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SEC. 359. Union Institutes. [Laws 1911, ch. 270, sec. 2.] That section 7516 of the General Statutes of Kansas of 1909 be and is hereby amended to read as follows: Sec. 7516. Two or more counties, each having less than 12,000 inhabitants, may unite in holding one normal institute, with the consent and by the direction of the state superintendent of public instruction; provided, that aside from determining the time and place of holding the normal institute and contracting with a conductor and instructors for the same, the superintendent of the county in which the institute shall be located shall be in charge of the same and direct and determine all matters of details; and such superintendent shall draw all orders upon the normal-institute fund as provided in the original act; and provided, that the treasurer of the county in which such normal institute is held shall be the custodian of the “normal-institute fund" to whom the state and county appropriations for the benefit of the normal institute shall be transmitted, and to whom the several county superintendents of the counties thus uniting shall transmit the fees collected, as provided in the original act; and providing further, that if a surplus should exist after payment of all the expenses of the normal institute the same shall be distributed equally among the normal-institute funds of the counties thus uniting.

person not holding the certificate of the State Board of Education for institute work.


$360. Normal courses in high schools.
361. State aid.
362. Rules and regulations by State Board

of Education.
363. Examination; certificates.

$364. Academies eligible.
365. Appropriation for normal training.
366. Appropriation for agriculture and

domestic science.

SECTION 360. Normal Courses in High Schools. [7845.] That for the purpose of affording increased facilities for the professional training of those preparing to teach, and particularly those who are to have charge of our rural schools, the State Board of Education shall make provisions for normal courses of study and for normal training in such high schools as said Board of Education shall designate; provided, that said high schools shall be selected and distributed with regard to their usefulness in supplying trained teachers for schools in all portions of the state and with regard to the number of teachers required for the schools in each portion of the state. (Laws 1909, ch. 212, sec. 1.)

SEC. 361. State Aid. [7846.] Each high school designated for normal training and meeting the requirements of the State Board of Education shall receive state aid to the amount of five hundred dollars per school year, to be paid in two equal installments, on the first day of March and the first day of June each year, from the state treasury, on a voucher certified to by its superintendent or principal and approved by the state superintendent of public instruction; provided, that no part of such money received from the state shall be used for any other purpose than to pay teachers' wages; and provided further, that in case more than one high school in any one county shall establish a normal course in accordance with the provisions of this act and shall be accredited by the State Board of Education the total state aid distributed in such counties shall not exceed one thousand dollars, and in case there are more than two high schools in any one county designated and accredited by the said State Board of Education state aid to an amount not exceeding one thousand dollars shall be equally divided among said schools. (Laws 1909, ch. 212, sec. 2.).

SEC. 362. Rules and Regulations by State Board of Education. [7847.] In order that a high school shall be eligible to receive state aid under this act it shall have in regular attendance in its normal-training courses at least ten students during each semester, and such normal-training work shall be given under such rules and regulations as the State Board of Education may prescribe, subject to the provisions of this act. (Laws 1909, ch. 212, sec. 3.)

SEC. 363. Examinations, Certificates. [7848.] On the third Friday and Saturday of May each year, in each high school accredited under the provisions of this act, an examination of applicants for normal-training certificates shall be conducted, under such rules as the State Board of Education may prescribe. This examination shall be in charge of two competent persons appointed by said board. The said State Board of Education shall prepare the questions and fix the standard for the issuing of said certificates; provided, that said certificates shall be issued only to graduates of said normal courses of study, and shall be issued for a period of two years, and shall be renewable on conditions established by the State Board of Education. A fee of one dollar shall be charged each applicant, and the money so collected shall be turned over to the treasurer of the school where such examination is held, and the treasurer of such school shall pay the persons conducting said examination for their services in a sum not to exceed three dollars per day each. The manuscripts shall be properly wrapped and sealed and sent to the state superintendent of public instruction, accompanied by a fee of ten dollars from the funds of the schools. All moneys received by the state superintendent of public instruction from such source shall be turned into the state treasury, and shall become available to pay the expenses incurred by the State Board of Education in securing and paying for a competent examination and grading of said manuscripts. Said certificate shall be issued by the State Board of Education, and shall be valid in any county of the state. All moneys received from such source during the fiscal years ending June 30, 1910 and 1911, are hereby appropriated to pay for said expenses of said State Board of Education. Said expenses shall be paid on the warrants of the state auditor upon the filing of proper vouchers approved by the state superintendent of public instruction. (Laws 1909, ch. 212, sec. 4.)

SEC. 364. Academies Eligible. [7849.] Accredited academies are eligible to the operation of this act, except as to receiving state aid. (Laws 1909, ch. 212, sec. 5.)

SEC. 365. Appropriation for Normal Training. [Laws 1911, ch. 24, sec. 1.] There is hereby appropriated for normaltraining courses in high schools $70,000 for the year 1912 and $75,000 for the year 1913, or so much thereof as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of the normal-training act of 1909, being chapter 212 thereof, and the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education made in accordance therewith; provided, that no high school situated in the cities having state normal schools shall receive said aid.

SEC. 366. Appropriation for Agriculture and Domestic Science. [Laws 1911, ch. 24, sec. 2.) There is hereby appropriated for the year 1912 $25,000 and for the year 1913 $25,000, to be expended as follows, and to be distributed in the same manner as is provided for the distribution of the state aid for normal-training courses: Any high schools that


now maintain a normal-training course under the provisions of chapter 212 of the Session Laws of 1909, or that shall put into operation such normal-training course, shall be entitled to the sum of $250 per annum; provided, that such schools shall also maintain courses in the elements of agriculture and domestic science under such provisions and regulations as may be established by the State Board of Education; and provided further, that no such school shall be eligible to the $250 annual state aid or any part thereof that shall not have at least ten pupils enrolled in such industrial courses each semester; and provided further, that the same rules and regulations as to examinations shall apply as in the case of the normaltraining act.


$367. Display of flag.
368. Rules and regulations.

$369. Duty of state superintendent.
370. Patriotic exercises.

SECTION 367. Display of Flag. [7748.] It shall be the duty of the school authorities of every public school in the several cities, towns, villages and school districts of this state to purchase a suitable United States flag, flagstaff, and the necesary appliances therefor, and to display such flag upon, near or in the public-school building during school hours and at such other times as such school authorities may direct. (Laws 1907, ch, 319, sec. 1.)

SEC. 368. Rules and Regulations. [7749.] The said school authorities shall establish rules and regulations for the proper custody, care and display of the flag, and, when the weather will not permit it to be otherwise displayed, it shall be placed conspicuously in the principal room of the schoolhouse. (Laws 1907, ch. 319, sec. 2.)

SEC. 369. Duty of State Superintendent. [7750.] It shall be the duty of the state superintendent of public instruction of this state to prepare for the use of the public schools of the state a program providing for a salute to the flag at the opening of each day of school, and such other patriotic exercises as may be deemed by him to be expedient, under such regulations and instructions as may best meet the varied requirements of the different grades in such schools. It shall also be his duty to make special provision for the observance of [in] such public schools of Lincoln's birthday, Washington's birthday, Memorial day (May 30), and Flag day (June 14), and such other legal holidays of like character as may be hereafter designated by law. (Laws 1907, ch. 319, sec. 3.)

SEC. 370. Patriotic Exercises. [7751.] The state superintendent of public instruction is hereby authorized and directed to procure and provide the necessary and appropriate instructions for developing and encouraging such patriotic exercises in the public schools, and the state printer is hereby authorized and directed to do such printing and binding as may become necessary for the efficient and faithful carrying out of the purposes of this act. (Laws 1907, ch. 319, sec. 4.)

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