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b. How many minutes did it usually take this person to giet/rom home to work LAST WEEK?


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Answer questions 25-26 for persons who did not work for pay or profit last week. Others skip to 27.

a. LAST WEEK, was this person on layoff from
a job?

D Yes -> Skip to 25c
Q No

b. LAST WEEK, was this person TEMPORARILY
absent from a job or business?

O Yes, on vacation, temporary illness, labor

dispute, etc. -> Skip to 26 O No -> Skip to 25d

c. Has this person been informed that he or she will be recalled to work within the next 6 months OR been given a date to return to work?

O Yes -> Skip to 25e

O No

d. Has this person been looking for work during the last 4 weeks?

O Yes

O No -> Skip to 26

e. LAST WEEK, could this person have started a job if offered one, or returned to work if recalled?

O Yes, could have gone to work

CD No, because of own temporary illness

O No. because of all other reasons (in school, etc.)

When did this person last work, even for a few days?

O 1995 to 2000

O 1994 or earlier, or never worked -* Skip to 31

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