An Introduction to Shiʻi Islam: The History and Doctrines of Twelver Shiʻism

Sampul Depan
Yale University Press, 1985 - 397 halaman
This book is a general introduction to Shi'i Islam--specifically to Twelver Shi'ism, to which the majority of Shi'is belong today. It deals with the history and development of this important religion, giving an account of Shi'i doctrines and focusing in particular on those areas in which it differs from Sunni Islam.
"Momen's book fills an important gap in the general literature in English on Twelver Shi'ism, and should be carefully studied by anyone who wants to know more about what is happening in the Middle East today....This is a fine work which deserves the widest possible readership."--Malise Ruthven, The Middle East
"An extremely useful reference source on the establishment and evolution of the Shi'ite branch of the Islamic religion."--Cecil V. Crabb, Jr., Perspective
"An unpretentious style, interpretive clarity and . . . sound judgment characterize Momen's writings. The various aspects of Twelver Shi'ism are carefully distinguished to satisfy both the general reader and the aspiring student."--Norman Calder, Times Literary Supplement
"Specialist and nonspecialist alike will benefit from its lucid exposition of both elite and popular Shi'ism. Especially valuable is the way the work presents modern critical scholarship on Shi'i history alongside the orthodox history, which still has great influence on the religion's self-understanding."--Mel Piehl, Library Journal
Moojan Momen has written extensively on Iran and Middle East religion.

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This is a good overview of Shia Islam, and goes into extreme detail. The only problem is that it can be dry at times. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a more scholarly knowledge of Shia Islam. Baca ulasan lengkap

An introduction to Shi├Š┬╗i Islam: the history and doctrines of Twelver Shi├Š┬╗ism

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The Iranian Revolution of 1979 and recent events in Lebanon have greatly increased Western interest in the Shi'i branch of Islam, which is much less known than Sunni Islam. This volume provides a ... Baca ulasan lengkap


1 An Outline of the Life of Muhammad and the Early History of Islam
2 The Question of the Succession to Muhammad
3 The Lives of the Imams and Early Divisions among the Shiis
4 Early History of Shii Islam AD 6321000
5 Shii Islam in the Medieval Period AD 10001500
6 Shii Islam in Modern Times AD 15001900
7 The Imamate
8 The Twelfth Imam His Occultation and Return
12 Schools within Twelver Shiism
13 The Popular Religion
14 Contemporary Shiism
Appendix I A Chronology of Political and Religious Events in Shii History
Appendix II Shii Dynasties
Appendix III Biographies of Prominent Ulama
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9 Doctrines Ritual Practices and Social Transactions
10 Shii Jurisprudence and the Religious Hierarchy
11 Sufism Irfan and Hikma

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