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answer, and pardon me if I have not been able to satisfy what you may have expected from me.

Before finishing, I render thanks to my Divine Saviour in that he has deigned to bless so visibly those few pages in which my trembling hand traced the history of my conversion. Yes, dear honoured Scottish brothers, glory, eternal glory to the King of Israel who displays the sovereignty of his grace in seeking out the most unworthy, the most miserable sinners, deserving his everlasting indignation, that they may become the objects of his mercy.

From all parts the news come to me of the blessing which he has been pleased to give to this publication, and which I attribute to this, that there is in it so little of man, and that it is the fact of a Divine call, which, as being the work of God and not of man, has succeeded in finding a sympathy in many Christian souls. Already there have reached me six different impressions in different languages. If you have, according to your intention, caused a new edition to be made at Glasgow, and that you find an opportunity of transmitting to me a copy of it, I will preserve it as a mark and pledge of Christian brotherhood, and of the kindness of my well-beloved brethren in Scotland. Oh! what would I not give to be able to come and press your hand, and to bend together the knees of our hearts, (fléchir ensemble les genoux de nos cours.) But if distance prevents us from pressing one another's hands, it does not prevent us from uniting in prayers and supplications.

Do not forget me, estimable brother, in your requests, and let us pray together that it may please the Lord to shed forth his Spirit of Life on the dry bones of the house of Israel."

Accept of the expression of the most profound respect from your obedient servant and brother,



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