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Lord, let us to thy gates repair,

To hear the gladdening sound,

That we may find salvation there,

Whilst yet it may be found.

There let us joy and comfort reap;

There teach us how to pray

For grace to choose, and strength to keep

The strait—the narrow way.

And so increase our love for thee,

That all our future days

May one continued sabbath be,

Of gratitude and praise.


O Lord, how numerous are my foes !

A people, call’d my own,

Rebel against me, and oppose

My Gospel and my crown!

Their slanderous lips presume to say

That thou art not my friend,

And call my soul a cast-away

Thine arm will not defend!

But thou, my glory and my shield

The God in whom I trust

Shall yet the promis'd succour yield,

And raise me from the dust.

When in the vale of grief and care,

To thee my sorrows cried,

From Zion's hill thou deign’dst to hear,

And all my wants supplied.

I laid me down in peace to sleep,

And fear'd no hostile arm;

For thou didst all my slumbers keep

Secure from every harm.

Though Legion, with ten thousand foes,

Against my kingdom rise,

In thee will I


trust repose,

And every fear despise.

O save me by thy mighty aid;

Help and defend my cause ;

Oft hast thou bruis’d Apollyon's head,

And snatch'd me from his jaws.

For none but thee the pow'r possess

To save or to destroy.

O Lord, thy people save, and bless

With never-ending joy.

I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress : my

God; in him will I trust.—Psalm xci. ver. 2.

Shall I on man's vain strength depend ?

Man is a frail, uncertain friend.

No, Lord; my trust shall be in thee

An everlasting friend to me.

Shall I in princes put my trust ?

Princes and kings are nought but dust.

No, Lord; I'll put my trust in thee :

Thou art a Prince of Life to me.

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