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June 2, IT IS ENACTED, that the said partition and allotments of the 1852. freehold and copyhold estates described in the said certificate of

partition (being the estates comprised in the three schedules to that Act), should be and were thereby established, ratified and confirmed.

And that all the said freehold and copyhold messuages, farms, lands, tenements, and hereditaments which in and by the aforesaid certificate were expressed to be thereby allotted to the said John William Ford, as and for his part or share in severalty of the estates directed by the said Court of Chancery to be divided as aforesaid, which estates and premises are particularly described in the third schedule to the said Act, with their appurtenances, should be vested in and stand settled and assured upon and to the use of Richard Cooper the younger, his heirs and assigns for ever, In trust for the said John William Ford, his heirs and assigns, for ever. Proviso, That no person not being tenant to the lord should by virtue of that Act only become tenant of the said copyhold premises without an admission thereto by the lord of the manor, so as to entitle the lord to all such fines, &c., as he would have been entitled to if that Act had not passed ; and that it should be lawful for any person who had any legal estate in the copyhold hereditaments thereby settled, to make any surrender or customary assurance of the same, To the uses and for the purposes of that Act, notwithstanding the limitations, trusts, or dispositions of the said will and codicil. THE USUAL SAVING CLAUSE, And that the Act should be printed by the King's printer, and a copy thereof so printed should be admitted as evidence by all judges, &c.

THE THIRD SCHEDULE to which the Act refers [being the allotments to the said John William Ford] contains (inter alia),

A. R. P. Manor House yards and farms

1 0 10 Manor House plantation (copybold)

0 3 23 Further Home Field, Hither Home Field, and Small Close

5 1 3 Timber and timber-like trees.




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Aug. 4, INDENTURE of MORTGAGE of this date, &c. 1852.


Parsons, Widow (selling under the powers given to
Limited Owners by the Settled Land Act, 1882), of
Cheapside, in the City of London, to a Leasehold House
and Premises, in Queen Street, in the Parish of St.
Dunstan in the East, London.

Dec. 6, BY INDENTURE OF LEASE BETWEEN Robert Good, of the 1854. first part, John Taylor and James Brindall (administrators of all

the goods, chattels, rights, and credits, of Robert Tudor, late
citizen and builder of London, deceased), of the second part,
and James Head of the third part; whereby, for the considera-
tions therein mentioned,
Said Good, with the assent and by the direction of said Taylor
and Brindall, DID DEMISE, lease, and to farm let unto said
Head, his executors, administrators and assigns,

All that piece or parcel of ground situate, lying, and
being on the west side of a new street, called or
designed to be called Queen Street, lying on the south
side of King Street, in the parish of Saint Dunstan in
the East, London, containing in front next Queen
Street aforesaid, from north to south, 16 feet and 1
inch of assize ; in the rear or back part thereof, from
north to south, 61 feet and 3 inches of assize; and in
depth on the north side, from east to west, 44 feet of
assize; then turning northward 8 feet and 6 inches of
assize; and from thence extending westward to the
rear or back part of the said piece or parcel of ground,
40 feet of assize ; and in depth on the south side, from
east to west, 85 feet and 9 inches of assize ; then
turning southward 10 feet and 2 inches of assize; and
from thence extending westward to the rear or back
part of the said ground 3 feet and 9 inches of assize; and
which said piece or parcel of ground doth abut east on
Queen Street aforesaid, west on ground of William
Watts, north on ground built or intended to be built on
by him, the said James Head, and Isaac Lewis, and is
more particularly mentioned and described in the plan
or ground plot thereof, drawn and delineated in the
margin of the now abstracting indenture. Together

Dec. 6, 1854.

with the said brick messuage or tenement lately erected and built on part of the said piece or parcel of ground, and all other erections and buildings now erected and built or to be erected and built upon the said piece or parcel of ground, or any part thereof,

Together also with all ways, &c. To hold the same, with their appurtenances, unto the said Head, his executors, administrators, and assigns, from the 29th day of September, which was in the year 1854, for the term of ninety-nine years from thence next ensuing, at the rent of one peppercorn for the first two years and three quarters of a year, and at the yearly rent of £3 16s. for the remaining ninety-six years and one quarter of a year,

payable quarterly. COVENANTS by said Head with said Good, to pay rent, to build said messuages, to insure in Hand-in-Hand or Westminster Insurance Office to the highest value said offices commonly insure on houses; to repair, &c.; to leave, &c., at end of term ; that lessors may enter and view said premises and give three months' notice of want of repair; to repair accordingly; and not to let, &c., to a victualler, without license of said Good. Proviso for re-entry on non-payment of rent. COVENANTs by said Good, that he had right to demise and lease; and for quiet enjoyment. COVENANT by said Good for quiet enjoyment.

EXECUTED by said Good, Taylor, and Brindall, and attested.

July 1, BY INDENTURE OF MORTGAGE between said Head, of the 1855. one part, and said Taylor, of the other part.

Reciting the before abstracted indenture of lease ;
IT WAS WITNESSED, that in consideration of the sum of £1500,
said Head did grant, bargain, sell, assign, and set over unto said
Taylor, his executors, administrators, and assigns,

The said indenture of lease ;
All said premises;

And all the estate, &c.:
To hold unto said Taylor, his executors, administrators,
and assigns, from thenceforth for residue of said term of
ninety-nine years.

July 1, 1855.

Proviso for redemption on payment of principal and inte

rest on 12th January then next.
COVENANTS for payment of principal and interest, for title, &c.

EXECUTED by said Head, and attested.
RECEIPT for consideration indorsed.

Dec. 2, BY INDENTURE, indorsed on last abstracted indenture, 1855.

BETWEEN said Taylor, of the one part, and George Balls, of the

other part,

Reciting that within-mentioned principal sum was owing,

with £33 6s. for the interest thereof;
Said Taylor, in consideration of £1533 68., paid by said
George Balls, did bargain, sell, assign, transfer, and set over
unto said George Balls, his executors, administrators, and

Said indenture of lease and indenture of mortgage;
The aforesaid premises, principal and interest;

And all his estate, &c. :
TO HOLD unto said Balls, his executors, administrators, and
assigns, from thenceforth for remainder of said term of
ninety-nine years.

SUBJECT to right of redemption by said Head.
COVENANT by said Taylor, that he had done no act to incumber.

EXECUTED and attested.
Receipt for consideration signed and attested.

Nov. 7, BY INDENTURE OF ASSIGNMENT, BETWEEN said Balls, of the 1859. first part; said Head, of the second part; and John Parsons, of

the third part;

RECITING the before abstracted indentures of lease and
mortgage, and the before abstracted deed poll;
Reciting, that the principal sum of £1500 was then owing
to said Balls, together with £82 148. 9d. for the interest

IT WAS WITNESSED, that in consideration of £1582 14s. 9d. to
said Balls paid by said Parsons, (by the direction and appoint-
ment of said Head, testified, &c.), And also in consideration of
£317 58. 3d. to said Head paid by said Parsons and Balls, (by
the direction and appointment of said Head, testified as afore-
said), Balls did bargain, sell, assign, and set over, and said Head

Nov. 7, did fully and absolutely bargain, sell, assign, set over, release, 1859.

ratify and confirm unto said Parsons, his executors, administrators, and assigns, as well

The said Premises;

And all the estate, &c. : To hold with their and every of their appurtenances, unto said Parsons, his executors, administrators, and assigns, from thenceforth for the remainder of the said term of

ninety-nine years.
COVENANT by said Balls, that he had done no act to incumber.
Covenants by said Head that lease was valid ; that said Balls
and Head, or one of them, had full power to assign; for quiet
enjoyment, free from incumbrances ;
And for further assurance.

EXECUTED by said Balls and Head and attested.
Receipts for respective considerations indorsed.

April 2, BY WILL of this date said John Parsons gave and bequeathed 1876. All his real and personal estate in the following words, namely:

“All my lands, tenements, hereditaments, and real estate whatsoever and wheresoever (including leaseholds), which I am seised or entitled unto, and all my moneys, stocks, funds, and securities, and other per

sonal estate whatsoever.” Unto Henry Thomas and Richard Goodchild, their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, upon the trusts and for the intents and purposes following, viz. :

UPON TRUST as soon as conveniently might be after his said testator's decease, to call in and enforce payment of all debts, sum and sums of money which should be due to him upon mortgage or other security, and also to sell and convert into money all such other parts of his estate and effects as should not then consist of money in any manner they should deem most expedient and for the most money that they could obtain for the same, or as

should to them seem most reasonable.
And as to the

to be in


other manner received under or by virtue of the now abstracting will,

UPON TRUST, to pay his said testator's debts, funeral, and testamentary expenses, and the pecuniary legacies thereinafter mentioned, and after payment thereof

so, or

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