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Joint tariff's :


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Joint tariffs:

By joint agents...
Made up from joint rates.

Sent to each carrier party.
Kind of taris named on title-page.
Letter of transmittal, form...
Local tariffs should have I. C. C. numbers.
Loose-leaf tariffs permitted..
Miscellaneous schedules
Mixed c. l. commodity rates apply, though parts in class.
Name issuing officer on tariff..
Names of carriers, to be in tariff.

On distance tariff..

Rail and water tariffs..

If short to be shown on tariffs..
Of supplements on tariff'.
Required to change tariff..
Statutory or permissive, must be shown.

Thirty days, for every publication filed.
Officer, issuing, must be on tariff.
Pamphlet tariff, contents prescribed.
Participating carriers must be shown.
Paper, durable, of good quality...
Permission, to be showi on tariff.
Petroleum products,” used only when full list is printed.
Places to be named in tariff..
Planograph may be used for tariffs..
Postage, tariffs must be free from charges.
Posting tariffs not avoided by concurrence.
Power of attorney (Rule 18) may be modified.
Powers of attorney:

To be furnished each carrier....

To carrier eliminated (except under Rule 26).
Prepayment of freight, change of rule on one day's notice.
Printing-press process may be used for tariffs..
“Products,” used only when full list is printed.
Proof sheet tariffs forbidden..
Proportional rates in tariffs must be specific.
Rail and water:

Current tariffs under rule....
Rule for suspension
Storage and transit privileges.
Suspended may be reissued..
Tariff may be amended.

Thirty days for reforwarding.
Rates must be explicitly stated in tariff..
Reconsignment, in separate tariffs of terminal charges.
Reference marks must be explained.....
Regulations governing tariff in bold type.
Rejected schedules not to be referred to..
Reissue of tariff cancels supplements..
Reissued items notice in new tariff..
Revocation of concurrence, forty days' notice..

Not given, rates apply by any lines...,

Specified, rates will not apply by any other. Routes may be shown in tariff.

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Authorizing rate in any other tariff forbidden..

Restoring rail-and-water rates

Affecting rates in separate tariffs of terminal charges...
Conflicting, to be avoided..

Governing tariff in bold type
Schedules rejected, not to be referred to.
Serial numbers may be on title-page.
Sheet tariffs permitted
Size of tariff, 8 by 11 inches.
State rates, if used, must be filed.

If not above 12, may be shown on title-page..
List of, for distance tariffs.
Must be indexed in tariffs.
Rates only withdrawn on full notice..

Rates to new, on old roads, full notice...
Stereotype may be used for tariffs....
Storage, in separate tariffs of terminal charges.
Subsidiary lines, may authorize parent to file tariffs.

Amended item must be printed in full..
Amendments to tariffs of 5 pages or more.
Beyond proportions specified, tariffs must reissue.
Eight pages to 40-page tariffs.
Four pages or over must have index.
Four pages to 30-page tariff..
Must show partial cancellations.
None to less than 5-page tariff.
Not more than two to any tariff.
Not affecting charges, on one day's notice.
To tariff above 40 pages, 25 per cent..
To tariffs in effect and on file cancels both.

Two pages to 20-page tariff....

Canceled by reissue of tariffs.
Not to be included in index.
Notice on tariff
Only two to more than 4-page tariff.
Rail and water not counted under Rule 9.
Should refer to participating carriers..
To be filed by carrier or agent.
To be numbered consecutively.

To tariff reissued periodically
Switching, in separate tariffs of terminal charges.
Table of contents, unless title-page sufficient.
· Tariff rejected not to be referred to..

Addressed, Auditor, I. Ç. C..
Commission may direct reissue.
Durable paper good quality..
In book form, contents prescribed.
Joint, made up from “ joint rates'
Later than May 1, 1907, must conform.
May refer to another for rules...
Must show cancellations..
On file May 1, 1907, recognized.
Rail and water, suspension of.
To be filed by carrier or agent.


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Tariffs-Continued :

Two copie. must be filed....

With basing rates, must show I. C. C. numbers of bases.
Terminal charges, in separate tariffs.....
Territorial descriptions used with list of points.
Territory covered, to be shown on title-page.
Title, issuing officer on tariff...
Title-page, what must be shown.
Traffic covered to be shown on title-page.
Transit privileges in separate tariffs of terminal charges.
Transmittal letter in duplicate if receipt desired.
Type, not less than 6-point face...
Typewritten tariffs forbidden
Uniform form of tariff under consideration..
Uniformity of tariffs desirable.

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Passenger Fare Schedule.
Abbreviations, must be explained...

Authority must be filed...
Form of appointment
May not delegate authority.
Not association or bureau.
Notice may be revoked.
Or carrier on tariff.....
Size of appointment.
Transfer of authority.

Use own I. C. C. numbers.
Amendment, any change in tariff.

Numbers of
Power of attorney.
Revocation of
Separate for passenger and freight.
Subsidiary or small lines.

Transfer of
Baggage regulations, to be shown in tariff.
Basing fares, extent of use to be shown.
Book, pamphlet, or loose-leaf tariffs...
Cancellation notice, re ence where fares may found.
Cancellation of tariff, cancels supplement.
Cancellations, to be specified in tariff.
Classes of tariffs..
Combination of through rates.
Commission may direct reissue of any tariff.

Application of the various forms.
By each carrier must be shown.
Include excursion fares.
Numbers of
Of every carrier must be filed.
Printed duplicate for each carrier.
Revocation of
Separate for passenger and freight tariffs.

Subsidiary or small lines..
Conflicting tariffs or supplements.
Consolidated concurrences, use of.

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“Common points'
Complicated or ambiguous terms or plans to be avoided.
Concurrences and numbers.....
Excursion fares ....
Explanation of references and abbreviations.
Fares and places....
Fares and rules explained.
Geographical description of States.
Group descriptions only with list of points.
Index to stations.....
Names of participating carriers.
Names of States to be shown.
Routing under tariff.
Rules and regulations governing tariff.

Table of, full and complete.
Duplicating processes
Excess baggage, rates must be in tariff.
Excursion fares:

Form for stating....

Included in concurrence
Expiration notices, undesirable.
Failing to give notice, tariffs returned.

Explained in tariff...

Must not conflict or be duplicated.
Fares and places, must be in tariff.

Agent authority (power of attorney)
Duty of carrier as to.....
List of tariffs in effect.
Local tariffs ...
State or other rates used in interstate movement.
Statutory notice
Tariff's and supplements thereto.
Tariffs, by carrier or agent.

Tariffs, waives no liability.

Appointment of agent..


Expiration notice
Naming excursion fares.
Of tariffs
Power of attorney
Short notice on tariff
Size of
Transmittal of tariffs..

Uniform, for tariffs under consideration...
Great Lakes, other rail and water one day notice.
Headline Points, in local tariffs.
Hectograph tariffs, must not be used.

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Index, to tariffs in effect...
Interdivision tariffs:

Geographical or alphabetical.
Must show exact fares..
Must show explicit rules.
On different divisions issuing carrier.

I. C. Č. number canceled, on title-page or following.
I. C. C. numbers:

Presumed consecutive

Separate serial for freight and passenger.
Joint agent, to file joint tariffs under own I. C. C. numbers.
Joint fare, one over two or more lines....
Joint tariffs:

Form, page or pamphlet...
On two or more lines...
On made up from joint fares.

Size 8 by Il inches.
Letter of transmittal..

In duplicate if receipt desired..
Liability of carrier not relieved by filing.
List of tariffs:

If any changes, corrected monthly....
May cover both passenger and freight.

Showing number, agent, kind, and points.
Local tariffs:

Arrangement of points.....
Given I. C. C. numbers, posted and filed.
May be in books showing exact fare..

On line of issuing carrier..
Loose leaf tariffs permissible.
Mail for Commission:

Free of charges or claims..
Delay in receipt

Insufficient postage
Merger, tariffs to show.
Method of issuing tariffs when concurrence covers points on carrier's own

Notations of concession or special permission.
Notations of supplements...
Notice, tariff must show thirty days..
Numbers of tariffs (I. C. C. series).
Officials, title and address...
Pamphlet, book or loose leaf tariffs.
Paper, durable of good quality..
Planograph tariffs may be used.
Postage, tariffs must be free of.
Posting required regardless of concurrence,
Power of attorney:

Separate for freight and passenger.

To another carrier eliminated (Rule 50).
Printed tariffs must be used..
Proportional fares in connection with other tariffs.
Rail and water:

[blocks in formation]

Current tariff under rule.
Notation on tariffs...
Reissue or amendment.
Rules for suspension.
Statutory notice
Suspension and restoration.

401 40a 400 40f 40f 401 40


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