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Halaman 369 - Fuel for yard locomotives Water for yard locomotives Lubricants for yard locomotives Other supplies for yard locomotives Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr. Operating joint yards and terminals — Cr.
Halaman 25 - The president of the board shall preside at all meetings of the board, and in case of his absence...
Halaman 365 - Tunnels ......... Bridges, trestles, and culverts . . . . .Over and under grade crossings . Grade crossings, fences, cattle guards, and signs Snow and sand fences and...
Halaman 353 - It was very early in the history of railroads perceived that if these agencies of commerce were to accomplish the greatest practicable good, the charges for the transportation of different articles of freight could not be apportioned among such articles by reference to the cost of transporting them severally...
Halaman 129 - ... or otherwise, and such findings, when so introduced, shall be conclusive evidence of the facts therein stated as of the date therein stated under conditions then existing...
Halaman 242 - There shall be nothing added to this distance to cover running of locomotives from enginehouses to terminals, doubling hills, running for water, switching, or other work at way stations, or for the service of helper or pusher locomotives or of extra locomotives on double-head or triple-head trains.
Halaman 355 - It is a question of fact to be decided by the proper tribunal in each case as to what is controlling.
Halaman 372 - General Expenses: Salaries and Expenses of General Officers Salaries and Expenses of Clerks and Attendants.
Halaman 357 - Good crops may increase the transportation, business and poor crops reduce, high or low rates may likewise effect; but the only fair judicial test is to apply the rates to the business that has been done in the past and see whether upon that basis such rates will be remunerative, or compel the transaction of business at a loss.
Halaman 238 - ... or by or for any new Company in favor of any bondholder, or any other creditor, or of any holder of any claim whatsoever against the...

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