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Delay invalidates excursion ticket, refund permitted..
Delivering carrier-

must collect demurrage, though another carrier at fault..
must collect undercharges

must investigate claims before paying.. Demurrage,

accrued while agent awaited authority, no refund.
and car service in jurisdiction of Commission..
Commission's rule not retroactive....
delivering carrier obliged to collect..
none, pending dispute over rates, if carrier wrong.
occasioned by strike, no relief..
on astray shipments may be adjusted
on privately owned cars...
rule as to private tank cars applies to all private cars.
rules must be specific, not discretionary..
sale of shipment to pay rates, and carriers divide.

under I. C. C., not State authorities..
Destination, change of, a reconsignment.
Detoured train pays regular rate....
Distance tariff, Rule 10, 15-A....
Distributing point for private industry, free storage, disapproved..
Distribution of official circulars and rulings..

memorandum of verbal agreement to be filed...
of joint rates, contracts to be filed.
on diverted traffic

shipment sold for freight charges, carriers must divide.
Doors, grain, no reimbursement to shipper for attaching to cars,

unless in tariff
Drayage, shipment misrouted, refund permitted..
Drummers not privileged to ride on freight trains.
Eating houses-

carriers may provide on their lines..

on railroad, must not serve public with cheap-rate food. Effective date

if omitted in first tariff, effective when filed.....
of tariff, if none fixed, unlawful, never effective.

of tariff Sunday, lawful
Electricity, tariffs barring, unlawful.
Emergency as basis for short notice..

April 13, 1908, passes to furloughed, pensioned, and superannuated.
killed in service may be transported free....
of newspapers not to be carried under commodity rates on news-

on leave, entitled to passes.
Equalizing rules or tariffs unlawful.

agent failed to indorse ticket sold at reduced rate; carrier's loss..
in billing by initial carrier, delivering carrier must collect....
in tariffs good cause for short notice...

of companies' agents may be adjusted... Excursion

can not limit Pullman stop-over to one club... fares for school picnics same as for societies. fares, limited, may be on sbort notice..


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percentage payment under conditions...

S 16..
ticket, train delays invalidated, refund permitted.
Exhibition at fairs, free or reduced rates....

35 Expense

of collecting undercharges valid against carrier at fault.

of fitting cars, no refund unless in tariff. Expiration notice, not guaranty.....

54 Explosives, classification of

76 Exportand import traffic forwarded under through billing.

46 and import tariffs must show inland rates...

461 tariffs, ocean carriers

861... Express company

$5,000 valuation and liability on bonds worth $10,000, a violation. when shipping, must pay legal rate....

39 Extension

by one carrier of through ticket not binding...
of through ticket covers whole route. (Reversed, see B 1-43).
of time on limited tickets....

84 False valuation of bonds to express company, even by agreement,

a violation ... Family

does not include servants. (Reversed in B 2-93)....
includes servants and dependent relatives..
of dead employee may be transported free.

on pass, includes servant. (Reverses B 2-63) Fares, changes in

Feeding-in-transit, carrier may sell feed...
Filing tariffs not required for Government rates.
Flood, blockade, forwarded by higher route, initial line responsible.
Form, notation reducing joint rates...

561 Free carriage of refused or damaged goods.

78 Free passes and free transportation....

63 Free storage-in-transit at one point, one industry, disapproved.. Free transportation

63 by company of its own material for repairs. for railroad owner of trucks from wreck...

S 5 not lawful between carriers, when one owns both. of dead employee of carrier permitted.. omnibus or baggage express companies..

66 passengers

621 property or persons for telegraph companies.

64 to caretakers, milk not included... Freight trains, passengers on, can not be limted to a class. Fruit includes perishable vegetables

34 Fruit, passes to caretakers of

34 Fuel, material, etc., of carrier to pay legal rates.

39 Governmentemployees, reduced rate, going home to vote....

53 officials and families

63 postal cards shipped by, without tariff. rates may be granted without tariff..

S 1 35 rates must be directly between such and carrier. reduced rates do not include third party.

35 reduced without filing or posting tariffs.. transportation, conditions of reduced...

63 35

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iuentity can not be preserved under in-transit privileges..
primary market reshipping rate approved, except when less than

intermediate rate
Grain doors, unlawful, unless provided in tariff, for carrier to reim-

burse shippers for expense incurred in attaching to cars... Grazing-in-transit

carrier may sell feed.....

privilege can not be senewed after expiration..
Half-rates for return movement over original route.
Handholds must be on passenger cars and cabooses.
Hotels, meals, etc., may be sold with tickets, but separate..
Hours of service-

applies to street railroads engaged in interstate commerce.
employees deadheading not on duty...

nine hours applies to towers, offices, places, and stations.
Immigrants, Canadian l-cent fares, discrimination, no jurisdiction..
Import tariffs, ocean carriers...
Import traffic, commission on, to consignees, not sanctioned.

can not be preserved under in-transit privileges..

of grain, lumber, salt, etc., lost in transit on through rates. Indirect route not reasonable.. Industrial rates, lease to industry for all shipments of doubtful

Informal complaints-

adjusted by special orders..
for reparation
no relief on passenger fares..

reasonable time" defined as six months.
Initial line responsible for higher route used for food.
Inland tariffs must be published...
Instructions of shipper as to routing.
Interstate journey, state commutation ticket may be used.

feeding privileges, carrier may sell feed...
include cleaning, milling, concentration, etc., but not retroactive.
not allowed, when time in tariff expires..

tonnage not to be substituted.
Intrastate commutation ticket in interstate journey.
Investigate, delivering carrier to, before paying claims..
Joint agent publishing new rate, not canceling old, latter remains

Joint fare, greater or less than locals, only legal rate.
Joint rates-

contracts for divisions of, must be filed...
higher than locals, prima facie unreasonable.
only lawful for through traffic..
on one day's notice where none in effect..
rail and water subjects all traffic to jurisdiction.
reduced to locals on one day's notice.

to common points, local beyond..... Joint tariff, amendment on short notice.. Jurisdiction

does not extend over ocean carriers to foreign countries.
none over fares between points in Canada....
questions of demurrage and car service are within.

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Legal remedies to be exhausted on collection of undercharges.

bar claims not filed within two years.
can not be waived
claims since Aug. 28, 1907, within two years prior to filing; on or

before Aug. 28, 1907, not limited..
of tariffs to steam power, unlawful.
of transit privilege in tariff, can not be renewed.
“reasonable time'' six months in informal complaints.

stop-over exceeded by passenger, no refund..... Limited ticket, no refund when passenger reached last carrier too

late “Limited to designated period" defined. Live stock, passes to caretakers of... Local belt line, owned by municipality, subject to jurisdiction, Local rates

joint rate reduced to.....

less than joint rate. Long and short haul clauses, tariffs containing, may be used until

Oct. 1, 1908..... Machinery

fitting cars for, no refund if not in tariff. of company returned free for repair....

return, over new line to pay full rate.
Maintenance of rate, reduced after formal complaint, two years from

date of order; special reparation, one year from date of order..
Mailing list of Commission...
Material, company may return its own free for repair.
Maxima rules in tariffs, not permitted after Oct. 1, 1908.
Maximum rates to be discontinued....
Meals, etc., included in fare, but must be separate.
Mileage books, when exhausted, holder may use as far as they go,

then pay regular published local rate per mile for balance of trip.
Mileage fares, thirty days' notice.....
Mileage tickets, Canadian immigration 1 cent per mile, no jurisdic.

tion Milk, caretakers for, not entitled to passes. Milling

included in transit privileges, but not retroactive.....

in-transit, tonnage not to be substituted at transit point.
Minimum carloads

conditions and liability....
in adjusting, demurrage ordinarily not included.
no refund, except under authority of Commission.
no refund involving carriers not subject to act.
over line without tariff...

refund permitted of necessary drayage.
Mistake, carrier at fault, liable for expenses in collecting under.

charge Mixed C. L. applied east bound, not west, unless in tariff. Monthly reports,

to be addressed, division of statistics and accounts.. to be filed in duplicate...

to be posted before end of following month. Movement of shipments refused.... New cars, minimum C. L. weights on.

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Bul. 1.

Bul. 2.


New lines, Rule 44, 14-A, applies to “newly constructed" (see 57,

15-A) New offices, rates on one day's notice.

29 New roads, fares on one day's notice.

57 News companies, employees, other than newsboys, no passes.

96 Newspaper employees, no free passes to...

65 New tariff does not affect transit privileges on moving shipments..

80 Noticeapplication not received by wire..

58 changes permitted on short..

58 excursion fares

52 for good cause, exceptions made.

54 less than statutory for joint tariffs.

31 none required for Government rates.

33 of tariff expiring Sunday, lawful.

47 one day joint rates to locals..

56 permission for changes on less than statutory.

31 rates for good cause changed in less than thirty days.

26 request from one who issues tariff.

58 short, limited to emergency..

58 tariffs without, for newly constructed lines.

57 4 to consignor, not in tariff, neglected, carrier not liable.

20 to meet competing rates.

58 Ocean carriersexport and import tariffs....

86 46 to foreign countries not adjacent, not subject. Officerapplying for short notice....

58 31 designated to whom circulars are to be sent.

42 Officials designated for correspondence

79 Offset, shipper may not offset claim against freight bill.

48 Omnibus companies

66 Orderto extend rate two years when reduced pending complaint.

14 to extend rate one year in special reparation.. Overchargepolicy of Commission on complaints.....

81 reparation on admission of unreasonableness.

431 Party named in tariff without authority, not bound.

44 Party ratesadvance agents not in....

68 must be filed ó....

68 one ticket except for baggagemen..

68 Passengerexceeding stop-over limit, no refund.....

44 held as witness beyond stop-over, no refund.

601 no relief to, on informal complaint.....

46 on freight trains not to be limited to a class.

45 Passenger tickets, redeeming unused, terms..

S 16 Passes(See News, Telegraph, Telephone, Transfer, Baggage, Steamship,

Stage, Subsidiary, attorneys, and surgeons.) any rail or water kling tariffs...

96 Commission can not undertake to determine who eligible.

96 Commission recommend prosecution for use by improper persons.

96 exchange to indicate name and rank of person or on behalf of whom issued, and name of carrier..



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