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such unlawful issue. It should also at once call attention of the Commission and of the one that issued the tariff to such erroneous action.

Tariff lawful as to carriers shown as participants under lawful authorizations and unlawful as to carriers named as participants without lawful authorities.-If one or more carriers are, without proper authority, so shown as participating in any tariff and other carriers are lawfully shown as parties thereto, the use of the publication is unlawful as to the carriers that are named as parties thereto without proper authority and lawful as to those that are parties to it under proper authority. The carrier over whose line shipments or passengers are sent under a joint tariff is bound by the terms of that tariff if it has lawfully concurred therein, and, if it has not lawfully concurred therein, may not accept earnings in accordance therewith, but must demand for the service performed its lawful earnings according to its lawful tariffs.

Responsibility for unlawful incorporation of a carrier in a tariff.—Responsibility for the unlawful incorporation of any carrier in a tariff will rest upon the carrier that issued the tariff, or, if the tariff is issued by a joint agent and attorney for two or more carriers, will rest upon that one of his principals that accepts and for. wards the business under that tariff.

Policy of Commission on complaints.- In passing upon a complaint of overcharge growing out of improper or unlawful inclusion of any carrier's name in the list of participating carriers in the tariff under which the business was accepted and for. warded the Commission will apply the principles above stated.

84. Extensions of time on limited tickets-Extension may include members of family traveling together-Extensions in cases of quarantine-Provision for extension must be in tariffs (issued November 15, 1907).-Carriers may provide in their tariffs that limited passenger tickets may be extended in case of the illness of the passenger holding such ticket. Tariffs must give the title of the officer who shall have authority to give such extension, and such officer shall be required by the car. rier to keep a memorandum of each instance in which such extension is given, and the data upon which it is allowed. Such information shall be subject at any time to be called for by the Commission. This rule must be applied strictly and in good faith, and upon the carrier is placed the responsibility of strict conformity thereto. Only such illness as makes travel dangerous to the health of the traveler will justify the extension herein provided for. The extension may also be granted to one or more members of the family of the passenger who is ill when traveling together, and to persons who are subject to an established quarantine. Stop-over privileges for a limited time may be granted for the same causes and under the same condi. tions and restrictions as justify extension of time on limited tickets. No extension of time upon limited tickets or stop-over privilege will be recognized as valid unless provision therefor is made in the carrier's published tariffs.

85. Withdrawal of filed tariffs not permitted.-Not infrequently the Commission is requested to return to carriers tariff publications which have been received and filed by the Commission in the ordinary course of business. Such requests are usually based on the desire to substitute some corrected or changed publication for the one that has been filed. Manifestly it would be improper for the Commission to permit such substitutions or to surrender any tariff publication duly and properly received and filed by it, unless such surrender is caused by rejection of such publication by the Commission because of illegality or irregularity in connection therewith. To sur. render publications duly filed and permit the substitution of others would involve a species of falsification of the records which could not be permitted.

86. Ocean carriers—when not subject to the act.-Ocean carriers between ports of the United States and foreign countries not adjacent are not subject to the terms of the act to regulate commerce; nor to the jurisdiction of the Commission.

Export and import tariffs.- The inland carriers of traffic exported to or imported from a foreign country not adjacent, must publish their rates and fares to the ports and from the ports, and such rates or fares must be the same for all regardless of what ocean carrier may be designated by the shipper or passenger.

Through rates or fares may be shown.-As a matter of convenience to the public they may publish in their tariffs such through export or import rates or fares to or from foreign points as they may make in connection with ocean carriers. Such [ADMINISTRATIVE RULINGS AND OPINIONS.) [FREIGHT TARIFFS AND CLASSIFICATIONS.)

tariffs must, however, distinctly state the inland rate or fare as above provided; and need not be concurred in by the ocean carrier, because, concurrence can be required from, and is effective against, only carriers subject to the act.

Must be filed and posted.-Whichever plan of publishing these rates and fares is followed the tariffs must be filed and posted, and may be changed only upon statutory notice or under special permission for shorter time.

Through export and import billing.-Export and import traffic may be forwarded under through billing but such through billing must clearly separate the liability of the inland carrier or carriers and of the ocean carrier, and must show the tariff rate of the inland carrier or carriers.


Index to Administrative Rulings and Opinions, See Post, Page 806.

(Abbreviations: n, note; p, preface. Other letters indicate paragraphs.]

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Abbreviations must be explained in tariffs..
Address of issuing officer on tariff....

Acts only for carrier authorizing him....
Attorney may cancel tariffs....
Authority filed with Commission.
Files classifications under own 1. C. C. numbers.
Form of appointment...
For two or more carriers..
For two or more carriers, concurrence.
Joint, to use own I. C. C. numbers..
May file tariffs, etc...,

Or carrier, name to be on title-page.

Authority of, may be revoked...
Authority of, must be filed.....
Joint, may issue joint tariffs..

Power of attorney must be filed...
Alphabetical index of stations must be shown..

To tariff is a change or addition.

To tariff of 5 pages in supplement.
Analagous articles can not take commodity rates.
Arbitraries in separate tariffs
Auditor, tariffs to be addressed to.
Basing rates in tariffs must be specific.
Billing books of fast-freight lines..
Billing instructions, changes on one day's notice.
Book tariff:

Contents prescribed


Commodity rate, form of notice....
Must be made by issuing carrier.
Not by supplement, but new tariff.

Of tariff cancels supplement...
Cancellations on title or following page.
Carrier or agent on title-page..

Above 10 in tariff...
Not above 10 may be on title-page.

Parties to joint tariffs to be listed.
Car service in separate tariffs of terminal charges.

Any tariff in thirty days.....
On short notice only by permission...

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By carrier or joint agents...
Reference to, on title-page.

To be filed by carrier or agent..
Class tariffs need not refer to commodity (except in Rule 56).
Combination rate:

All conditions at date of shipment apply..
A unit on date of shipment....
Lowest is lawful rate...

On through shipments, when no joint rates apply.
Commission rates:

Must be filed

Upon five days' notice.
Commodity cancellation must show new rate..
Commodities must be grouped in tariffs.
Commodity rates:

Must be specific
Not indexed, illegal
Only legal rate

Takes article out of class.
Commodity tariffs:

Alphabetical compliance
Indexed alphabetically
Must show rates from or to points in tariff.
Need not refer to class rate..

Not above 10, may be shown on title-page.
Common points to be used only with full list.

Carrier receiving, may act through its agent.
Carriers no authority to cancel.
Does not avoid posting
*Form of each carrier must be shown.
Forms in Rules 19 to 25..
In all tariffs of another carrier, form.
In tariff filed by another carrier, form.
In tariffs of another carrier, limited..
Must avoid conflicting rates...
Numbers of each carrier to be shown.
Of every carrier must be on file...
Revocation, forty days' notice...
Separation of freight and passenger.

With carrier for stations on its own line.

Consolidated, additions require renewal.

To be furnished each carrier..
Conflicting rates must not be filed.
Consolidated concurrences, conditions
“Cotton-seed products,” used only when full list is printed.

Effective on tariff

Of issue on tariff. Distance tariff:

May be used under conditions..

Requires list of all stations....
Diversion, in separate tariffs of terminal charges.
Duplicating rates must not be filed.....
Elevation in separate tariffs of terminal charges.


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[blocks in formation]

Exception sheet:

Reference to, on title-page....
To be filed by carrier or agent.

To be listed in tariffs..:.
Expiration notice in tariff undesirable.
Explanations to remove all doubt must be in tariffs.
Fast freight line billing books are tariffs..
Filing tariffs does not avoid violation....
Forest products used only if full list is printed..

Cancellation notice, commodity rate....
Compliance notice with Commission rate.
Concurrence with carrier for rates on its own line.
Concurrence, fast freight, billing books..
Effective date of reissue items...
Expiration notice required.
Limiting application of commodity rates.
Notation on distance tariff...
Of agent's appointment
Of concurrence in all tariffs hy another carrier.
Of concurrence in tariff of another carrier..
Of limited concurrence
Of tariffs
Of transmittal letter
Reference to classification and exceptions.

Supplement notice on tariff.....
Geographical description may be used, when.
“Grain products" used only when full list is printed.
Great Lakes, other rates one day's notice...
Group descriptions only used with a reference to list of points.
Group rates, index prescribed
Hectograph, must not be used for tariff..
Icing, in separate tariffs of terminal charges..
Index, to be filed:

All tariffs as delivering carrier..
Both freight and passenger....
If changed to be reissued monthly.
May contain both freight and passenger tariffs.
Need not include supplements
Of commodities, must be shown.
Of stations, to be in tariffs...
Of tariffs naming rates and terminal charges.
To commodity tariff

To numbers of tariffs I. C. C. series..
Initial carrier billing, no divisions, pays locals.
Injunction circulars not supplements..
I. C. C. numbers:

For freight and passengers
On title-page

Presumed consecutive
Joint rate, a rate between two or more carriers.

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