Memory's Nation: The Place of Plymouth Rock

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Univ of North Carolina Press, 9 Nov 2000 - 720 halaman
Long celebrated as a symbol of the country's origins, Plymouth Rock no longer receives much national attention. In fact, historians now generally agree that the Pilgrims' storied landing on the Rock never actually took place--the tradition having emerged more than a century after the arrival of the Mayflower.
In Memory's Nation, however, John Seelye is not interested in the factual truth of the landing. He argues that what truly gives Plymouth Rock its significance is more than two centuries of oratorical, literary, and artistic celebrations of the Pilgrims' arrival. Seelye traces how different political, religious, and social groups used the image of the Rock on behalf of their own specific causes and ideologies. Drawing on a wealth of speeches, paintings, and popular illustrations, he shows how Plymouth Rock changed in meaning over the years, beginning as a symbol of freedom evoked in patriotic sermons at the start of the Revolution and eventually becoming an icon of exclusion during the 1920s.

Originally published in 1998.

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Carving a Face on the Rock
Michel Felice Corné The Landing of the Forefathers ca 17981800
Feminizing the Rock
Under the RockSomething for Bowdoin
Cutting a Colossus from the Rock
The Rocks Red Glare
Brooklyn NightsSomething by Way of Lighter Fare
The Stern and RockBound Lodge

Circumferential Matters Relating to the Rock 7 The Great TrinitarianUnitarianCongregational Battle over the Ownership of the Pilgrims and Their Ro...
Concerning Certain Flaws in the Rock
The Rock Rolled Back
Tabling the Rock
Jenny Brownscombe The Landing of the Pilgrims ca 1920 18
Written on the Rock
Setting Free the Rock
Rock Ballast for the Ship of State
Wherein the Rock Becomes a Rolling Stone
Wherein the Rock Gets Reconstructed
The Pilgrim Fathers Where Are They?
The Rock Impounded
The Statue and the Rock
A Forwarding Address
Acknowledgments Index 675
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John Seelye is Graduate Research Professor of American Literature at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is author of a number of books in the field of American studies, including two volumes on the role of rivers in opening and permitting communications between the territories that became the United States.

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