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A Critical Dissertation on the Nature An Introductory Key to the Greek and Principles of Taste. By M. M‘Der Language. 8vo. mot, Esq. 8vo. 128.

A Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair, A Philosophical Inquiry into the from a Widowed Lady. 12mo. Source of the Pleasures derived from Memoirs of Painting, with a ChronoTragic Representations. By the same logical History of the Importation of Author. 128.

Pictures the Great Masters into The Beauties of Modern Literature, England since the French Revolution. in Verse and Prose. By the same Au By W. Buchanan, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. thor. 8vo. 148.

11. 68. Wolsey the Cardinal, and his Times, History of Wales, descriptive of the Courtly, Political, and Ecclesiastical. Government, Wars, Manners, Religion, By George Howard, Esq. 8vo. 16s. Laws, Druids, Bards, Pedigrees, and

Lady Jane Grey, and her Times. By Language, of the Ancient Britons and the same Author. 12s.

Modern Welsh, and of the remaining The Pleasures of Piety, with other Antiquities of the Principality. By Poems. By Mrs. Dickinson. 8vo. John Jones, LL. D. and Barrister at 58. 6d.

Law. 8vo. 11. A New Drawing.Book, with nu- The Principal Occurrences during the merous Cuts and Illustrations. By Siege of Quebec by the American ReThomas Smith. 8vo. with plates. volutionists, under Generals Montgo

Tales of Modern Days. By Miss mery and Arnold, in 1775-6, &c. By Barber. 6s.

W. T. P. Shortt. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Points of Misery; or, Fables for Man- A General Dictionary of Painters; kind, Prose and Verse. By Charles containing Memoirs of the Lives and Westmacott. With 20 humorous De- Works of the most eminent Professors signs by Cruikshank. 8vo. 10s. 6d. of the Art of Painting, from its Revival

Gray's Book of Roads, on an entirely by Cimabue, in 1250, to the present new Plan. 78. or with maps, 15s. time. By M. Pilkington, A. M. ?

The Natural and Medical Dieteti. vols. 8vo. il. 4s. con; or, Practical Rules for Eating, Some Account of the Life of Richard Drinking, and preserving Health, on Wilson, Esq. R. A., &c.

By T. Principles of easy Digestion, &c.' By Wright, Esq. 4to. 11.75. J. S. Forsyth, Surgeon, &c.

The Fruits of Experience; or,.Me. Every Man his own Brewer: a Prac- moirs of Joseph Brasbridge, written in tical Treatise on Brewing, adapted to his 80th year. the Means of Private Families. By Another Article for the Quarterly Bonington Moubray, Esq. 18.

Review. By William Hone. 8vo. 6d. Memoirs descriptive of the Resources, The Scotsman's Library; being a Inhabitants, and Hydrography of Sicily complete Collection of Anecdotes and and its Islands. By Capt. W. H. Facts relative to Scotland and Scots. Smith, R. N., K. S. F., &c. 4to. men, in all ages. By James Mitchell,

The Conchologist's Companion. 12mo. LL.D. 12mo. 108. 6d. 68.

Select Proverbs of all Nations. By The Buccaneer, and other Poems. John Fielding, Esq. 12mo. By J. Malcolm 12mo. 6s.

A Nosological Practice of Physic, A Philosophical Dictionary, from the embracing Physiology. By George French of M. de Voltaire. 8vo. 88. 6d. Pearson Dawson, M.D. 8vo.

A Practical Guide to the Composi. Observations on the History, Use, tion and Application of the English and Construction of Obturateurs, or Language, &c. By P. Smith, A.M. what in this country have hitherto been 8vo.

called Artificial Palates; with cases, A Dictionary of Latin Phrases. By illustrative of recent improvements. W. Robertson, A. M. 8vo.

By James Snell. 8vo.

Page 263, line 29, for bliss," read "bless."

31, for we,' read “me."
266, 9, for sad,” read “ mad.”

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