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vates, equally and impartially between them, and to Officers to rekeep a regular roster, by which their respective ser-Cuty and keep vices shall be allotted to them for every night. If a a roster. fire breaks out at night, the sergeants and privates, who are out on duty, shall immediately give the alarm in their respective divisions, and remain therein, Ilow guard to to prevent robberies, disorders, or other mischiefs, during we until the fire is over, and an order brought by a sergant, to return to the guard house; and the coinmanding officers at the two guard houses shall likewise cause the alarm to be instantly given, and call to arms all those, who are stationed there. If a fire breaks out in the day time, the captain of the City Guard, shall immediately repair to the main guard house, with the whole company, from whence he shall send a detachment to the picquet guard house; and the officers at both guard houses shall continue in readiness, with the men under their command, to execute any orders that may be given by the intendant, or any two or more of the Wardens, until the company be dischared by him or them.

12. That the sergeants, with their parties, when patrolling in their respective divisions, shall use their

apprehend utmost endeavours, to apprehend and secure all rob-robbers &c. bers, whom they may detect in the attempt or act of stealing, or carrying off any stolen property, or of whom information may be given them; all disturbers of the public peace, committing noise, tumult, or riot; all suspected persons, found lurking about the streets; and all negroes or persons of colour, whether bond or free, who after the beating of the tattoo, may be seen in the streets not having an open ticket, for that particular night, from some white person, being their owner or employer, or his, her, or their representative, or not being in company with a white person, on a lawful errand ; and when they have apprehended any person or persons, as aforesaid, they shall carry the same to the respective guard houses, and from thence proceed on their patrole, as soon as they have delivered up the same. And if those, who have insufficiency apprehended such


find their force insuffici- of force how ent to bring the same to the guard house, the sergeant Pere des to shall cause a signal for assistance to be given with

Sergeants to

In case of an

the rattle, upon hearing which, the centinel at the guard house shall instantly inform the commanding officer thereof, who shall without delay, send off a sergeant, with three or more men, towards the division from whence the report came, in order to give the necessary assistance; or if such person or persons should fly from pursuit into another division, the sergeant shall cause a similar signal to be given with the rattle, upon hearing which, the sergeant in said division shall immediately proceed, with his men, towards that part of his division, from whence such signal was heard. In case of necessity or urgency, it shall be lawful for any of the guard to de

mand the aid of any man or men, who may be met When in pur- with on such an occasion ; and if any person or pertives to enter sons, as above described, shall enter into any house, enclosures,&c. building, lot, or enclosure, and thus endeavour to

escape, the owner or occupant thereof shall admit those of the City Guard, who are in pursuit of such fugitive or fugitives ; and if any one having made his

or her escape, be well and sufficiently known to the to issue a war- pursuers, and identified by their or either of their rant for appre- oaths, a warrant for his or her apprehension and com

mitment to the work-house, shall, upon application, be issued by one of the Wardens, he or she to be dealt with, as directed in and by this ordinance. And it shall be the duty of the captain of the City Guard, on every evening, after calling the roll, to

inform the lieutenants and sergeants privately, of two Captain to fix distinct signals, that shall be used during the night


one to indicate the pursuit of persons attempting to escape, and another to notify the want of assist

13. That no person, brought to either of the guard houses, as aforesaid, shall be released, except in the morning, with the consent of one or more of the

Wardens of the city, for which purpose, the captain to be released of the City Guard shall inform such Warden or Waruntil morning. dens, of all the prisoners, who were either brought

to the main guard house during the night, or conducted thither from the picquet

guard post ; it being the duty of the commanding officer at the latter guard house, to bring the same with him every morn

If identified,




Prisoners not


ag, on his return to the main guard house. And very person brought to the guard house, as aforesaid, f charged with felony or breach of the peace, shall hended for fe. hen, by warrant under the hand and seal of some lony, &c. to be ine of the Wardens, be committed, if a white person, goal &c. o the goal of the district; and if a negro or person if colour, to the work house of the city ; but where jo charge of felony or breach of the peace is alledg?d, the following mode of proceeding shall be observed by the attending Warden or Wardens : Every free person of colour shall be discharged, on paying for personers a fine of not less than one, nor more than ten dollars, to be adjudged by the attending Warden or Wardens, which fine shall be received by the captain of the City Guard, to be by him paid over to the party or parties apprehending the same, to be equally divided among them respectively; but if such fine is not paid at or before ten o'clock in the forenoon, such free person of colour shall be committed to the master of the work-house, by a warrant from under the hand of one of the Wardens, and there detained, until such fine, together with the fees and charges of the work-house, be paid, unless he, she or they, so committed, should after ten days confinement, prove to the satisfaction of the commissioners of the workhouse, or any three of them, that he or she is not able to pay such fine, whereupon they shall set him

or her at liberty; and where such fine is paid to the , master of the work-house, he shall pay it over to the

captain of the City Guard, by whom it shall be distributed as aforesaid. Every slave shall be discharg. ed, on receiving from the owner, or other person having the charge of such slave, payment of not less d than one, or more than five dollars, to be adjudged by one or more of the Wardens of the city. And the captain of the City Guard shall early in the morning send notice of the confinement of every slave, to the owner or person having the charge of such slave in order to redeem such slave, by paying to the captain of the City Guard, the sum adjudged by one or more of the Wardens of the city, as aforesaid, which money the said captain shall pay over to the party or parties respectively, as aforesaid. But if the own

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er, or person having the charge of such slave, should not pay the said sum, at or before ten o'clock in the forenoon, such slave shall then, by warrant from under the hand of one of the Wardens be committed to the master of the work-house, who shall


the said sum to the captain of the City Guard, to be by him divided, as aforesaid, and detain such slave, until the said sum, and all legal charges of the workhouse, be fully paid; or if such slave is not claimed by an owner within one month, the master of the work-house shall duly advertise such slave, and proceed with the same, as the law directs in regard to runaway slaves, brought to the work-house. And every person who, having escaped from the City Guard, is afterwards identified, and committed to the work-house, as mentioned in the preceding clause, shall be considered and treated as one of the same description, sent from the guard house to the workhouse. And every man, whose aid, in case of necessity or urgency, was demanded by any of the City

Guard as aforesaid, but who refused or neglected to Fines for not aid, when he was able to do it, shall forfeit and pay assisting City

a fine of not less than twenty-five nor more than fifty dollars. And every person, refusing admittance to, or hindering the pursuit of any of the City Guard, when any person or persons, has, or have, fled into his, or her house, buildings, lot, or enclosure, shall be liable to a fine of fifty dollars; and both of the two last mentioned fines shall be paid to the City Treasurer. And if any white person makes use of a rattle or rattles, to deceive the City Guard, or any

of them, by a false imitation of sound, every such person shall forfeit and pay a fine of ten dollars; and

every negro or person of colour shall, for the same Punishment. offence, be put for one hour, into the stocks at the

public market, either in Queen or Market-streets.And all fines, inflicted by this ordinance, shall, if not previously paid, or otherwise herein directed, be recovered in the Inferior City Court.

14. That on every Sunday throughout the year, on Christmas and the three subsequent days, on NewYear's day, on Good-Friday, on the Monday and Tuesday following Easter Sunday, and on Whit


londay, the whole of the City Guard shall be put n duty, from morning till night. And the captain Guard to rer commanding officer at the main guard house, shall, main on duty luring the whole of every such day, have a centinel tivals. placed before the front door of the same, to be reieved as herein after directed, and during divine service, he shall send out two sergeants with strong patroles, one towards the first, and one towards the . second of the aforesaid divisons of the city, for the purpose of keeping good order within the same, and of taking up all persons, who may publicly violate any of the city ordinances. And the commanding officer of the picquet guard house, shall, in like manner, have a centinel placed before the front door of the same, and shall also, during divine service, send out two sergeants with strong patroles, one towards the third division of the city, and the other towards the fourth division of the city, for the purposes aforesaid : And the captain or commanding officer of the Guard to painain guard house shall, at six o'clock on every Sun-on Sunday &c. day morning, send a sergeant and four men, to the market on South-Bay, and another sergeant with four men, to the market at the east end of Queenstreet; who shall, at and in the vicinity of those market places, disperse all unlawful assemblages of negroes and other people of colour, and take up all such, as are selling, or exposing for sale, fruit, cakes, or other articles, or as may be guilty of noise, tumult, riot, or other improper conduct, and send the same to the main guard house, by some of their party. And the lieutenant at the picquet guard house, shall, at the same time, detach a sergeant with four men, to the new market in Market-street, there to execute similar duties. And the aforesaid officers shall, at nine, twelve, and three o'clock, on every such day, send fresh parties of equal numbers, and for like purposes, to the said markets respectively, to relieve those who were previously sent thither; and the sergeants shall always remain with their parties, until relieved, and on being so relieved, they shall return with their men to the respective guard houses; but those, sent out at three o'clock in the afternoon, shall return in the evening, without being obliged to wait

When relieved

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