and a majority of the voters voting upon the proposition shall have voted in favor of the same; provided, that the provisions of this act shall not be construed as applying to any county in which is located a city of the first class. (Laws 1907, ch. 332, sec. 1.)

SEC. 420. Bond Election. [7803] When a petition signed by twenty-five per cent of the legal voters of the county, as shown by the latest official poll of the county, shall have been presented to the board of county commissioners of the county, asking that the question of issue of the bonds for the purpose named in this act be submitted to a vote of the people, it shall become the duty and is hereby made the duty of the board of county commissioners to make provisions to submit the question to a vote of the people; provided, that if a general election

a is to be held within six months after the receipt of the petition, the board of county commissioners shall submit the question at the next general election; otherwise, the board of county commissioners shall call a special election for this purpose, by giving not less than thirty days' notice by publication in not less than four issues of a newspaper of general circulation in the county. (Laws 1907, ch. 332, sec. 2.)

SEC. 421. Issuance of Bonds. [7804] The bonds issued by authority of this act shall not exceed in any county in amount twenty thousand dollars, in denominations of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, and shall bear not more than five per cent interest, payable semiannually, as shown by coupons attached, and shall mature not later than twenty years from the date thereof. The bonds herein

. provided for shall recite that they are issued in pursuance of the provisions of this act. (Laws 1907, ch. 332, sec. 3.)

SEC. 422. Illegal Use of Proceeds. [7805] It shall be unlawful for the board of county commissioners or any other person or persons to use or appropriate any of the proceeds of the bonds herein provided for any other purpose than that prescribed in this act. (Laws 1907, ch. 332, sec. 4.)


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