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XXXIV. Employment of Agent.-Agreement to employ an Agent in

a Colony at a Salary, with a percentage on Sales


XXXV. Employment of Factor.–Agreement to employ a Factor, to

be remunerated by a share of Gross Profits, with Weekly



XXXVI. Employment of Manager.-Agreement for the employment

of a Manager of a Limited Company at a fixed Salary and

Commission on Net Profits.....


XXXVII. Guarantee of Payment.-Agreement to pay for Goods to

be furnished to a Third Person....


XXXVIII. Guarantee of Performance of Covenants. - Agreement

between the Lessees of Docks and a Dock Company for a

Guarantee Fund for securing the due performance by the

Lessees of the Terms of the Lease


XXXIX. Loan.--Agreement for a Loan


XL. Manufacture of Salt.-Agreement for the Manufacture of Salt 574

XLI. Permission to enjoy Lights.-Agreement to permit enjoyment

of Light on sufferance....


XLII. Permission to obstruct Lights.-Agreement to permit the con-

tinuance of obstruction to Ancient Lights


XLIII. Railway, Construction of.Agreement between a Railway

Company and Contractors for the Construction of a Railway

and Line


XLIV. Railway, Working of.—Agreement by a Railway Company

for the Working, Management, Maintenance and Repairs of a

Railway belonging to another Company


XLV. Foreign Railway, Construction and Working of.Agreement

between a Foreign Government and a Railway Company for

the Construction and Working of a Railway


XLVI. Exclusive Right to Sell a Patent Medicine.-Agreement for the

exclusive Privilege of Selling a Patent Medicine in the United

Kingdom for Twenty-one Years, determinable at the end of the

first Seven or Fourteen Years


XLVII. Sale of Invention.-Agreement for the Purchase of the Sole

Right of Compounding and Vending a Medicine, in considera-

tion of a Moiety of the Profits to be paid in Twelve Years.. 628

XLVIII. Sale of Machinery.--Agreement for the Sale of Machinery

by means of a Hiring Contract—Repairs—Insurance-Option

to Purchase for gross Sum...


XLIX. Sale of Pianoforte.-Agreement for the Sale of a Pianoforte

on the Three Years' Hire System. In case of Default, all In-

stalments to be Forfeited


L. Sale of Reversionary Interest.-Agreement for the Sale of a

Reversionary Interest in Stock to the Trustees of a Rever-

sionary Interest Company


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For Agreements for Leases, see tit. LEASES.

For Agreements for Mortgages, see tit. MORTGAGES.


Nature and Incidents of Annuities in General.- Personal Annuities

and Rents, 647—Rent by way of use, 650— Rent pur autre

vie, 651.

Remedies.-Action, 656—Distress, 657—Entry, 673—Sale by Court,

675—Proof in Bankruptcy, 676—Extinguishment of Rents,

681-Apportionment, 685—Interest or Arrears, 688-Office and

Powers of a Receiver, 690—Registration of Annuities, 702-

Provisions of Stat. 18 & 19 Vict. c. 15..703—Stamps, 704.


I. Annuity Bond for Grantor's Life.—Bond for securing an Annuity

for the Grantor's Life, without any other Security, and re-

purchasable ...

.. 705

II. Annuity Bond for Two Lives.-Bond for securing an Annuity to a

Man for Life, and to his Wife if she should survive him, repur-

chasable on repayment of the Amount of the Price of the


.. 706

III. Annuity Bond on relinquishing Business.-Bond for securing an

Annuity in consideration of relinquishing a Business

.. 708

IV. Bond by several in consideration of Conveyance.-Bond by

several Obligors for securing an Annuity for the Obligee's Life

in consideration of a Conveyance and surrender of Freehold

and Copyhold Premises

.. 709

V. Deed of Covenant for securing Annuity.—Deed of Covenant for

payment of an Annuity collaterally secured by Bond, in con-

sideration of relinquishing a Business.

.. 711

VI. Deed of Covenant for securing Pension to retiring Minister. -

Deed of Covenant to secure an Annuity by way of Pension for a

Minister of a Chapel on his retirement, and further Provision for

his Wife and Family


VII. Grant, &c. with Sureties.-Grant of a Personal Annuity for the

Life of the Grantor, in which two Sureties join; and Powers to



B.-VOL. I.



IV. Portion.—Appointment by a Father of a Portion to a Daughter

on her Marriage, under a Power contained in a Strict Settle-

ment of the Family Estates (by Supplemental Deed) ..... 780

V. Share of Trust Funds.--Appointment to a Daughter on her Mar-

riage of a Share of Trust Funds under a Power contained in a

· Will


VI. Stock among Children equally, with Power of Revocation.-

Appointment by a Father and Mother of Stock amongst their

Children equally, subject to their own Life Interests therein,

with Provisoes as to Survivorship with regard to Shares ap-

pointed to two Infant Daughters (by Indorsement), and a

Power of Revocation


VII. Revocation and New Appointment.-Revocation of Appointment

(see the last Procedent), and New Appointment (by Endorso-



VIII. Chaplain by Nobleman.-Appointment of a Domestic Chaplain

by a Nobleman


IX. Chaplain by Bishop.-Appointment of a Chaplain by a Bishop.. 787

X. Gamekeeper.-Appointment of a Gamekeeper to kill Game, seize

Engines, &c.; also Fishing Nets, &c.


XI. Guardian by Infant.-Appointment of a Guardian by an Infant


XII. Guardians by several Infants.-Appointment of Guardians by

several Infants by one Deed, with a subsequent Ratification

by such of them as afterwards attained Fourteen Years of


XIII. Guardian by Father.-Appointment of Guardian by a Father


XIV. Protector of Settlement.-Appointment of a Protector of a Set-

tlement under a Will, in lieu of One of Three Protectors ap-

pointed by the Will, who relinquishes his Office by the same

Deed: Variations adapted to the Case of a Protector's relin-

quishing his Office by a separate Deed, or of a Vacancy hap-

pening by Death ..


XV. Steward. - Appointment of a Steward of a Manor


XVI. Deputy Steward.-Appointment of a Deputy Steward .... 812

XVII. Deputy Steward with Reddendum.-Appointment of a Deputy

Steward with a Reddendum


XVIII. Deputy Steward for Special Purpose.—Appointment of a

Deputy Steward, for the special purpose of admitting an Heir,

and taking a Surrender by way of Mortgage; or for taking a

Surrender from Husband and Wife to a Purchaser

... 815

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