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Form EX2 limited to a specific tariff...

EX3 embraces all tariffs to, but not from, its offices and via its lines..
EX4 limited to described traffic or territory..
EX5 embraces all tariffs to or from its offices and via its lines..
EX6 by joint agent, all tariffs to, but not from, its offices and via

its lines..
FX7 by joint agent, all tariffs to or from its offices and via its lines.

EX8 by joint agent, limited to described traffic or territory.
Form and number to be shown in tariff..
Must be 8 by 1012 inches...
Of every carrier must be on file.
Printing in triplicate suggested.
Revocation effective in forty days.
To be given serial numbers....

Under EX4 express company may file classification.
Date nf issue and when effective on tariff.
Duplicating rates not permitted..

If any, list should be given....

Should be included in the tariff..
Exception sheets, references to on tariff.
Explanations explicit of rates and rules.
Express companies issuing tariff's to be named therein.

All tariffs and amendments under penalty.
Tariff does not avoid liability for violation.

Two copies of tariff...

EXI, appointment of agent...
EX2 to EX8, concurrence.

Letter of transmittal.
"General specials,” term only used with full list.
Group descriptions only used with complete list.
I. C. C. numbers:

Must be consecutive..

On title-page of tariffs.
Icing, tariff must show charge or reference.

Of offices, to and from which tariff applies.
Of tariffs, contents prescribed.....
Of tariffs, express company must post and file..

Of tariffs to show date of issue, but not effective date.
Injunction circular not supplement to tariffs..
Joint agent:

Files classification under own I. C. C. number..

To use own I. C. C. numbers.
Joint basing transfer tariffs.....
Joint rate, one over lines of two or more carriers.
Joint tariffs:

Copies to be sent to each carrier.

Those made up from joint rates.
Kind of tariff shown on title-page.
Letter of transmittal, form....
Lighterage, tariff must show charge or reference.
Local tariffs to be given I. C. C. numbers..
Loose-leaf tariffs may be used....
“Missouri River points,” term only used with full list.

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· Rule. Mixed shipments, rates for.....

7 Name of issuing company or agent.

3a Notice: All changes at least 30 days...

14 Thirty days does not apply to index of tariffs.

11 Less than statutory, when permitted, shown on title-page.

14 Officer, name, title, and address on tariff....

3g Participating carrier, name, form, and concurrence number must be snown. 4b Planograph may be used for tariffs...

1 Postage, tariffs must be free of all claims.

14 Printing, concurrences in triplicate suggested.

24 Printing-press process may be used for tariffs..

1 Puget Sound points,” term only used with full list.

6 Rates may be made for specified mixed shipments..

7 Rates and places to be shown in tariff....

4i Reference marks in tariffs must be explained.

4e Rejected schedules not to be referred to....

14 Revocation: Of authority to agent, thirty days.

13 Of concurrence, forty days....

24 Routes: May be shown....

4i Not given, apply via all lines..

4i Rules and regulations to be shown in bold +ype.

4h Schedule rejected, not to be referred to... “Season” offices to be designated in tariffs.

12 Stereotype may be used for tariffs... Substitution of rate in any other tariff not permitted.

4h “Summer" offices to be designated in tariffs.

12 Supplements:

Amended item must be printed in full.
Canceled by reissue of tariff....
Must show cancellations..
None to loose-leaf tariffs.
Not more than two to any tariff.
Numbered consecutively.::..
"Only two to this tariff” on title-page.

3h Participating carrier, name, form and concurrence number.

15 Reissued when 25 per cent of tariff....., Switching, tariff must show charge or reference.

10 Table of contents unless title-page sufficient..

4a Tariffs: Addressed to Auditor, I. C. C., Washington, D. C...

14 Commission may direct reissue at any time.

р Containing reissued items in effect less than thirty days must show

effective date......
Filed by issuing company, for all concurring carriers.

Hard calendered paper of good quality.....
Later than August 1, 1908, must conform to these rules.

May be stereotype, planograph, or printing-press
Must be book, sheet, or pamphlet.
Must be 942 by 1112 inches..
Not accepted unless free from charges.
Not conforming, subject to rejection.

On file August 1, 1908, recognized...
Printed form may have rates in ink or typewriter for filing and posting.
To be filed by officer or agent....
To or from season or summer offices.
Too late, will be returned..

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