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VI. CONGRESS. The Congress of the United States consists of a Senate and Horse of Representatives, and must assemble at least once every year, on the first Monday of December, unless it is otherwise provided by law.

The Senate is composed of two members from each State ; and, of course, the regular number is now 62. They are chosen by the Legislatures of the several States, for the term of six years, one third of them being elected biennially.

The Vice-President of the United States is the President of the Senate, in which body he has only a casting vote, which is given in case of an equal division of the votes of the Senators. In his absence, a President pro tempore is chosen by the Senate.

The House of Representatives is composed of members from the several States, elected by the people, for the term of two years. The Representatives are apportioned among the different States according to population. The 31st Congress is chosen according to the act of Congress of 1842, the ratio being “one Representative for every 70,680 persons in each State, and one additional Representative for each State having a fraction greater than one moiety of the said ratio, computed according to the rule prescribed by the Constitution of the United States. The law of 1842 also requires, that the Representatives of each State “shall be elected by districts composed of a contiguous territory, equal in number to the number of Representatives to which said State may be entitled, no one district electing more than one Representative.” The present number of Representatives is 232, and there are two Delegates, one each from Oregon and Minesota, who have a right to speak, but not to vote.

Since the 4th of March, 1817, the compensation of each member of the Senate and House of Representatives has been $8 a day, during the period of his attendance in Congress, without deduction in case of sickness; and $8 for every twenty miles' travel, in the usual road, in going to and returning from the seat of government. The compensation of the President of the Senate pro tempore, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is $ 16 a day.


WILLIAM R. King, Alabama, President.
[The figures denote the expiration of the terms of the Senators.)

Hannibal Hamlin, Hampden, 1851 Samuel S. Phelps, Middlebury, 1851
J. W. Bradbury, Augusta, 1853 William Upham, Montpelier, 1855
New Hampshire.

Massachusetts. John P. Hale, Dover, 1853 * Robt. C. Winthrop, Boston, 1851 Moses Norris, Jr., Manchester, 1855 John Davis, Worcester, 1853

* Appointed by the Governor to hold office until the Legislature fills the vacancy.

Rhode Island.

Pierre Soulé, New Orleans, 1855 Albert C. Greene, Providence, 1851

Arkansas. John H. Clarke, Providence, 1853 Wm. K.Sebastian, Helena, 1853 Connecticut.

Solon Borland, Hot Springs, 1855 Roger S. Baldwin, New Haven, 1851

Tennessee. Truman Smith, Litchfield, 1855 Hopk. L. Turney, Winchester, 1851 New York.

John Bell, Nashville, 1853 D. S. Dickinson, Binghampton, 1851

Kentucky. Wm. H. Seward, Auburn, 1855 J. R. Underwood, Bowling Green,1853 New Jersey.

Henry Clay, Lexington, 1855 Wm. L. Dayton, Trenton,


Ohio. Jacob W. Miller, Morristown, 1853 *Thomas Ewing, Lancaster, 1851 Pennyslvania.

Salmon P. Chase, Cincinnati, 1855 Daniel Sturgeon, Uniontown, 1851

Michigan. James Cooper, Adams, 1855

Lewis Cass, Detroit, 1851 Delaware. John Wales,

Alpheus Felch, Ann Arbor, 1853 Wilmington, 1851

Indiana, Presley Spruance, Smyrna, 1853

Jesse D. Bright, Madison, 1851 Maryland.

James Whitcomb, Indianapolis, 1855 Thos. G. Pratt, Annapolis, 1851

James A. Pearce, Chestertown, 1855

S. A. Douglas, Quincy, 1853

James Shields, Belville, 1855 James M. Mason, Winchester, 1851 R.M.T.Hunter, Lloyds, Essex Co. 1853


1851 North Carolina.

Thos. H. Benton, St. Louis,
W. P. Mangum, Red Mountain,1853 David R. Atchison, Platte City, 1855
Geo. E. Badger, Raleigh, 1855

South Carolina.

David Levy Yulee, St.Augustine, 1851 *Robt. W. Barnwell,

1853 Jackson Morton, Pensacola, 1855 A. P. Butler, Edgefield C.H.1855


Thos. J. Rusk, Nacogdoches, 1851 John M. Berrien, Savannah, 1853 Samuel Houston, Huntsville, 1853 Wm. C. Dawson, Greensboro', 1855


George W. Jones, Dubuque, 1853 J. Clemens, Huntsville, 1853 A. C. Dodge, Burlington, 1855 Wm. R. King, Selma, 1855


Henry Dodge, Dodgeville, 1851 Jefferson Davis, Palmyra, 1851 I. P. Walker, Milwaukee, 1853 Henry S. Foote, Jackson, 1853

John C. Frémont,

1851 Solo. U. Downs, Monroe, 1853 Wm. M. Gwinn,

1855 Officers of the Senate, First Session of Thirty-first Congress. Asbury Dickens, Secretary.

Robert Beale, { "and Doorkeeper. Lewis H. Machen, Chief Clerk.

Rev. C. M. Butler, Chaplain. * Appointed by the Governor to hold office until the Legislature fills the vacancy.


whic, will expire on the 3d of March, 1851. [The numbers attached to the names show the Districts in each State from which the

members were chosen ]
Howell CORB, of Georgia, Speaker.
Maine. -7.

New York.-34. 7. Fuller, Thos. J. D., Calais. 17. Alexander, H. P., Little Falls. 1. Gerry, Elbridge, Waterford. 14. Andrews, G. R., Ticonderoga. 4. Goodenow, Rufus K., Paris. 22. Bennett, Henry, New Berlin. 2. Littlefield, Nath. S., Bridgeton. 2. Bokee, D. A., Brooklyn. 3. Otis, John, Hallowell. 5. Briggs, George, New York. 5. Sawtelle, Cullen, Norridgewock. 6. Brooks, James, New York. 6. Stetson, Charles, Bangor. 34. Burrows, Lorenzo, Albion. New Hampshire. — 4.

19. Clarke, Charles E., Great Bend. 4. Hibbard, Harry, Bath. 25. Conger, Harmon S., Cortlandville. 2. Peaslee, Chas. H., Concord.

23. Duer, William, Oswego. 1. Tuck, Amos, Exeter. 24. Gott, Daniel, Pompey. 3. Vacant.

10. Gould, Herman D., Delhi. Vermont. -4.

8. Halloway,Ransom, Beekman.

26. Jackson, Wm. T., Havana. 2. Hebard, William, Chelsea.

Jamaica. 1. Henry, William, Bellows Falls.

1. King, John A., 3. Meacham, James, Middlebury.

18. King, Preston, Ogdensburg.

Utica. 4. Peck, Lucius B., Montpelier.

20. Matteson, O. B.,

9. McKissock, Thos., Newburg. Massachusetts. - 10.

7. Nelson, William, Peekskill. 5. Allen, Charles, Worcester. 6. Ashmun, George, Springfield. 33. Putnam, Harvey, Attica.

3. Phænix, J. Phillips, New York. 3. Duncan, Jas. H., Haverbill.

12. Reynolds, Gideon, Hoosick. 1. Eliot, Samuel A., Boston.

31. Risley, Elijah, Fredonia. 9. Fowler, Oren, Fall River.

29. Rose, Robert L., Allen's Hill. 10. Grinnell, Joseph, New Bedford.

30. Rumsey, David, Jr., Bath. 2. Vacant.

27. Sackett, Wm. A., Seneca Falls. 8. Mann, Horace, West Newton.28. Schermerhorn, A.M.,

Rochester. 7. Rockwell, Julius, Pittsfield.

13. Schoolcraft, J. L., Albany. 4. Vacant.*

32. Spaulding, E. G., Buffalo. Rhode Island. - 2.

11. Silvester, P. H., Coxsackie. 2. Dixon, Nathan F., Westerly. 15. Thurman, John R., Chestertown. 1. King, George G., Newport.

4. Underhill, Walter, New York. Connecticut. -4.

21. Walden, Hiram, Waldensville. 2. Booth, Walter, Meriden. 16. White, Hugh, Cohoes. 4. Bùtler, Thomas B., Norwalk.

New Jersey. -5. 3. Cleveland, C. F., Hampton. 1. Hay, Andrew K., Winslow. 1. Waldo, Lorenzo P., Tolland. 5. King, James G., Hoboken.

* No election as yet in this District.

2. Newell, Wm. A., Allentown. 8. Holladay, Alex.R., Mansfield. 4. Van Dyke, John, N. Brunswick. 11. AcDowell, James, Lexington. 3. Wildrick, Isaac, Blairstown. 13. McMullen, F.,

Rye Cove.

2. Meade, Rich. K., Petersburg. Pennsylvania. — 24. 11. Butler, Chester, Wilkesbarre.

1. Millson, John S., Norfolk.

9. Morton, Jeremiah, Racoon Ford. 17. Calvin, Samuel, Hollidaysburg. 13. Casey, Joseph, New Berlin.

10. Parker, Richard, Berryville.

5. Powell, Paulus, Amherst C.H. 2. Chandler, Jos. R., Philadelphia.

6. Seddon, James A., Richmond. 7. Dickey, Jesse C., New London. 10. Dimmick, M. M., Stroudsburg. North Carolina. - 9.

5. Freedley, John, Norristown. 7. Ashe, William S., Wilmington. 24. Gilmore, Alfred, Butler. 2. Caldwell, Jos. P., Statesville. 21. Hampton, Moses, Pittsburg. 1. Clingman, T. L., Asheville. 22. Howe, John W., Franklin. 6. Daniel, J. R. J., Halifax.

1. Levin, Lewis C., Philadelphia. | 3. Deberry, Edmund, Mt. Gilead. 19. Mann, Job, Bedford. 9. Outlaw, David, Windsor. 16. McLanahan, J.X.,Chambersburg. 4. Shepperd, A. H., Salem.

3. Moore, Henry D., Philadelphia. 8. Stanly, Edward, Washington. 18. Ogle, A. Jackson, Somerset. 5. Venable, Abr. W., Brownsville. 14. Pitman, Chas. W., Pottsville.

South Carolina.-7. 20. Reed, R. R., Washington. 5. Burt, Armistead, Willington. 4. Robbins, John, Jr., Philadelphia. 7. Colcock, Wm. F., Grahanville. 6. Ross, Thomas, Doylestown. 6. Holmes, Isaac E., Charleston. 8. Stevens, Thaddeus, Lancaster.

4. McQueen, John, Bennetsville. 9. Strong, William, Reading.

2. Orr, James L., AndersonC.H. 23. Thompson, James, Erie.

1. Wallace, Daniel, Union C. H. 12. Wilmot, David, Towanda.

3. Woodward, J. A., Winnsboro'. 15. Vacant.

Georgia. - 8.
Delaware. -1.

6. Cobb, Howell, Athens. Houston, John W., Georgetown. 5. Hackett, Thos. C., Rome. Maryland. - 6.

4. Haralson, H. A., La Grange. 1. Bowie, Richard I., Rockville. 1. Jackson, Jos. W., Savannah. 5. Evans, Alexander, Elkton. 3. Owen, Allen F., Talbotton. 2. Hamilton, W.T., Hagerstown. 7. Stephens, A. H., Crawfordsville. 3. Hammond, Edw , Ellicott’s Mills. 8. Toombs, Robert, Washington. 6. Kerr, John B., Easton. 2. Wellborn, M. J., Columbus. 4. McLane, Robt. M., Baltimore.

Alabama. —7.
Virginia. 15.

1. Alston, William J., Linden. 3. Averett, Thos. H., Halifax C. H. 7. Bowdon, F. W., Talladega. 7. Bayly, Thos. H., Accomac C.H. 6. Cobb, W. R. W., Bellefonte. 14. Beale, Jas. M. H., PointPleasant. 3. Harris, S. W., Wetumpka.

4. Bocock, T. S., Appomattox C.H. 2. Hilliard, H. W., Montgomery. 12. Edmundson, H. A., Salem. 5. Hubbard, D., Kinlock. 15. Hayniond, T. S., Fairmount. 4. Inge, S. W., Livingston.

Mississippi. - 4. 20. Giddings, J. R., Jefferson, 4. Brown, Albert G., Gallatin.

16. Hoagland, Moses, Millersburg. 2. Featherston, W.S., Houston.

15. Hunter, Wm. F., Woodsfield. 3. McWillie, Wm., Camden.

11. Miller, John K., Mount Vernon. 1. Thompson, Jacob, Oxford.

7. Morris, Jona. D., Batavia. Louisiana.-4.

9. Olds, Edson B., Circleville. 2. Harmanson, J. H., Simmsport. 5. Potter, E. D., Toledo. 3. La Sère, Emile, New Orleans. 21. Root, Jos. M., Sandusky. 4. Morse, Isaac E., St. Martinsville. 3. Schenck, R. C., Dayton. 1. Vacant.

10. Sweetser, Charles, Delaware.

8. Taylor, John L., Chillicothé. Arkansas. -1.

12. Vinton, S. F., Gallipolis. Johnson, R. W., Little Rock.

13. Whittlesey, W. A., Marietta. Tennessee. - 11.

6. Wood, Amos E., Woodyille. 3. Anderson, Josi. M.,Coop's Creek.

Michigan. — 3. 8. Ewing, Andrew, Nashville. 7. Gentry, M. P., Franklin.

3. Bingham, K. S., Kensington. 9. Harris, I. G., Paris.

1. Buel, Alex. W., Detroit. 1. Johnson, A., Greenville.

2. Sprague, William, Kalamazoo. 5. Jones, Geo. W., Fayetteville.

Indiana. – 10. 4. Savage, John H., Smithville. 1. Albertson, Nath., Greenville. 10. Stanton, F. P., Memphis. 5. Brown, Wm. J., Amity. 6. Thomas, Jas. H., Columbia. 2. Dunham,Cyrus L., Salem. 2. Watkins, A. G., Panther Springs. 9. Fitch, Graham N., Logansport. 11. Williams, Chris. H., Lexington. 6. Gorman, Willis A., Bloomington. Kentucky.- 10.

10. Harlan, Andrew J.,Marion.

Cadiz. 1. Boyd, Linn,

4. Julian, Geo. W., Centreville. 6. Breck, Daniel, Richmond.

8. McDonald, Jos. E.,Crawfordsville. 4. Caldwell, Geo. A., Columbia.

7. McGaughey, Edw. W., Rockville.

3. Robinson, J. L., Rushville. 2. Johnson, James L., Owensboro'. 7. Marshall,Humph.,Drennon's Lick.

Illinois. —7. 9. Mason, John C., Owingsville. 6. Baker, Ed. D., Galena. 3. McLean, F. E., Elkton.

1. Bissell, Wm. H., Belleville. 8. Morehead, Chas. S., Frankfort. 7. Harris, Thos. L., Petersburg. 10. Stanton, Rich. H., Maysville. 2. McClernand,J.A., Shawneetown. 5. Thompson, J. B., Harrodsburg. 5. Richardson, Wm. A., Quincy. Ohio. - 21.

4. Wentworth, J., Chicago. 17. Cable, Joseph, Carrollton.

3. Young, Timo. R., Marshall. 2. Campbell, Lewis D., Hamilton.

Missouri. -5. 18. Carter, D. R., Massillon. 2. Bay, Wm. V. N., Union.

4. Corwin, Moses B., Urbanna. 1. Bowlin, J. B., St. Louis. 19. Crowell, John, Warren. 3. Greene, James S., Canton.

1. Disney, David T., Cincinna 5. Hall, Willard P., St. Joseph. 14. Evans, Nathan, Cambridge. 4. Phelps, John S., Springfield.

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