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Disbursements :

As one fund, 1593.
Examination of pay accounts, 1594.
Forwarded by mail or express, 1595.
Monthly payment-

Oficers, 1596.
Enlisted men, Sigpal Corps, 1597.

Delay. 1598.
Computation, 1599.
Advances of pay-

Persons at distant stations, 1600.
Troops embarking for the Philippines,

Service records lost, 1602.
Captives taken by the enemy-

Soldiers, 1603.
Nurses, field clerks and civil

ployees, 1604. Assignment of pay

By enlisted men, 1605.
By commissioned officers, 1606.
By contract surgeons and contract

dental surgeons, 1607. Pay checks drawn as indicated by in

dorsement on pay account, 1608. Retained pay, 1609. Pay withheld to discharge debts to the

United States, 1610.
Judgment against an officer, 1611.
Rations purchased on credit, 1612.
Stores purchased on credit, 1613.
Tobacco purchased on credit, 1614.
Damages to arms, equipment, etc.,

Deficiencies in supplies or accounts,

1616. Certificate of nonindebtedness of ac

countable officers of volunteers,

1617. Pay withheld for preventing social inter

course between officers and enlisted

men, 1618. StoppagesDuring suspended sentence of dis

honorable discharge, 1619. Repayment of detained pay, 1620. Savings deposit :

General provisions, 1621.
Interest, 1622.
Regulations, 1623.
Compuisory, 1624.

Repayment, 1625.

Readjustment, 1628.
Pay of officers :
Base pay-

According to grade, 1627.
Increase of pay, 1628.
Pay and allowances not reduced, 1629.
Back pay and allowances, 1630.
Graduated cadets, 1631,
Generals and lieutenant generals dur-

ing World War, 1632.
Philippine Scouts, 1633.
Brevet officers, 1634,
Exercising higher command, 1635.
Principal assistant, Ordnance Bureau,

Longevity pay-
Proportion of base pay,

Maximum rate, 1638.

Field officers, 1639.
Service as cadet not counted, 1640.
Service in Navy included, 1641.
Service outside Army included, 1642.
Service as enlisted man and in volun.

teer forces included, 1643.
Service in National Guard included,

Retired officers, 1645.

Detailed to active duty, 1646.
Retired officers-

Bonus when wholly retired, 1647.
Rate for retired list, 1648.
Officers over 45 years of age when

originally appointed, 1649.
Philippine Scouts, 1650.
Active duty rate, 1051,

Above the grade of major, 1652. Detailed to educational institutions,

1653. Supernumerary officers discharged at

own request, 1654.
Air Service
On flying duty, 1655.

Additional pay limited, 1656.
Aviation students, 1657.
Military aviators and junior military

aviators, 1658.
Junior military aeronauts and military

aeronauts, 1659. Temporary forces in Air Service and

Signal Corps, 1660.

Pay of officers-Continued.
Absence from duty-

Pay of officers, 1661.
Leave of absence, 1662.
Volunteer service included in com-

puting accrued leave, 1663. Instruetors at service schools, 1664. Officers detailed outside United

States, and to Alaska, 1665.
Officers detailed to Philippine

Islands, 1666.
Absence without leave, 1667.
Diseases resulting from misconduct,

Pay of warrant officers, 1669.
Pay of enlisted men :

No bounty for enlisting, 1670.
Base pay-

According to grade, 1671.
Increase, 1672.
Flying cadets, 1673.
Army Mine Planter Service, 1674.
Indian Scouts, 1675.
Philippine Scouts, 1676.
Chauffeurs, Signal Corps, 1677.

Cooks, 1678.
Extra-duty pay--

Repealed, 1679.
Not allowed in addition to foreign

service pay, 1680. Additional pay

Mess sergeants, mechanics, etc., 1681.
Specialists, 1682.
Aviation mechanicians and

flight duty, 1683.
Balloon mechanicians, 1684.
Military telegraphers, etc., 1685.
Marksmen, etc., 1686.
Foreign service, 1688.

On Army transport, 1689.
Limitations, 1690.

Warrant officers, 1691,
Increased pay during the war with Ger-

many, 1692. Enlistment or reenlistment bonus, 1693. Continuous service pay

Rates, 1694.
Independent of foreign service pay,

Former commissioned service included,

1696. Active service of National Guard and

reserve officers countel, 1097. Bonus on discharge

Rate, 1698.
Volunteer organizations on muster out,

1699. Decorations of honor

Rates of additional pay, 1700,
Medal of honor roll, 1701.

Rank not considered, 1702.
One pension only, 1703.

Pay of enlisted men-Continued.
Retired enlisted men-

Rate, 1704.
Allowances, 1705.

Temporarily commissioned, 1706.
Regular Army Reserve-
Volunteer forces and National Guard in

active service, 1707. Beginning of pay, 1708.

Prior to muster in, 1709.
Temporary forces, 1710.
Army field clerks, 1711.

Increase, 1712.
Field clerks, Quartermaster Corps, 1713.
Contract surgeons, 1714.
Army Nurse Corps :

Rates, 1715.
Chief purses, 1716.

Leave of absence, 1717.
Cooks and other civilians, caring for the

sick, 1718.
Hospital matrons, 1719.
Allctment of pay:

Voluntary allotments, 1720.
Compulsory allotments-

For enlisted men, 1721.
Dependents entitled to, 1722.
Maximum, 1723.
Illegitimate child, 1724.
Former wife divorced, 1725.

Presumption of marriage, 1726.

Discontinuance, 1727.
Soldiers missing in action, 1728.

Resumption, 1729.

Erroneous, 1730. Family allowance : During Mexican punitive expedition,

During the World War-

Maximum amount, 1732,
Wire and children (class A)-

Rates, 1733.
Compulsory allotment prerequisite,

Former wife dirorced, 1735.
Wife living apart, 1736.

Illegitimate child, 1737.
Parent, grandchild, brother, or sister

(class B)-
Rates, 1738.
Allotment and dependency prerequi.

site, 1739.
Limitation, 1740.

Apportionment, 1741.
Deserters, prisoners, and missing men,

Duration, 1743.
Distribution by Treasury Department,

Award after investigation, 1745.

Refunded by beneficiary, 1746.
Allowances according to statute, 1747.



Quarters :
Furnished in kind

According to grades, 1748.
Superintendent of Army Nurse Corps,

Oficers temporarily in the field, 1750,

Dependents provided for, 1751.
Officers in Canal Zone, 1752.
Commutation of quarters-

Rate, 1753.
Reservists and retired enlisted men,

Military attachés, etc., 1756.
Signal Corps, 1758.
Availability of public quarters, 1759.

No claim for quarters for servants, 1760.
Ileat and light, 1761.
Mounts, care and forage :

Mounted officers, 1762.
Signal details of enlisted men, 1763.
Furage allowance-

West of the Mississippi River, 1764.
East of the Mississippi River, 1765.

Commutation, 1766.
Care of mounts, 1767.
During absence of officers, 1768.

Officers overseas or in Alaska, 1769.
Transportation of mounts

From point of purcbase, 1770.
Private mounts, 1771.

After death of officers, 1772.
Attendance at horse shows, 1773.
Transportation of baggage, 1774.

Exceeding allowance, 1775.

Of discharged enlisted men, 1776.
Travel pay and traveling expenses :
Officers without troops-

Duty without troops, 1777.
Transportation in kind, 1778.

Dependents, 1779.
Mileage allowance-

Rate, 1780.
Certificate of necessity, 1781.
Travel order to specify duty, 1782.
Over bond-aided roads, 1783,

Engineer officers, 1784.
Graduated cadets, joining first station,

Station changed during leave of ab-

sence, 1786.
Inspections and investigations, 1787.

Engineer officers, 1788.
Inspector-instructors of National

Guard, 1789.
Journeys for instruction, 1790,
Chaplains, 1791.
Details with the Bureau of Light-

houses, 1792.

Travel pay and traveling expenses--Contd.
Officers without troops-

Ordnance officers, 1793.
In connection with aviation, 1794.
By air, 1795.
Discharged officers, 1790.

By sea, 1797.
Enlisted men-

Recruits and recruiting parties, 1798.
Under orders, 1799.
Furlough fares, 1800.
Relieved from active duty, 1801.
Discharged, 1802.
Discharged to reenlist, 1803.
National Guardsmen discharged from

Federal service, 180.5.
Veterans of the World War of Polish

origin, 1806.
Wives of enlisted men, 1807.
Army nurses, 1808.
American National Red Cross, 1809.
Foreign soldiers, 1810.

On aviation business, 1811.
Officers in Alaska, 1812.
Subsistence :

Road Commissioners of Alaska, 1813,
Military observers, 1814.

Special aviation duty, 1815.
Commutation of rations :

Rates, 1816.
Competitors at national rifle match, 1817.

Retired enlisted men, 1818.
Clothing balances :

Settlement, 1819.

Appropriations chargeable, 1820.
Laundry, etc., for recruits, 1821.
Deceased persons :
Disposition of remains, 1822.

Vocational trainees, 1823.
Burial expenses, 1824.
Burial in national cemeteries, 1825.

Veterans of Civil War, 1826.
Indigent patients, 1827.

Army nurses, 1828.
Memorials in Arlington Memorial Amphi-

theater, 18283. Headstones in private cemeteries, 1829. Monuments in Cuba and China, 1830 Headstones for Confederate veterans,

1831. Transportation of baggage of civilians,

Settlement of accounts, 1833.
Estate tax, 1834.
Gratuity to heirs, 1835.

Death from aviation accident, 1836,
Suits for damages by estates of persons

killed at sea, 1837.
Recovery of damages, 1838.

1593. Pay of the Army Fund.-All the money hereinbefore appropriated for pay of the Army and miscellaneous, except the appropriation for mileage to commissioned officers, warrant officers, members of the Officers' Reserve Corps when ordered to active duty, contract surgeons, expert accountant, Inspector General's Department, Army field clerks, and field clerks of the Quartermaster Corps, when authorized by law, shall be disbursed and accounted for as pay of the Army, and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. Act of June 5, 1920 (41 Stat. 956), making appropriations for the support of the Army.

Similar provisions appear in previous appropriation acts for many years.

Provisions that no part of the sums appropriated for support of the Regular Army shall be used for the expenses of the organized militia while engaged in joint encampment, etc., of the Regular Army and militia, under sec. 15, act of Jan. 21, 1903 (32 Stat. 777), were added to that section by amendment by sec. 9, act of May 27, 1908 (35 Stat. 402). Said section was omitted as superseded by sec. 94, act of June 3, 1916, 2574, post.

For regulations for the method of making payments to enlisted men, see paragraphs 1315-1346, A. R., 1913. 1594. Examination of pay accounts.

* Provided, That hereafter all the accounts of individual paymasters shall be analyzed under the several heads of the appropriation and recorded in detail by the Paymaster-General of the Army before said accounts are forwarded to the Treasury Department for final audit, and the Secretary of War may hereafter authorize the assignment to duty in the office of the Paymaster-General, not to exceed five paymasters' clerks, now authorized by law, Act of Mar. 2, 1905 (33 stat. 832). 1595. Pay of the Army forwarded by mail or express.

And prorided further, That hereafter the Secretary of War is also authorized to arrange for the payment of the enlisted men serving at posts or places where no paymaster is on duty, by check or by currency, to be sent to them by mail or express, at the expense and risk of the United States. Act of Feb. 27, 1893 (27 Stat. 479).

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Notes of Decisions.

Loss of funds.-A paymaster of the troops, which sume were not found in the Army who alleges that he inclosed certain package when received, the seals being unsums of money in a package transmitted broken, is not entitled to credit therefor. by him to an officer for the payment of 6 Comp. Dec., 940.

1596. Officers to receive monthly payments. The sums hereinbefore allowed shall be paid in monthly payments by the paymaster. R. S. 1268.

The reference in this section to “sums hereinbefore allowed is to the sums allowed as pay of officers in R. S. 1261-1267, post, 1627, 1637, 1638, 1634, 1661, 1667, 1639.

Rules for division of time and computation of pay, where compensation is annual or monthly, 949, ante.

Notes of Decisions.

Overpayments. --See (1882) 17 Op. Atty. 603; (1885) 18 Op. Atty. Gen. 158; (1885) Gen. 425, 448 ; (1883) 17 Op. Atty. Gen: 1

18 Op. Atty. Gen, 229. 1597. Monthly payment of enlisted men, Signal Corps.-Provided further, That the pay of the enlisted men, including the items of commutation of quarters, and commutation of fuel, shall be paid monthly to each enlisted man entitled thereto by one check upon one properly certified voucher. Act of Aug. 30, 1890 (26 Stat. 100), making appropriations for sundry civil expenses: Signal Service.

This was the last of several provisos annexed to appropriations for pay, etc., of ofrers and enlisted men, “ Signal Service." All the provisos preceding this related in terms to the Signal Service or Signal Corps, and this proviso appears not to have been intended to have any different application. The act was passed before the reorganization of the Signal Corps as part of the military establishment by act of Oct. 1, 1890, ante, 658.

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