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IUTHOR of Being, Source of Light,

With unfading beauties bright;
Fulness, Goodness, rolling round,
Thy own fair orb without a bound;

Whether Thee, Thy suppliants call,
Truth, or Good, or One, or All,
EI*, or IANT : Thee we hail,
Essence that can never fail,



* The Grecian name EI, “Thou art," inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, is supposed to be taken from the Saite inscription “ I am," and corresponds with Exodus iii. 14, meaning “ Unchangeable.”

† IAN was the “ Barbaric name ” for Jehovah, or Jao, as the Greeks wrote it, intimating His Unity, whence the Phenician IETS, and from thence the Grecian ZETE.


Grecian or Barbaric name,
Thy stedfast Being still the same.
Thee will I sing, O Father, Jove,
And teach the world to praise and love.

And yet, a greater Hero far,
(Unless great Socrates could err,)
Shall rise to bless some future day,
And teach to live, and teach to pray.

Come, Unknown INSTRUCTOR, Come!
Our leaping hearts shall make Thee room ;
Thou, with Jove our vows Malt Mare,
Of Jove and Thee we are the care.

O Father, KING, whose Heavenly Face
Shines serene on all Thy race,
We Thy magnificence adore,
And Thy well-known aid implore,
Nor vainly for Thy help we call,
Nor can we want, for THOU ART ALL !

EUPOLIS, 5th Cent. B.C.

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