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(public Baptism)

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regeneration, Ré BELOVED; ye hear in this

through Jesus Christ our dren to come unto me, and . Lord. Amon.

forbid them not; for of such LMIGHTY and immor- is the kingdom of God. Ve

tal God, the aid of all rily I say unto you, Whosothat need, the helper of all ever shall not receive the that flee to thee for succour, kingdom of God as a little the life of them that believe, child, he shall not enter and the resurrection of the therein. And he took them dead; We call upon thee for up in his arms, put his hands this Infant, that he, coming upon them, and blessed them. to thy holy Baptism, may re

9 After the Gospel is read, the Minister shall

make this brief Exhortation upon the words ceive remission of his sins by of the Gospel. spiritual

ELOVED, ceive him, O Lord, as thou Gospel the hast promised by thy well- Saviour Christ, that he combeloved Son, saying, Ask, and manded the children to be ye shall have; seek, and ye brought unto him; how he shall find ; knock,' and 'it blamed those that would have shall be opened unto you: So kept them from him; how he give now unto us that ask ; exhorteth all men to follow let us that seek find; open

their innocency. Ye perceive the gate unto us that knock; how by his outward gesture that this Infant may enjoy and deed he declared his the everlasting benediction good will toward them; for of thy heavenly washing, and he embraced them in his may come to the eternal king- arms, he laid his hands upon dom which thou hast

and blessed them. them,

promised by Christ our Lord. Amen. Doubt ye not therefore, but Then shall the people stand up, and the earnestly believe, that he will Priest shall say,

likewise favourably receive Hear the words of the Gos- this present Infant; that he

pel, written by Saint Mark, will embrace him with the in the tenth Chapter, at arms of his mercy; that he the thirteenth Verse.

will give unto him the blessTH THEY brought young ing of eternal life, and make

children to Christ, that him partaker of his everlasthe should touch them; and ing kingdom. Wherefore we his disciples rebuked those being thus persuaded of the that brought them. But when good will of our heavenly FaJesus saw it, he was much ther towards this Infant, dedispleased, and said unto clared by his Son Jesus them, Suffer the little chil-Christ; and nothing doubt

ing but that he favourably form. Wherefore, after this alloweth this charitable work promise made by Christ, this of our's in bringing this In-Infant must also faithfully, fant to his holy Baptism; let for his part, promise by you us faithfully and devoutly that are his sureties, (until he give thanks unto him, and come of age to take it upon say,

himself,) that he will renounce lasting God, heavenly and constantly believe God's Father, we give thee humble holy Word, and obediently. thanks, for that thou hast keep his commandments. vouchsafed to call us to the I demand therefore, knowledge of thy grace, and faith in thee: Increase this DOST thou, in the Name

of this Child, renounce knowledge, and confirm this the devil and all his works, faith in us evermore. Give the vain pomp and glory of thy holy Spirit to this Infant, the world, with all covetous that he may be born again, and desires of the same, and the be made an heir of everlasting carnal desires of the flesh, so salvation; through our Lord that thou wilt not follow, nor Jesus Christ, who liveth and be led by them? reigneth with thee and the Answer. I renounce them Holy Spirit, now and for all. ever. Amen.


OST thou believe in God 9 Then shall the Priest speak unto the God Dos

the Father Almighty, EARLY beloved, ye have Maker of heaven and earth?

brought this Child here And in Jesus Christ his to be baptized, ye have pray- only-begotten Son our Lord? ed that our Lord Jesus Christ And that he was conceived would vouchsafe to receive by the Holy Ghost; born of him, to release him of his sins, the Virgin Mary ; that he to sanctify him with the holy suffered under Pontius Pilate, Ghost, to give him the king- was crucified, dead, and budom of heaven, and everlast-ried; that he went down into ing life. Ye have heard also hell, and also did rise again that our Lord Jesus Christ the third day; that he ashath promised in his Gospel cended into heaven, and sitto grant all these things that teth at the right hand of God ye have prayed for: which the Father Almighty; and promise he, for his part, will from thence shall come again most surely keep and per-| at the end of the world, to

fathers and Godmothers on this wise.


mission of sins; the Resur: ALGod, whose most dearly


judge the quick and the venly virtues, and everlastdead?

ingly rewarded, through thy And dost thou believe in mercy, O blessed Lord God, the Holy Ghost; the holy who dost live, and govern Catholick Church; the Com- all things, world without end. munion of Saints; the Re- Amen.

LMIGHTY, everliving rection of the flesh; and ever

, lasting life after death? beloved Son Jesus Christ, for

Answer. All this I sted the forgiveness of our sins, fastly believe.

did shed out of his most Minister.

precious side both water and LT thou be baptized | blood; and gave commandin this faith?

ment to his disciples, that Answer. That is my desire. they should go teach all naMinister.

tions, and baptize them In WTET

ILT thou then obedi- the Name of the Father, the

ently keep God's holy Son, and the Holy Ghost; will and commandments, and Regard, we beseech thee, the walk in the same all the days supplications of thy congreof thy life?

gation; sanctify this Water Answer. I will. to the mystical washing away

« Then shall the Priest say, of sin ; and grant that this O

the old Adam in this therein, may receive the fulChild may be so buried, that ness of thy grace, and ever the new man may be raised remain in the number of thy up in him. Amen.

faithful and elect children; Grant that all carnal affec-through Jesus Christ our tions may die in him, and Lord. Amen. that all things belonging to Then the Priest shall take the Child into his

hands, and shall say to the Godfathers and the Spirit may live and

grow Godmothers, in him. Amen.

Name this Child. Grant that he

pow. And then naming it after them (if they shall er and strength to have vic certify him that the Child may well endure

it) he shall dip it in the Water discreetly tory, and to triumph, against and warily, saying,

I thee . In the flesh. Amen.

Name of the Father, Grant that whosoever is and of the Son, and of the here dedicated to thee by Holy Ghost. Amen. our office and ministry may But if they certify that the Child is weak, also be endued with hea

it shall suffice to pour Water upon il, saying

the foresaid words,

may have

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