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Sacing each other.


The Rival Favorites
Vignette Title
The Exile's Daughter
Evening Dress
Walking Dress
The Exile's Daughter
Walking Dress
Ball Dress
The Terrible Warning
The Fair Thief
Carriage Costume
Opera Dress
York Minster.
Walking Dress
Evening Dress
The Happy Cottagers.
The Age of Innocence
Promenade Costume
Evening Dress
Cheese Wring
The Angry Father
Theatre Royal, Bath
The Cave of Camoens
Beatrice Listening
Walking Dress
Ball Dress

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When they thrust me from my native land,
Didst thou stand fortb, my firm and faithful guide.
And now, beloved daughter, to thy sire
Wlat errand dost thou bear? What weighty cause
Moved thee to quit thy home?

Toil is light
When we but labor in a parent's cause.

tipus at Colonos.


The following tale, or rather memoir, may be relied on as a faithful history of the heroine on whose adventures Madame Cottin founded her far-famed ". Elizabeth ;" a work which

L. 29. 1.


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