Delaware Chancery Reports: 1909-1912, Volume 9

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Mercantile Printing Company, 1913

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Halaman 208 - The trustee may avoid any transfer by the bankrupt of his property which any creditor of such bankrupt might have avoided, and may recover the property so transferred, or its value, from the person to whom it was transferred, unless he was a bona fide holder for value prior to the date of the adjudication.
Halaman 235 - All corporations, whether they expire by their own limitation or be annulled by the legislature or otherwise dissolved, shall be continued bodies corporate for the purpose of prosecuting and defending suits by or against them, and of enabling them to settle and close their affairs, to dispose of and convey their property, and to divide their capital, but not for the purpose of continuing the business for which they were established.
Halaman 436 - ... either of property or contract or personal status., and enters into some transaction the legal scope and operation of which he correctly apprehends and understands, for the purpose of affecting such assumed rights, interests, or relations, or of carrying out such assumed duties or liabilities, equity will grant its relief, defensive or affirmative, treating the mistake as analogous to, if not identical with, a mistake of fact.
Halaman 269 - ... that all rights of creditors and all liens upon the property of either of said former corporations shall be preserved unimpaired, and the respective former corporations may be deemed to continue in existence, in order to preserve the same...
Halaman 243 - will not read a deed put before him for execution, or if, being unable to read, will not demand to have it read or explained to him, he Is guilty of supine negligence, which, I take It, Is not the subject of protection, either in equity or at law.
Halaman 349 - ... corporation shall have a lien upon the assets thereof for the amount of the wages due to them, not exceeding two months...
Halaman 419 - ... with power to prosecute and defend, in the name of the corporation, or otherwise, all such suits as may be necessary or proper for the purposes aforesaid, and to appoint an agent or agents under them, and to do all other acts which might be done by such corporation, if in being, that may be necessary for the final settlement of the unfinished business of the corporation; and the powers of such trustees or receivers may be continued as long as the Chancellor shall think necessary for the purposes...
Halaman 268 - ... rights, privileges, powers and franchises of each of said corporations, and all property, real, personal and mixed, and all debts due on whatever account, as well for stock subscriptions as all other things in action or belonging to each of such corporations shall be vested in the consolidated corporation; and all property, rights, privileges, powers and franchises...
Halaman 445 - A purchaser is not entitled to demand a title absolutely free from all suspicion or possible defect. He may claim a marketable title, and that means a title which a reasonable purchaser, well informed as to the facts and their legal bearings, willing and anxious to perform his contract, would, in the exercise of that prudence which business men ordinarily bring to bear upon such transactions, be willing to accept and ought to accept.
Halaman 313 - settlement itself is of such a nature or was made under such circumstances as to be unreasonable and improvident unless guarded by a power of revocation.

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