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GENERAL INFORMATION -Continued. Length of heaviest engine and tender, from conter of forward truck. wheel of engine to center of rear wheel of tender.....

45 Total length of heaviest engine and tender over all

Number of locomotives equipped with train brake ..
Kind of brake, Westinghouse Air Brake.
Number of cars equipped with train brake.....
Kind of brake, Westinghouse Air Brake.
Number of passenger cars with Miller platform and buffer ........
Number of miles of road operated by your Company not furnished with telegraph

facilities, specifying location of samo:
From Orono to Upper Stillwater, number of miles ....
From Enfield to Montague, number of miles....
Are charges for the transportation of company's supplies included in the earn-

ings as reported for your road? No.




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Number of spans of bridges, of 25 foot and upwards......

2323 +Number of iron bridges, aggregate length, feet, 13,119 ..

76 Number of wooden bridges, aggregate length, feet, 11,388...

68 Number of bridges part wood and part iron + Number of crossings of highways at grado...

460 + Number of crossings of highways over railroad.. Number of crossings of highways under railroad.

16 + Number of highway bridges 18 feet above traok.

6 + Number of highway bridges less than 18 feet above track.

26 +Number of railroad crossings at grade, specifying each..

Boston & Maine, Portland.
Portland & Rochester, Westbrook Junction.
Portland & Rochester, Cumberland Mills.
Grand Trunk, Yarmouth Junction.
Grand Trunk, Danville Junction.
Sandy River, Farmington Junction.
Whitefield & Jefferson, Whitefield.

Concord & Montreal, Scott's. + Number of railroad crossings over other railroads. Lewiston & Auburn, at Auburn

*Two spang.
tla Maine, on miles road owned.


02.73 cente.

RATES OF FARE, ETC. • Average rate of fare per mile, including season tickets, for local

passengers on roads operated by this company Average rate of fare per mile received from passengers to and from

other roads.... Average rate of fare per mile received from all passengers Average rate of local freight per ton per mile on roads operated by this

company, rates as per tariff. ......... Average rate of freight por ton per mile received from freight to and

from other roads.....

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Capital stock authorized by charter.....
Capital stock authorized by vote of company.
Capital stock issued, number of shares, 35,936; amount paid in.
Total number of stockholders......
Number of stookholders in Maine.....
Amount of stook held in Maine.....

$5,000,000 00 5,000,000 00 3,593,600 00


414 $1,067,700 00


From causes be-
yond their own

(In Maine.)

From their own

misconduct or carelessness. (In Maine.)

Total in Maine.

Total on whole road operated.

Killed. Injured. Killed Injured. Killed. Injured. Killed. Injured.

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STATEMENT OF EACH ACCIDENT IN MAINE. October 10 1888-At Augusta, Mr Fitzgerald of Augusta, about seventy years of age, was run over and killed by an engine backing out of engine house.

October 16 1889—At Belfast, William Gray, a flagman, while attempting to hold a horse at crossing, was thrown against rear end of passenger-train No. 87 and injured so badly that he died a few hours later.

November 12 1888–At Livermore Falls station, Frank Burger, eleven years old, while running across the track, was struck by train No. 67, and injured so that he died the same evening. Coroner's jury exonerated company and employes from blame.

November 27 1888-About one mile south of Lewiston lower station, train No. 54 found body of Tim Walsh on the track. He was probably killed by train No. 79 or 80 of the night before. Coroner's jury attached no blame to the company or employes.

*Rates as per tariff.


STATEMENT OF ACCIDENTS-Continued. December 6 1888-Near Pittsfield, Philip Vigue of St. Joseph, P. Q., while leaning from the platform of an express car on traia No. 2, was struck by the freight platform and injured so badly that he died the same night. Vigue was stealing a ride. Coro. ner's jury attached no blame to the company or employes.

December 29 1888–At Danforth, Airam Osgood, brakeman on train No. 55, was fatally injured by being jammed between engine and flat car. Coroner's jury exon. erated the company and employes from all blame in the matter.

January 10 1889-At Hallowell, Arthur Ellis, ten years of age, was over by train No. 28 while working at that station. The boy's leg was crushed at the ankle, He was supposed to be at play near by and attempted to cross the tracks.

January 18 1889-At Belfast, A. F. Cornforth, brakeman on the Belfast branch, while assisting to switch a snow plow, was struok on the head by the hook of the switch rope, and injured so that he died the next day.

February 20 1889—At Basou Mills, Fred Gulliver, of Oldtown, was found with both legs cut off below the knees after the departure of train No. 11. He was intoxicated and is supposed to have got off the train, and fallen under when attempting to get on again.

February 23 1889-At Kingman, Fireman H. J. Goodman of Vancoboro, Postal Clerk Mudgett of Dexter and Mail Agent John Campbell of St. Joba, N. B., were buried in wreck of train No. 71, and burned to death, in accident caused by a misplaced switch. Engineer Angell was severely cut and Postal Clerk Cabel Palmer had his foot jammod.

March 7 1889-At Rolling Mill, Patrick Norton, while on his way to his work at 6.30 PM, was run over by an engine and had his leg crushed abuvo the ankle.

March 19 1889–Near Mattawamkeag, William Kelly, brakeman, fell between the cars and had one leg crushed.

May 29 1839-At Skowhegan, Mazairo Fortier, was run over and killed by an engine backing from the depot. Coroner's jury exonorated company and employes from all blame.

June 10 1889—At Crowell's brook, near Oakland, train No. 13, from Portland to Skowbegan, ran into a washout, fatally injuring Roscoe Stevons of Skowhegan, express messenger. Mail Agent Petterson of Belfast bad both legs broken. Mail Agent Libby of Portland had ribs brokon, and Engineer Underwood, Fireman Coburn, Baggage-master Harrigan, Brakeman Royal and Mail Agont Spear of Gardiner, received injurios more or less severe.

July 4 1889-A1 Vanceboro' yard, William Sears of Vanceboro', eighty-five years old, was run over and instantly killed by an engine backing east from the station.

July 16 1889-At Bangor, John Ryao of Chatham, N. B., was run over by cars handled by sbifter at Bangor, and had both legs crushed below the kvee. He was intoxicated and lying across the rails. Died the next morning.

July 19 1889 - At Mattawamkeag, Thomas Higgins of St. Louis, Mo , while stealing a rido, jumped or fell from train No. 64, and had one leg cut off, He was carried to Bangor and died the same day.

August 14 1889—At Scott's, Will C. Collier, thirteen years old, while riding on a construction train was thrown from the cars by the starting of the engine, falling beneath the wheels was killod. He had been warned often to keep away from the train.


August 28 1889—Two or three miles west of Bangor, train 71 run over the body of John Carmel. He was probably killed by train No. 2 of previous ovoning. bottle of liquor was found near by.

September 10 1889-At South Gardiner, train No. 64 struck a team loaded with logs fatally injuring the driver, Charles N. Brown of Skowhegan.


President- Arthur Sewall, Bath, Mo.
Vice President - Payson Tucker, Portland, Me.
General Manager-Payson Tuoker, Portland, Me.
Division Superintendent — Jonas Hamilton, Portland, Me.
General Freight Agent-W. 8. Eaton, Portland, Me.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent-F. E. Boothby, Portland, Mo.
Treasurer-J. A. Linscott, Farmington, Me.
Clerk of Corporation-J. H. Drummond, Portland, Me.

Name and Residence of Directors Last Elected- Arthur Sewall, Bath, Mo. Geo. C. Lord, Newton Mass. Amos Paul, South Newmarket, N. H. Wm. G. Davis, Portland, Me. Frank Jones, Portsmouth, N. U. 8. C. Lawrence, Medford, Mass. John Ware, Waterville, Me. H. N. Jose, Portland, Me. Richard Olney, Boston, Mass. Darius Alden, Augusta, Me. J. S. Ricker, Deering, Me. Thomas W. Hyde, Bath, Mo. Fruncis W. Hill, Exeter, Me.

Proper Address of the Company-Maine Central Railroad Company, Portland, Mo.

Report of the Monson Railroad Company, for the Year Ending

September 30 1889.

(Two Feot Gauge.)

$11,433 00 10,912 10

490 90 4,980 67

Previous Year

GENERAL EXHIBIT FOR TIE YEAR. $12,747 26 Total income...

8,866 18 Total expense, including taxes.
3,881 08 Net income ..
5,241 81 Interest accrued during year.
on funded dobt.

$4200 00
on other debt

780 67
1,360 73 Balance for the year, deficit .

Balance at commencement of year, deficit.
87,321 88 Balance at commencement of yoar as so changed..
88,682 61 Balance September 30 1889, deficit.

4,489 77 88,682 61

93,172 38

1,308 69 From local passengers.

294 08'From through passengers, to and from other roads
298 06 From express and extra baggage
327 47 From mails......

1,062 60 367 06 236 35 262 32

2,228 30 Total earnings from passenger department.....

1,928 33


{ From through Freight, to and from other roads, }..

10,518 96

8,801 75

10,518 96 Total earnings from freight department...

8,801 75

10,730 08

702 92

12,747 26 Total transportation earnings..

Income from all other sources, specifying same..
Old freight bill collected

$700 00
Robate of interest..

2 92

12,747 26 Total income from all sources.

11,433 00

ANALYSIS OF EXPENSES. 38 06 Taxes 1,522 21 General salaries, office expenses, and miscellaneous...

100 00 Insurance. 1,489 85 Repairs of road

Iron rails.... 91 38 Repairs of buildings .

Repairs of fences, road crossings and signs.. 194 14 Removing ice and snow 150 53 Repairs of locomotives 226 70 Fuel, locomotive power. 113 52 Oil and waste ....

Repairs of passenger, mail and baggage cars... 2,165 73 Salaries, wages and incidentals of passenger trains.

666 60 salaries, wages and incidentals of passenger stations, 484 07 Repairs of freight cars....

New freight cars . 463 66 Damages and gratuities freight 1,159 73 Salaries, wages and incidontals of freight trains...

salaries, wages and incidentals of freight stations ....

50 77 555 14

70 00 2,039 43 298 12 45 15 35 80 77 14 116 38 1,855 67 56 54

6 12 1,047 05

200 49 284 68 450 00

10 41 3,141 14

601 47

8,866 18 Total expenses

10,942 10

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