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EV. ANTOINE GAUVREAU, tained this charge until 1866, when he

parish priest, Lévis, Que., was was called to the city of Quebec to as

o born in Rimouski, Septem- sume the duties of almoner at the Archber 22nd, 1841. His father was Pierre bishop's Palace, being at the same time Gauvreau, a prominent notary public, chaplain to the Sisters of Charity, the and his mother was Elizabeth Duber- Christian Brothers, and the St. Vincent ges. Mr. Gauvreau was sent to the de Paul Society. In 1870, he was reCollege of Ste. Anne, 1853, where he moved by his ordinary to the curacy of followed a complete course of classical St. Nicholas, Lévis county, where he studies, on the completion of which he remained until 1875, when he was determined to enter Holy Orders, and transferred to Ste. Anne de Beaupré, with that in view, was admitted to the place of pilgrimage of the Roman Laval to study theology. In October, Catholics of the whole American conti1864, he was ordained priest, and ap- nent. Every summer, thousands of pointed missionary vicar to the parish devout pilgrims wend their way to the of Rivière au Renard, Gaspé. He re- shrine of the saint. It is said that the

number of people who visited Ste. Anne during the season of 1887, exceeded 100,000. Two golden crowns of great value were recently presented to the present curate of Ste. Anne by the citizens of Quebec, and His Eminence, Cardinal Taschereau, presided at the ceremonies incidental to the blessing of the princely gift. Rev. Mr. Gauvreau exercised his ministry in Ste. Anne until 1878, when he took charge of the important parish of St. Romuald de Etchemin, county of Lévis, which he retained until 1882, when he removed to Lévis, opposite the city of Quebec, and has had charge of that parish ever since. In 1889, he established in Lévis the Marist Brothers, who give instruction to three hundred little boys, and he is just now building an hospital for the sick of his parish. He has a very firm hold on the affections of his people.



Mayor of Quebec city, was born in Stoneham, Province of Quebec, December 9th, 1829. His father was a member of the highly esteemed family of Murphys, of Ballainoulart House, Wexford county, Ireland, and was a man of peculiarly high attainments and cultivated mind. Mr. Murphy was educated under the tuition of the famous Robt. H. Scot, of Edinburgh, Scotland. In his early commercial life he was associated with two of the then largest and most important lumber, ship owning, produce and milling firms of this country. His unflagging perseverance and invincible integrity have obtained for him the honorable, responsible and distinguished positions which he has so frequently held. He was for years a member of the Quebec City Council, and in 1874 was elected to the mayoralty, and at the expiration of his term was re-elected by the largest majority ever given in for a further term of two years. Inde- that constituency, and was again rependent of the many municipal offices elected in 1890. He was an important which Mr. Murphy has filled, he is di- factor in the action which led to the rector of the Quebec Central Railroad, dismissal of the Mercier Government, past president of the St. Patrick's So- and the carrying of the province by the ciety, the St. Patrick's Literary Insti- DeBoucherville administration. Howtute, the Quebec Turf Club, and the ever, he declined to be a candidate for: Quebec Board of Trade. He is in re- his old constituency, and voluntarily ligion a Roman Catholic, and has al- withdrew from active political life. ways taken an independent course in Mr. Murphy was married, in 1857, to politics, but believes that protection is Miss Loughry, who died in June, necessary to the welfare of this country. 1888, after which he sold his beautiMr. Murphy was an unsuccessful can- ful residence, and has since lived in didate for Quebec West in 1881, was social retirement. Mr. Murphy has no elected for the same district, in 1886, family.


Bros. & Co., who are among the largest operators in the province, having their works scattered all over the Eastern Townships, and in this way have become powerful contributors to Lower Canadian development. The King Bros. are largely interested in the important Asbestos industry of the Province of Quebec, and are proprietors of extensive areas of Asbestos bearing lands in the Eastern Townships, and notably of the “Hampden” and “Thetford Royal ” mines in Megantic county. Mr. King is the vice-president of the Mining Association of the Province of Quebec, director of Union Bank of Canada, and largely interested in rural real estate, being the seigneur of the seigniories of St. Jean Deschaillons and Lake Matapedia. His large and honorable co'm mercial transactions throughout the province,

have made him so favorably TAMES KING, M.P.P., Quebec, known, that in 1892, he was elected to

Que., was born in St. Antoine the Provincial Legislature, as represen

de Tilly, Lotbinière county, tative of the county of Megantic, by the P.Q., February 18th, 1848. He is the Conservative party, and will doubtless youngest son of the late Charles King, prove an able and valuable member of of Sylvester, Megantic. Mr. King re- parliament. Mr. King is in religion ceived his early education in Lennox- a member of the Church of England, ville, and took the degree of B.A. in and has been a lay delegate to the 1867, and that of M.A. in 1873, at the synod of the Diocese of Quebec. He is University of Bishop's College. In unmarried, and has travelled over the early life, Mr. King turned his atten- United Kingdom and the continent of tion to commercial pursuits, notably Europe. As he is yet (1892) in the that of lumbering, and is now (1892) full prime of his manhood, there is the Quebec member of the well and strong probability that he will become favorably known lumber and timber one of the most important and influenexporting firm of King Bros. and King tial factors in his native province.


TON. JOHN DOBSON, mer- service in public affairs, and has been

chant, Lindsay, Ont., was born honored with various important posi

o in the county of Ferman- tions. In 1874, he was elected mayor nagh, Ireland, September 8th, 1824, of Lindsay, and filled the office with and is a son of John and Mary Dobson. credit to himself and with profit to the He was educated in the parochial town. He has been mayor several schools in Ireland. In 1852, he emi- times since 1874, and is now (1892), grated to the United States, and settled president of the Lindsay Board of in Rochester, N.Y. He came to Cana- Trade, the Mechanics Institute and the da September roth, 1860, the same day Conservative Association. The latter on which the Prince of Wales was a office he has held for twenty years. He guest at Toronto, and lived in Toronto was appointed to the Senate, February two years. Mr. Dobson afterwards 23rd, 1892. In religion Mr. Dobson is settled in Lindsay, where he still re- an Episcopalian. In politics, a Consides (1892), and conducts a very large servative. He was married in 1846, to trade. He has rendered much valuable Miss Catharine Graham.


SIMON C. GRONDIN, M.D., Dr. Doleris, at Paris, who conducted a

L.M., Surgeon Gynicologiste, similar institution. In 1889, Dr. GronQuebec, Que., was born January din established himself in Quebec, 17th, 1862. He is the son of E. and and was made professor at Laval the C. (Morin) Grondin. Dr. Grondin same year (gives clinics for diseases took his classical course at the Semi- of women). He contributed largely riary of Quebec, was made Doctor in towards establishing the practice of Medicine at Laval University in 1885, modern surgery in Quebec, and esafter six months in Dublin, Ireland. tablished the first private hospital in He received his diploma of Accoucheur, that city in 1891. Owing to his great in February, 1886. His next two years energy and spirit he already possesses were spent in Paris, where he was for one of the most renowned practices in one year chief clinical at the Clinical the ancient capital. In religion he is Institution of Dr. Chéron, for diseases a Roman Catholic. Dr. Grondin was of women. For six months he occupi- married December 15th, 1888, to Marie ed the place of assistant clinical with Z. Miette, born in the French Ardennes.

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